Steelers Injury Report: Four Offensive Linemen Injured In Loss To Ravens

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers 22-20 Thursday night loss to the Baltimore Ravens, head coach Mike Tomlin went over the long list of players injured in the game.

“Brett Keisel hurt his foot,” started Tomlin. “Kelvin Beachum hurt his knee, Mike Adams hurt his ankle, [David] DeCastro hurt his foot, [Fernando] Velasco hurt his ankle. Don’t know the status of those guys. Many of those guys are kind of being examined and obviously Le’Veon Bell sustained a concussion.”

Things were so bad on the final few plays that Guy Whimper had to play left tackle and Cody Wallace came into the game at center.

Beachum tried to return to action earlier in the drive, but he had to give way to Beachum after just one play. Adams left just a few plays later with his ankle injury.

  • Ken

    Wow. What a torturous game in so many ways. What an effort though on the short week on back to back road games. This season was lost earlier not tonight. Tonight was tremendous heart and effort Go steelers.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    I hope Le’veon Bell is ok

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Lord, that was scary to see when Bell’s head got popped by 2 different helmets going 2 ways, causing his head to snap back and forth like that. Damn lucky that was only a concussion.

    Lots of calls went the Steelers way, no sacks given up despite the patchwork O line, and they had their chances. It was not meant to be..

  • Brandon James

    It was a good game, that could have gone either way. Can’t ask for a better TNF Game on Thanksgiving, I just wish we lost because the ravens outplayed us, not because we outplayed ourselves.

  • Henry

    All of these injuries were obligatory. 3 game winning streak and no lineman got hurt. Tonight made up or that. This team averages 1-1.3 Olineman per game. Been like this for 2 years.

  • Crazy Bone

    I have never heard of one team having so many OL getting hurt year after year…just crazy. The team fought hard but didn’t have enough. I am not bothered because I want a higher draft pick. Limping into the playoffs then losing doesn’t do much for me.

  • Eric

    I am now changing my call to take a Offensive tackle with the first pick. I now want a left tackle through free agency.

  • Rick M

    I’m not sure. Beachum has done pretty darn well over the last couple of games and he should get nothing but better with experience. Is it possible we already have our future left tackle?

    I definitely agree though, based on the last few games, we have more pressing first-round needs than LT.


    They were flat as hell. You could see it on their faces on the bench from the start of the game.

  • Bradley Campbell

    That scares me. I might go Rookie LT – but start Beachum next year until the rookie is ready. I flipped -I wanted a FA LT that could play from DAY1 but with Beachum playing so well -we can draft a rookie OT -but it better be pretty high round 1 or 2.

  • Bradley Campbell

    Bell looks smooth, I may be crazy and take this as intended but He reminds me a little of Eric Dickerson (running high and smooth) but also he has a lot of Eddie George in his game. It will be fun to watch his development. I hope he is ok -crazy train wreck of a hit.

  • Alan Felicia

    More Eddie George, very patient, and also carry people for extra yards. Can’t wait to see when Bell runs behind Decastro and a healthy Pouncy next year.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The Ravens looked ready and we did not but we did fight till the end.

  • Ehrlitan

    We played well, we lost the game on ST. Pleased we’re out of the running now rather fall out of contention than with a week or 2 to go (we’d have lost in GB vs Rodgers anyway, we all know that). I agree, with Ken, season was lost @ 0-4 not last nite. Ravens will win the division now, Bengals don’t convince me at all. Ravens now v good SB outsider.

  • Dan

    Although there were many poor executions and just bad plays, I don’t think its fair to generalize and say they were flat. There were fights and aggressive actions and many players clearly played very hard. I do take exception to Tomlin goofing around on the sideline and smiling late in the game and after the game. This game not only had huge playoff implications, was a nationally televised night game, and was against the Ravens! But I’m sure he takes full responsibility for it. Obviously.

  • Bob Graff

    Are you talking about Eddie George at the end of his career. That’s what his yards per carry and stats resembles. So far he is having a less than average year for a feature back . The Steelers have to be very honest about there roster and although Bell looks and runs like an elite NFL RB the end result isn’t there yet. He has been running behind DeCastro all year and to little effect. If the Steelers don’t properly evaluate there roster these 8-8 seasons will go on for a long time.Remember just because they are a Steeler doesn’t make them good. From here on out they need to be good because they are. I know we have a patch work line but if you look so does every other team.

  • Bob Graff

    If you look at the primary run play it would answer your question. Ben takes the ball runs 4 steps back then hands it to a RB who is standing still he then takes the ball and slams it between the tackles. And every team knows it’s coming. Pretty much explains all the ankle and knee injuries.

  • Alan Felicia

    Relax, Bob. Were only comparing Bell’s physical stature and running style. As far as production, I don’t need to remind you that this is a patch work line. I’m sure you’re an old school fan who’s used to seeing durable O-Lines that were led by Dawson in the 90s and Faneca and Hartings in 00s in which no name RB like Parker, Staley, Morris, or Barry Foster had stellar years.
    Next season, they get back Pouncey and along with Decastro would love to see how Bell performs.