Steelers Mike Tomlin Post Game Press Conference Transcript – Patriots – Week 9

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held his post game press conference following the 55-31 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots and below is a transcript of what he had to say during the session courtesy of

Mike Tomlin: A disappointing performance, probably as disappointed as I have been especially under the circumstances in terms of how we were able to fight back there at the beginning of the second half. It was a 24-24 game and they handled us and handled us well. We have to accept that and move forward and we will. We give them the credit. They were the better team tonight and the scoreboard and stats reflected that. From an injury standpoint Vince Williams sustained a concussion as did Ike Taylor. Those guys will be evaluated. Marcus Gilbert had an ankle injury.

Are you able to explain how they had so many open wide receivers throughout the game?

Mike Tomlin: No, we didn’t perform well.

You talk about the effort you want to see from this team. Did you see that down the stretch?

Mike Tomlin: Not good enough. Not good enough. It just wasn’t. We are going to comb through this with a fine tooth comb, as we should. Those people that were lacking effort won’t be playing. It’s just that simple.

When you say this is as disappointed as you have been, are you talking about this season?

Mike Tomlin: This season.

Why have Ben Roethlisberger out there at the end?

Mike Tomlin: Because we have to get better and those are snap opportunities to get better. We aren’t turning it down. We aren’t running away from anything. We had the opportunity to work and get better so we did that. The guys that were healthy were going to stay on the grass and finish the game.

You fight back to tie it, and then they go up. Were you surprised?

Mike Tomlin: We didn’t stop them. That’s the bottom line. We couldn’t stop them. We didn’t stop the run, we didn’t stop the pass.

Is the first inclination to stick with it, or do you re-evaluate the process at this point?

Mike Tomlin: You re-evaluate everything, you have to after a performance like that and we will. That doesn’t necessarily mean we will change, or we will change for the sake of changing, but we will look at every aspect of what we are doing and who we are doing it with because we can’t have performances like that.

That was the most points the Steelers ever gave up. Do you chalk that up as a bad loss or does that mean something in the locker room?

Mike Tomlin: It was a 55-point game. I don’t care whether it was the most points we gave up or not, it isn’t any more sickening or less sickening based on those results.

Are you perplexed at all that this is happening or more disappointed?

Mike Tomlin: I am angry. I’m disappointed. We don’t have time for perplexed. We are capable of better than that. We’ve got to be better than that, we weren’t. So we’re going to fix it.

Is that anger reflected in the team?

Mike Tomlin: I am not going to speak for them. I will let those guys speak for themselves.

At 24-24 what was your feeling. Did you feel like you could win at that point?

Mike Tomlin: Absolutely I did. The big punt return was a significant play, but we had overcome some significant plays to that point in the game, but we didn’t.

How does Rob Gronkowski’s play change the Patriots and what happened tonight?

Mike Tomlin: I am not going to speak for those guys. They are capable of speaking for themselves. Their performance tonight speaks for itself.

You had two pass interference penalties on one drive without having many all season. Is that the kind of thing you look at and so those kind of things can’t happen?

Mike Tomlin: It is just indicative of how we performed tonight.

The number of big plays all year is something that you don’t typically do. What is happening there?

Mike Tomlin: I am not ready to characterize the season, but tonight we were out of place. They executed well. That combination was lethal.

  • NW86

    One thing you have to say about Tomlin, he sounds as disgusted as we all are, and he doesn’t run away from anything. It will be interesting to see if there are any shakeups in the lineup next week. It sounds like he’s ready to try anything.

  • Bell Cow

    There are so many issues with this team that I don’t even know where to begin. They need to evaluate the entire organization from the top-down.

  • Casteelersfan

    I got the same feeling. Let see what changes are made

  • cencalsteeler

    Why did the coaches call those short yardage third and fourth down plays with Bell? We have “Beastmode” Dwyer and Will Johnson sitting on the sidelines. Those stalled drives were momentum killers. Why are those guys on the payroll if you don’t use them for the specialty in which they were hired for? Bell is not our short yardage guy, a REAL head scratcher!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    That is the sad part. It just isnt the defense playing bad…all aspects do terrible plays all throughout the game which tells me it is coaching.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    This is a results oriented league. I could careless if he is mad, disgusted whatever…I want a win. Fix it or be replaced.

  • Chad H

    Hey Mike that’s for giving up the most points in Steelers history!
    Now please go choke yourself.

  • SwagDaddy330

    This team will not win until the offensive line performs. Plain and simple. EVERY one of the problems on offense start with the line.

  • NCSteel

    The verbage is so repetitive, it becomes predictable and painful
    all at the same time.
    This team will earn a very high draft pick this year, probably
    the highest in many, many years.
    Not too sure leaving that pick to Kevin
    Colbert and Mike Tomlin is wise anymore.
    They’re probably not going anywhere but no
    coach or GM should feel safe presenting this
    product week after week.
    They need to hit on practically every pick
    this upcoming draft.
    They have not shown that capability in recent years.

  • Rubem Dornas

    31 points should be enough to win a game but this becomes impossible when you let the other team make 55 points and 610 net yards.

    The fact is that this team is not balanced. Last game was the terrible special team unit. This game was defense.

    I’m with you that our O-line needs improvement, but specifically this game, the main fault came from the D.

  • Chad H

    I smoke pot before the NFL combine then talk HC to pick me in the second rd. oh and I’m a complete lazy dud of a LT.
    Hey Mike go choke yourself.

  • Terrence

    IT IS OFFICIAL!! Haley and LeBeau must GO!!! As a “LIFELONG” Steeler fan I can see the writing on the wall. This is another case like the cowboys..they have brought Haley in to undermine Tomlin’s leadership and if he’s not careful it will result in the same manner as Wade Phillips demise. He never wanted to hire this guy but the organization did as a favor to his father’s commitment to the team. A bunch of crap! The offensive he’s running is ideal if you have a 21 point lead but absolutely horrible to win a game from the start. All this offense is doing is padding Ben’s stats that are meaningless at the end of games but I’m sure great for bonuses. Once again I repeat Ben is too savvy for a 10 year veteran QB to keep taking the sacks he does each week when he knows his offensive line is as horrible as ours are. He must throw the ball out of bounds, take intentional grounding penalties anything but the sacks and hits on his body. Today’s NFL offensive schemes are to advance to keep running the 3-4 defense that we do. You must have the right personnel to run that defense and we CLEARLY do not. I hate to say it but it looks like several loyal players have lost a step and their high salaries are costing us too much as an organization. It may be time to let go (and I dare say it) Polamalu, Clark, Taylor. It also begs to question the salary of Timmons also he has not panned out to the LB we all thought he would be. C’mon man you mean to tell me Nick Foles can tie an NFL record against the Raiders (7 TD’s) and yet our 2-time SB Champion Big Ben can’t get a win against them? Pathetic!!!! LeBeau’s time has passed it’s time to switch to the 4-3 with the personnel we have since we are not an organization that deals with free agents even if they are quality free agents. I don’t know how much more I can take watching this or even if I will continue to look at this team this season. Hurts tooooo bad to continue to see this. Ben stop padding stats and win ball games like Brady, Peyton and the other elite QB’s you think you are!! Truth Hurts I know!

  • Mike.H

    Terrence, I like your post and agree on most. Please use Shift enter to break up your sentence blocks. Easier on the eyes. Go Steelers, 2014!

    This year is toast with a fork sticking out of it.

  • Edgar Martinez

    When will Mike stop making generalizations and realize this team is not built to win. It’s a who’s who of yesteryear. Age has caught up and the defense can not stay out that long. The Steelers need to play based on weaknesses and not the hopes that they can outlast other teams. The turnover differential is too much to make up under a conservative offense. Mike, you are the coach and not playing but ultimately responsible. It’s about time to accept the team is not going to turn things around in 2013

  • Luke Shabro

    Ok what is your solution? Should he come out and say “We sucked so bad tonight and this team is going nowhere so we’re just going to mail it in for the rest of the season.” Would that make you happy? Of course he’s responsible but I keep hearing all this ranting and raving (rightfully so) but nobody has any alternatives.

  • Luke Shabro

    So we switch to the 4-3 with what defensive ends? Woodley might be able to play DE in a 4-3 though he’s a little undersized. Jarvis Jones is not even close to a 4-3 end. He is a pure 3-4 OLB. So who are the edge rushers?

  • Dave

    Unprepared is what comes to mind when I think about the steelers this season. As a lifelong fan this is definitely the most disappointing season I’ve ever been a part of. Whether it was by 55-31 or whatever it is a loss is still a loss and they are certainly piling up. I’ll never downplay what Ben has done for this franchise but you can’t have your franchise QB average 2-3 turnovers a game when he doesn’t have a solid D to bail him out and expect to win the game. Nothing is really going to change in Pittsburgh until you get different people running things that have the right answers to turn the team around because none of our current staff has them.

  • mlc43

    Beastmode Dwyer……hahahahhaahhahahahhaahahahaa
    Thank you for that laugh after today.

  • HopalongCassidy

    I look forward to Tomlin’s final press conference in December when he thanks the Rooneys for his time in Pittsburgh and bears them no ill will for firing him.

  • Kick

    I think the talent is there. What I see is a bunch of individuals out there and not a team. I also see a team that has become all talk and no action. It is obvious that the players are not prepared and that falls on the coaching staff. I am sick of the trickery, just line up and play fundamental football.

  • Chris92021

    If Coach Tomlin is serious about the changes, here are a few suggestions:
    1. Put Gilbert at LT and put Beachum at RT (or bring back Adams at RT like last season when we actually ran the ball well with Adams at RT)
    2. Bench Ryan Clark for Shamarko Thomas. Clark is way too slow. I would rather see Golden out there than Clark.
    3. Cut Guy Whimper. Sign Joe Long off the practice squad. Whimper is just terrible and he was terrible again today.
    4. Bench Steve McLendon. Let’s see what Fangupo can do. He can’t be worse than McLendon.
    5. Bring Cortez Allen back to the starting lineup. Willie Gay is not good enough to start. Allen should be completely recovered from his ankle problem by now.
    6. Activate Sean Spence. Let’s see what the kid can do. God knows we need speed and quickness in the front seven.

    This team has serious issues and there is a disconnect between the OC and the QB. But the biggest problem is the lack of talent on defense. We need to hit a few home runs in the draft next year. Jarvis Jones was suppose to be the next Von Miller. He has zero sacks right now and just looks a step slow. Maybe that 4.9 40 really was telling.

    Today was one of the most embarrassing days I’ve had as a member of Steeler Nation. I hope it does not happen again. Let’s all hope rock bottom was today.

  • mlc43

    I understand your concern. Some of your suggestions weren’t too over the top but what’s with the medical decisions? You can’t just deem Spence ready to play. He had a severe injury and you don’t rush someone back from something like that just to “see what he can do.” Also, I don’t think the people we have on our roster will solve our OL woes. DD seems to be the only bright spot for that unit so far.
    Ryan Clark does need to go, but IMO, so does TP. He isn’t worth the salary. This is going to be a longer recovery than just shuffling some people around on the roster.

  • To those lets fire the coaches-you can’t draft at the backend of the draft every year, you can’t miss on offensive lineman especially a left tackle. Its going to be a long year its rebuilding. I am willing to give one of the most winningest quarterbacks and head coaches time. But go head turn on your x box fire everyone and then realize it won’t happen so move on with your life.

  • Hey did you get the new copy of madden-bout the only way that’s going to happen

  • CrazyTerry

    William Gya is the least of the concerns in an awful secondary

  • Chris92021

    Well, the Steelers have to make a decision on Spence by Wednesday. If he’s ready to go, then he should be out there. If not, then he will be IRed, meaning he won’t be allowed to practice at all. I think he will be activated by Wednesday.

    DeCastro has been worthy of the first round pick and he was getting better with each game until his ankle injury. He can’t come back fast enough since Whimper is just a sorry excuse of a NFL lineman.

  • HarryBackside

    There are other teams that consistently draft on the back end each year, and they haven’t experienced the type of melt down that the Steelers are experiencing. As a matter of fact, New England is one of those teams.

    I don’t know why you’re so quick to dismiss the possibility of Tomlin getting the ax. I know the Rooney’s have given their head coaches the benefit of the doubt after under performing in the past, but the current situation is a lot different, because expectations are different. The teams that have struggled in the past didn’t have a top 5 QB in the prime of his career. They also didn’t have this many players with huge contracts.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    and still then maybe.

  • John Wood

    We all realize the Steelers are just not a good football team. Rebuild or whatever you want to call it one thing is for sure. We have missed on WAY to many draft picks the last 5 years. We are sure to have a high pick this year, I’m just not sure I trust Colbert and Tomlin with it. Yes, our defense is in shambles, but if we fail to pick an elite left tackle with this pick, we will continue to struggle. David DeCastro has been improving every game until the ankle. Other than that, our O line has very little talent. Pouncey is completely overrated as center, and has a history of injuries every year. I like Leveon Bell, and I think if we concentrate on a line to protect Ben and open up some holes for Bell I will be happy. Our front office has spent so much time drafting skill position players, they seemed to have forgotten that the NFL is won in the trenches. Both a defensive line and an offensive line wins championships. Get back to that way of thinking or we will continue to decline until Ben is no longer an effective QB. I really think we see HUGE changes this offseason, and personally, I can’t wait.. Go Steelers!!

  • HopalongCassidy

    Heyward and Kiesel. With two interior tackles, the DE’s can split a little wider. They can also bring a LB from time to time. I’d bring up Brian Arnfelt. He proved in camp that he could penetrate. He should be getting playing time this year.

  • HopalongCassidy

    True, and there are two ex-Steeler O-linemen starting right now for Buffalo who could have helped the Steelers. We’ll see them next week. I think Tomlin is a poor judge of talent and has released some players he should have kept and vice versa.

  • No, he doesn’t run away from anything, he just pays lip service to “going through it with a fine tooth comb” while making no substantive changes.

  • HopalongCassidy

    The alternatives should have been obvious after last year and something should have been done before this season started.

  • This

  • HopalongCassidy

    LeBeau’s pass defense schemes suck….way too soft. They need to play tight coverage and keep the safeties playing honest pass D instead of running around out of position.

  • mexicomagico

    Tomlin/Haley have to go, the sooner, the better

  • Jazz

    I agree; there is so much going on with this team, Tomlin has done a piss poor A$$ job when it comes to evaluating talent. The O/L is junk! The only two people I would keep is DeCastro and the new Center. Everybody else, they have to be replaced or simply cut. They are not typical Steelers. That lost yesterday was a complete embarrassment to that organization and Steeler Nation. Those people (Fans) in Pittsburgh never wanted the Rooney’s to hire Tomlin to begin with. Soon, they will begin to turn their backs on that organization if the Rooney’s don’t get this thing turned around soon. That was horrible yesterday. Their secondary is a joke! Why the hell would you place a guy that isn’t even 5’10” against a guy that is 6’5″? Poor Coaching has a lot to do with it; Poor evaluation of talent has a lot to do with it; outdated schemes has a lot to do with it; and the bottom line is this, the Steelers aren’t a good football team. They have drafted too many duds over the years, too many duds that were 1st and 2nd round individuals. 2013 has caught up with the Steelers, they are rebuilding if they chose to accept it or not. Poor Coaching, Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert has a lot of work to do in 2014.

  • yes because they are going to knee jerk just like Cleveland you want to be like that?

  • John Adams Jr

    It’s obvious the team has packed it in. The Rooney’s won’t fire Tomlin. If he’s going to stay let him pick a new off cord and def cord. Time for a big shake up. This is embarrassing and unacceptable to us die hard fans.

  • NW86

    They do have to make a decision by Wed, but if they activate him it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s ready to go. It means that they think he could be ready in the next few weeks. He can go on the roster and sit for a few weeks if necessary.

  • HarryBackside

    When did Cleveland have a franchise QB, and an extremely high paid veteran roster that was kept together with the expectation of making another deep playoff run? The Browns have never been in this type of situation, so let’s stop with the straw men.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I agree with everything you said except the pats had numerous first/second and third round picks stockpiled for several of the last few yrs

  • Ahmad

    If I’m gonna blame anyone in this game it is Dick LeBeau. Yes the defense didn’t execute well but too be honest LeBeau didn’t put them into the best position to execute either. He played his usual soft zone coverage and as usual Tom Brady picked it apart. I just don’t understand the rationale behind that. I mean you would think that after years of having the same zone defense picked apart by the same QB you would switch it up and play more press man. We did that in 2011 and we made Brady look human so while in the hell was that not the game plan again this week? We have the exact same people in the secondary now that we did in 2011 so I don’t want to here that we don’t have the personnel to play more press man.

  • HarryBackside

    Sure, because they made trades to put themselves in that situation. There was nothing preventing the Steelers from doing the same thing.

    the main difference is that Belichick isn’t afraid to look to free agency when he has missing pieces on the roster.

  • And stop meddling Art

  • replaced by who?

  • Who has done that?

    Atlanta look at them
    Baltimore Look at them
    New York Giants look at them?

    Don’t say Denver Free Agent dollars

  • They can’t draft a QB thats their fault

  • Troy was pretty bad his first year too looked slow maybe because Jarvis is trying to figure too much out. Suggs ran a 4.9 too you don’t run 40 yards to the quarterback do you?

  • Keisel is 35 years old?

  • Im not saying you are a boob, but this is boobish behavior.

    Why didn’t you want them to hire him?

  • ha bet your team would go 16-0. eyeroll

  • Chris92021

    Comparing Troy to Jones is not a good comparison. As for the Suggs comparison, Suggs did run a slow 40, you are correct. However, Suggs had the physical strength to take on offensive linemen, something that Jones lacks. I am still holding out hope that Jones will be the pass rusher we have not had since Deebo scared everyone circa 2010. However, he has either been invisible or completely lost on his assignments. If I insinuated that Jones is a bust, that was not my intent. Jones is far from a bust. After all, we are only half way through his rookie year. I would wait at least one full year before having anything that resembles buyer’s remorse.

  • HarryBackside

    New England? Indy? Green Bay?

    Sorry, but you don’t get to take the team that just won the Super Bowl off the table. They are a lot closer to putting it together than the Steelers are.

  • HopalongCassidy

    I’m only talking about what should have happened this year. Kiesel, Clark, Polamalu etc. should be let go next year. Arnfelt should replace Kiesel in 2014.

  • maybe his great grandson had Brady on his fantasy team.

  • I want New Orleans Tight end coach as OC sorry but Butler stayed for a reason.

  • greeny

    And we did and hired a OC that does not want a relationship from his HOF QB or even input from him in the offense. And please stop comparing JJ to TP. Compare him to Woodley and Timmons and with that being said, JJ is a huge disappointment thus far. I’d rather keep Worilds.

  • Riverstko

    In order to beat Brady you must pressure him.

  • mexicomagico

    By Chucky Gruden if hes avalilable

  • SwagDaddy330

    Speaking of poor judge of talent…Don’t forget Colbert.

  • Rick Sullivan

    We should play a game at the end of the season: randomly select a post game interview and see if you can pick which game it was from.

  • Reader783

    Ya, I agree. Time to let Troy go. Throw him out the door, right? He is so bad. (sarcasm, the whole thing, just to clarify)

  • Reader783

    The solution is to draft players we need, and to stop letting players go in free agency. We need tackles, so draft tackles, but not Mike Adams who dropped out of the top 10 for a reason. Cam Heyward, Ziggy Hood? Not doing anything yet, but will they? I hope. ILB depth? We NEVER draft an ILB early. We’ve passed on countless ILB’s that I see make plays (Sean Lee as an example). And I can not remember the last time we drafted a S or CB in the top 2 rounds since Troy, when it has been the most glaring need for a decade, and when we finally groom a CB (Keenan Lewis), we let him LEAVE for LESS MONEY in New Orleans! I mean come on. Finally it looks like we may have a solid RB out of the draft, our first in a long, long, long time (seeing that we didn’t draft Jerome) and we have a core of lineman, but we still need tackles. And you don’t get tackles by not drafting them. So that’s the solution, stop passing up on what we need, for what we might need and what seems like a steal. Hindsight is always 20/20, but when I sit at home at watch us pass up on guys that end up being stars, I can’t help but be upset. Then again, I just sit on the couch,

  • Reader783

    I personally think Bell is the short yardage guy for now…nobody else hits the hole like he seems to.

  • Bob Cane

    I saw that press conference when it occurred. Why are the seven times that Tomlin habitually used the word “obviously” omitted from the transcript? What other types of selective editing are being done by this website without the public’s knowledge and why?

  • Jazz

    I never wrote in my column that I didn’t want the Rooney’s to hire Tomlin. What I wrote was this, “they did not want the Rooney’s to hire Tomlin.” My analysis was based on the many threads I read out of Pittsburgh and Nation Wide. I’ve supported Tomlin, didn’t know who he was when they hired him, but I did support him. He has gotten enough passes, he has to be held accountable as much as his players do. And Please! Enough of these threats and promises during his Post Game Conferences; he needs to keep his trap shut, evaluate the game tape before he threaten his players. If he doesn’t pull his head out of his A$$, he is going to eventually lose that locker room.

  • really he benched hood, allen, cut mesko, but yeah he didn’t do anything

  • Who would you replace him with? Who would want to come hear lose and you’re fired why no fan should ever own a team