Roethlisberger’s Kryptonite Calls Him The Non-Mobilest Mobilest Quarterback He’s Ever Seen

During his weekly session with local media on Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback was asked about facing a player this coming Sunday that he’s never played against in Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Instead of asking him about Suh, the beat writers should have jumped at the chance to ask the Steelers signal caller about cornerback Rashean Mathis, as Roethlisberger surely knows all about facing him.

Mathis has been Roethlisberger’s kryptonite since he came into the league as he has intercepted the Steelers quarterback five times when he was with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Two of those five picks came in a 2008 Jaguars playoff win and if that’s not bad enough, Mathis returned two of those five interceptions for touchdowns, including one in the postseason victory.

While the Pittsburgh media missed the opportunity to ask Roethlisberger about Mathis, the Detroit media made sure not to during his Wednesday conference call with them.

“He is a good cornerback,” Roethlisberger said of Mathis. “I have a lot of respect for that guy and he plays at a high level. I respect him and I know what he is bringing to the table.”

As for Mathis, who has 32 career interception including the playoffs, he has mutual respect for Roethlisberger.

“Ben is a great quarterback,” Mathis said. “He has been for a lot of years. It’s just being in the right place at the right time. It just happened that way. I definitely wouldn’t say I have his number. I’m sure it could easily be the other way.”

While Mathis has yet to record an interception this season, he has only allowed 26 receptions and two touchdowns in the 50 times he’s been targeted. In the Lions win this past Sunday over the Chicago Bears, however, he did give up five catches for 95 yards and a touchdown to wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Odds are this Sunday that Mathis will be covering Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who currently leads the league in receptions with 67, so Roethlisberger will indeed be forced to throw at his kryptonite several times in this game.

Mathis probably doesn’t have to worry about Roethlisberger taking off and running Sunday, but that didn’t stop him from praising the quarterback’s elusiveness in the pocket just the same.

“He’s the non-mobilest mobilest quarterback I ever seen,” Mathis said.

Hopefully Roethlisberger doesn’t need to show any of that non-mobility Sunday while attempting to tackle Mathis during a return of an intercepted pass.

  • I hate them playing against Rasheen Mathis

  • HopalongCassidy

    It is amazing how Ben can be so shifty and avoid people while being so slow footed. When Ben does take off and run, it looks like he is running in wet cement.

  • Johnny Loose

    Tackling Ben is like trying to bring down a Giraffe..

  • SG

    Ah, dammit, didn’t Mathis retire yet?

  • WilliamSekinger


  • sean mcmartin

    Hope the Steelers can reload the team before Ben is done. Who knows when the next Franchise QB will come around again.

  • Jeff

    Anyone see the halftime show on NFL network a few minutes ago? They talked about more Roethlisberger potential trade talks…..again. Haha this is getting old fast. They also claim “sources” said that the organization wants Ben to be more prepared for games…. ehhhhhhh

  • HarryBackside

    I really wish Landry Jones would stop talking to the media.

  • SumnerYoung

    Yeah, I heard it. Rapoport said the Steelers brass wants Ben to play more cerebral. Rapoport also said Kevin Colbert is at the Clemson game tonight scouting QB Tajh Boyd. That is the only name he mentioned, but Colbert would also be scouting Sammy Watkins. Clemson has a ton of talent so it’s a good game to go scout, but Boyd and Watkins are the definite big names.

  • SG

    Didn’t Colbert go to other Thursday night games this year too? Isn’t that the type of stuff GMs are supposed to do?

  • SumnerYoung

    Yeah, they’re supposed to go to college games and watch college teams with a ton of talent. Clemson has top tier athletes all over the field and they have a highly creative offense. Tajh Boyd just happens to be from Hampton, Virginia too. Same hometown as Coach Tomlin.

  • SG

    That’s my point to Rapoport. He’s acting like Colbert and the Steelers are so disgusted with Ben that the only reason Colbert would be at a college game is because he’s searching for Ben’s replacement. And, yeah, I was sarcastic, because that’s my reaction to most “sports journalism” these days. It’s all about clicks, views, and getting recognized and less about whether a report is accurate or not.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Georgia Tech’s DE/OLB Jeremiah Attouchu should get noticed too.

  • DoctorNoah

    Instead of playing all of these teams with players like Mathis, Suh and Megatron, I vote we switch the season to 16 games against the Browns. Every week, Steelers-Browns.

    Like Harlem Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Lets see. Ben is due for about one turnover a game this season and Matthias gets him everytime they play. Hmmmm…..wonder what will happen on Sunday.

    Its bound to happen. Hopefully its not the deciding factor in the game.