Steelers Depth Chart: Michael Palmer Jumps David Paulson

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a change on their depth chart this week as Michael Palmer is now listed as the backup tight end behind starter Heath Miller. David Paulson is now listed as the third tight end.

You could see this change coming as Paulson hasn’t been used on offense in the last two games. Palmer, who the Steelers claimed off waivers after Matt Spaeth went down injured in training camp, has played a total of 15 snaps the last two weeks with 11 of them coming this past Sunday in the win over the Buffalo Bills.

Head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the change Tuesday during his press conference.

“Mike’s [Palmer] been earning it in practice,” said Tomlin, when asked about the increased playing time that Palmer has received the last few weeks. “He’s been very consistent, doing a nice job and we want the reps on Sunday to represent that and that’s why he’s been given more opportunity, and will if he takes advantage of it.”

Paulson has never mastered the art of run blocking and right now the Steelers second-year Oregon product is only seeing the field on special teams.

  • dollardoughtnut

    about time

  • Shea Fahr

    Palmer played somewhat of a role in that Pancake block by Adams. Glad to see him get some action and produce.

  • steeltown


  • Would be heard to be worse!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I thought Palmer was a good blocker. Why isn’t he being used more in running situations or is he? On the other note: I never liked the Paulson pick. He wasn’t a great pass receiver in college and couldn’t block, not sure what we saw in him to draft him but we all guess wrong I suppose.

  • Mike.H

    Use “Home Depot” as proper motivation, Mr. xxxlson.

  • Bob Graff

    Just what no one would expect out of the Steelers. Big changes our 4th and 5th TE’s have switched places on the depth chart. I hope the rest of the NFL wasn’t watching this might catch everyone off guard.

  • dollardoughtnut

    he is our #2 at the moment

  • Bob Graff

    Ok let’s get blunt we have 1 TE after that does it really matter. Just more evidence that the the front office can’t put quality players on the roster 1 rec this year.

  • gene mann

    So why do we need both Paulson and Gordon on this roster

  • alex

    about time…this tackle eligible situation shows how weak we are at TE and the need for a decent pick in 2014 after LT for the offense…

  • Rubem Dornas


  • John Williams

    Wait a minute? So Palmer has passed Marijuana Mike at tight end?