A Look At What Rapoport, Silver And Tomlinson Said About The Steelers Thursday Night


During halftime of the Thursday night game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans, NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport, Michael Silver and LaDainian Tomlinson devoted a whole segment to news about the Pittsburgh Steelers. They not only talked about the future of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, but also head coach Mike Tomlin, the offensive coaching staff and safeties Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark. Below is what each had to say along with my rebuttal.

Ian Rapoport: Steelers sources would not be surprised if Ben does ask them to explore trade options after the season. One, he is incredibly frustrated with the direction of the team, with the offensive coaches and I’m told there could be significant turnover there.

Me: Roethlisberger has denied vehemently that he wants to be traded and has said that he wants to finish his career in Pittsburgh. In addition to that, Roethlisberger would be a $13.59 million dead money charge if traded and that would only save the team $5.305 million in 2014 cap space by doing that. They could probably save near that amount of cap space in 2014 by signing him to an extension. Oh, they also would then have to hope they could draft his replacement early in the draft. Just for a point of reference, Chance Warmack was drafted tenth overall by the Tennessee Titans this past year and his first year cap hit was $2.212 million. You always have to remember that replacement cost, folks. Like I have said previously, I will be floored if Roethlisberger is traded.

As for Roethlisberger being frustrated with the direction of the team and the offensive coaches, I am sure there is some degree of frustration. The whole Roethlisberger versus Todd Haley thing has been talked about since day one. If the Steelers season ends with a sub .500 record and no playoffs, I don’t doubt for one second that there will be a change or two or three with choir boy Haley possibly being the first one out the door. Would that really be a shocker? No.

Ian Rapoport: There could be big changes coming to Pittsburgh, but I am told not to head coach Mike Tomlin. He is safe for 2014 season.

Me: Thanks for that breaking news, Skippy. The Steelers have had just three coaches in 44 years. Bill Cowher went 7-9 and 6-10 in back to back seasons with only one AFC Championship to his credit at the time and the Steelers stuck with him. In other news, water is wet, but we will make sure to give you credit when the obvious happens.

Ian Rapoport: The same cannot be said for some veterans, guys like Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark. I am told they have to play incredibly well these next seven games to have a chance to come back next season.

Me: Stop the presses. You mean there’s a chance that Clark, who by the way is 34 years old and not under contract next season, might not be back in 2014? Is this news? Look, Clark might want to start his analyst career and if not, I have a feeling the Steelers won’t be opposed to letting him return on a one-year qualifying contract with no guarantees he starts. Does Rapoport even know what a qualifying contract is? The days of Clark earning $3.5 million are over and that’s not news.

As for Polamalu, it’s no secret that he will be the gorilla in the room during the offseason. I have written about that for a while. Sure, he’s unlikely to return at the $7.5 million salary he’s scheduled to make, but I have a funny feeling that he’ll be back at a discounted rate. The same goes for Ike Taylor, who will also be entering the final year of his contract.

Michael Silver: It’s no secret that Ben Roethlisberger is not super popular in the Steeler locker room, but he’s so good that people recognize his talent. When I talk to players and other people in the organization, I’m told that he’s more engaged there, doing a better job of preparation when he’s at the facility, but away from the facility, he’s no Peyton Manning. In fact, that is what I’m told is the biggest obstacle to him staying in Pittsburgh over the long haul from their perspective. At this stage of his career, he needs to become a more cerebral player and not just a physical wonder.

Me: So let me get this straight, Roethlisberger is so good that people recognize his talents, but at the same time he’s just a physical wonder? That makes as much sense as some of my writing.

You mean Roethlisberger isn’t super popular in the locker room? Was there a time when he was and I missed it? Anyone?

So, Roethlisberger is not as cerebral as Peyton Manning? Again, stop the presses. There is not another quarterback in the league that is as cerebral as Manning is. Is there one in the draft this year? So, because of him not being cerebral enough, he might be traded? How many Super Bowls has Manning been to and how many has he won? Maybe Manning is not enough of a physical wonder. Ever thought about that? Well, at least Roethlisberger is doing a better job of preparation.

LaDainian Tomlinson: I think the frustration for Ben, actually comes from the change in philosophy on offense. I have been there. My last couple of years in San Diego there was a change in philosophy and you lose the passion to play the game. When I watch Ben on film, that’s what I’m seeing – is the disconnect from him and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. So to me, that’s the very reason why Ben is asking for a trade, or will ask for a trade at the end of the season.

Me: Are you fucking kidding me? Tomlinson is the poster child for losing passion. Would someone like to point out to me where Roethlisberger is showing a disconnect from Haley on film? Weren’t we supposed to see several sideline yelling matches by now? Antonio Brown “allegedly” has shown more disconnect with Haley than Roethlisberger has. Does Roethlisberger love Haley’s offense? Probably not, but he is not even close to being as disconnected as Tomlinson was with the Chargers. There’s not a player currently in the league that was that disconnected. Also, Roethlisberger plays hurt and refuses to be pulled from games that are out of reach. I’m sure that doesn’t count as passion in Tomlinson’s book.

Talk amongst yourselves in the comments below.

  • Jason

    Great job dave. Morons like Tomlinson are a big reason why I despise pregame shows nowadays. These networks take any retired big name player and hire them as analyst and most are completely frickin clueless. Just because Tomlinson played the game doesn’t mean he has any more insight as to what’s going on in the Steelers locker room than I do. These douchebags have been pushing the Haley vs Ben thing all year and don’t have one bit of evidence to support the rift between them. On another note I like how all the talking heads say the steelers are old and done yet every time we play Cincy or Cleveland etc. they say they have to beat us to get “over the hump”. If the Steelers are so irrelevant it shouldn’t be a big win. I’m done ranting. NFL Network sucks and Ian Rapoport is a dickhead.

  • michael young

    I thought that whole segment was shot at Ian Rappaport saving face with the help of his coworkers at NFL network. Look at the way they phrased their thoughts. Total hopeful speculation. “He has or will?” Umm, which is it LT? It appears when you have so much success in recent history people come out from under their rocks to try and tear you down. Ian is about as reliable as Obamacares website.

  • RW

    These guys are a bunch of hacks. That’s why they work on Thursday and not Sunday.

  • HarryBackside

    But notice the change in Rapawhore’s wording? It went from “Steelers sources expect Ben Roethlisberger to ask them to explore trade options” to “Steelers sources would not be surprised if Ben asked them to explore trade options”. The change is subtle in it’s wording, but substantial in context. It would be like me saying “I wouldn’t be surprised if Cam Heyward gets a sack against the Lions”. Can I be certain that Heyward will get a sack? No. But, based on the fact that he’s recorded a sack in back to back games, I can speculate that he will continue that streak. It’s the same with Ben. If Ben really was unhappy with the coaching staff, along with some of the changes on the team, and/or he wants more money in a contract extension than the Steelers are willing to pay, someone who was aware of the situation could speculate that those set of circumstances could lead to a player asking for a trade.

    As far as anything Ben has said to deny the allegation, it’s irrelevant. If the story were true, would anyone really expect Ben to say “Yes, it’s something my agent and I have discussed”? Regardless of what Ben’s intentions are, there was only one answer he could give the press.

    I don’t understand the point about replacement cost. The Steelers are going to have a first round pick in the draft. Whether they draft a QB, LT, DE, or any other position, they will have to pay their first round pick. With the rookie wage scale, salary is based is draft position, not position played. Whether Ben stays or goes, the team is taking on the cost of a first round pick.

  • HarryBackside

    Right. It’s a bunch of guys who have heard rumors of what happens behind closed doors, then saying to themselves “What would I do if I were in that situation”, then projecting that assumption onto Ben.


    No doubt the segment was an attempt to give Ian RubHisNub a life vest and a paddle, but he was already blown out of the water by the concerted effort of Ben and Art.

  • chris ward

    So Roethlisberger needs to become more of a cerebral player and just not a physical wonder? What a joke, how does the NFL Network even give these guys air time? Rapoport tries to make a story about Colbert scouting Taj Boyd at the Clemson/Georgia Tech game. I’m sure Colbert was scouting other players than just Boyd. Then trys to connect it to Tomlin being that they are both from Hampton Virginia. It was clear that the NFL Network segment was trying to cover up for Ian Rapoport’s poor report.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Yup. I agree with what most have said about this circus they call the NFL network crew. Rapoport obviously wants to save face so they try to give him support to his non-factual story. Love how they always say they have a close source. It was probably the janitor who overheard a conversation that’s his source.

    Do yourself a favor when watching the Thursday Night game, turndown the volume because the play by play is awful. Mayock can put you to bed quicker than NyQuil. When half-time rolls around, either turn the channel, bathroom break or get the score in the morning. Nothing to see there.

  • r4kolb

    Wow Dave you used the “F” word. They really pissed you off. Great post as usual and let’s hope Ben and the rest of the team saw it and play with a chip on their shoulders the rest of the year. You know I predicted the Steelers to be 5-11 but I would love nothing more then see them get it together and make the playoffs and beat the cerebral one in the playoffs. We can all dream can’t we.

  • steeltown

    Wow,.. wow.. wow… these people are complete morons…and I call them people because I refuse to call them “NFL analysts” or “experts” I have more knowledge in my big toe.

    Thank you for posting this Bryan, I didn’t see or hear this.

  • steeltown

    Well stated

  • Callentown

    Dave this whole article made me smile. Then, your final answer was the cherry on top. Great piece and great responses!!

    Love ya Dave!!

  • Douglas Andrews

    This struck me as damage control by Ian and crew!. They would have been better served to let the smoke clear along with the egg on Ian’s face after his feeble attempt to break a big story with terrible sources right before last Sunday’s kickoff. Hard to believe someone would put their career in jeopardy just to release a story that had no merit.

  • rizzo29

    I remember playoff game few years back SD/pats game Tomlinson said he couldn’t play sat on the bench 2nd half with hood over his head sulking like a little baby.

  • Mike Carroll

    Breaking news: the Steelers are upset about how their season has turned out. Potential changes to come next year. At a minimum, sources say the Steelers will draft new players next year.

    – Ima BSreport

  • RW

    Ian Rapaport just reported your report on Twitter. Sources say his source was a homeless man who reads this blog.

  • HarryBackside

    Exactly. Clemson has at least 11 draft eligible players, most notably Sammy Watkins, Vic Beasley, and Taj Boyd. GT has at least 9 draft eligible players. Most of them are projected to be late round guys, but they do have an OLB, Jeremiah Attaochu, who might be a good mid round option to replace Worilds, or even a move to ILB.

    If Colbert wants to scout a game in person, unless it’s during the bye week, the Thursday games are his only opportunity. We know he was at this game, and the Louisville-Rutgers game earlier in the year, but I’m sure he’s been to more. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is scouting the QB’s. Part of his job is scouting all of the projected early round picks, not just the ones the Steelers would be interested in.

  • HarryBackside


  • Ken

    Alert!!! Breaking News!! Alert!!! My sources tell me that Jacksonville Jaguars will not be in the Super Bowl this year. This was confirmed by unnamed people at a Burger King Restaurant. Ian Makeupastory

  • NCSteel

    Dave, you kick butt !
    I don’t even listen to those
    people because it talk for talk’s sake. When I wanna get
    a good perspective on the Steelers, I go to Steelers Depot. No BS. Best football
    site period.

  • clifford symonds

    Is one these sources the one who was talking Woodley and locker room harmony last year? Loose lips on the ship. Some truth to these reports but speculation is on high with these reporters and sources banking on a Steelers collapse.Hell, Bill Simmons was suggesting the Steelers trade Ben in Week 4.Trading players in the NFL is all the rage now with fans. Not very realistic though. Obv. If you read this site.

  • CrazyTerry

    Actualy when Ben came back last year form injury , there was a clear disconnect and the lack of buy in led to some lackluster play beyond the injured shoulder factor. When a much older Batch had no problem quickly releasing those screen passes in the Ravens game with the same supporting cast, you wonder if Ben just did not trust those calls by Haley.Ben was actually on target and releasing the ball much faster before the injury.
    Having said that, I see a big difference this year in the relationship. The two are actually looking at pictures and discussing plays on the sideline after a series this year. You never saw that last year.

  • steeltown

    Covering up poor reporting with poor reporting, ridiculously comical

  • JayBirdDC

    Dave called Rapsheet a piece of sh*t on twitter. Nothing else needs to be said about the NFLN’s silly discussion above also known as decisions that management and coaches have to make on a year to year basis when composing an NFL roster.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Look, where there is smoke, there is fire. These guys are providing opinion, but there is something there. Ben has never been known to be a classroom guy. For as great as he is as an escape artist and improvising, he doesn’t always make the reads (watch the Bird INT against Buffalo, he never looked off the safety). Secondly, there is no way this team can have a $17M QB…. we can’t rebuild with that cap number. So, Ben supporters, what do we do? He won’t probably take a pay cut… he knows the market is there for him. We CAN’T AND I MEAN CAN’T PUSH OFF MORE MONEY INTO THE FUTURE. So, what is the sense of having 7 Steelers under contract for $84 million when those seven guys aren’t performing to their contracts… save Ben and Antonio. This isn’t a heart decision- it’s a head decision. Colleges are producing more NFL-ready quarterbacks than ever. And it’s a “what have you done for me lately league?” Ben lost in the wild card round in ’11, they went 8-8 with him injured in ’12 and now are on pace to win 5-6 games. Are we winning the Super Bowl this year or next with him? No. That would be four years with no Super Bowl with Ben… so, with $17M, we could get Derek Carr, a defensive lineman, veteran safety, veteran tight end that aren’t just off the scrap heap.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Unfortunately we live in a media world where truth is de-valued. Scandal is what sells. Accusation is what sells. Incendiary comments is what sells.

    Rapoport knows the story is not true. He knows it’s pure speculation. Or at very best it’s opinion coming from unreliable sources. So why does he print it?

    The answer is money. In the media world ratings equals money. Its the same reason ESPN runs all that junk. And if you’re audience won’t give you good ratings when you report the truth, you’ve really got nowhere else to turn.

    I actually feel bad for Rapoport. This is a desperate move by a desperate man. And chances are this move will come back to bite him. I don’t think many GMs or coaches or franchise players are going to be talking to him in the future.


    Between the idiot sports writers and horrible commentators ie Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, the NFL Network and NFL .com fall short of any credibility. I’m torn between responding to these idiots opinions and just outright ignoring them because of how ridiculous they are. Did anyone see how defensive Rapaport
    ‘s demeanor was last night? This guy is grasping for help to get him self out of the hornets nest he stirred.

  • steeltown

    This is a QB driven League, the only Teams winning championships are the ones with grossly overpaid QBs and most of the superbowl winning QBs are making more $$$ than Ben is..and most have less rings

  • DoctorNoah

    Actually, Ladanian and Rappoport are actually not human brings but marionettes being controlled by Warren Sapp. Hence the wisdom and perspective.

  • westcoasteeler

    Business is business, we understand that. But it will suck if this reporter is correct about Ben just by connecting some dots. We all knew the situation was coming. This a-hole reports speculation, or hides behind his so called sources.
    Also will suck if in completing our ‘business’ that Troy and Ryan end up like Ed Reed, who is now on the Jets? Seems incomprehensible.

  • HiVul

    That’s exactly what I thought too. They know that Ian Rapoport looks like he basically fabricated the story and they wanted to lend credence to it by highlighting Pittsburgh’s problems. But that’s what the media does, if someone in the organization says that its possible Ben could ask for a trade because he seems unhappy (which no doubt he does) then the media can run with that if they’re motivated to.

  • 2443scott

    i was interested in seeing this and reading it when i saw it ….from what i read i got the impression nfl network has took their lousey reporting to a new level agaist the steelers and decided to go all out and defend what they said as truth and ben and the steelers are liars …i have many times commented on nfl networks reporters dum and just plain stupit reporting on there site it just seems they are now expanding on it ….they will never say there reports on this was wrong or story was wrong ….i know nfl hates that steelers were only team to not agree with the last bargain aggggggreement and go out of there way to be little the steelers every chance they can get …i remember when espn just reported on sports and news then gone out there way to make up stories ….nfl networks going down that same path ….i know they all want to kick the dirt on steelers and bury them under turf because they won more superbowls then the teams they love to talk about and place them gods above every other team in league ….but they can all choke on there own lies …..they arent talking and writeing stories to just any nfl fans they are talking to the pittsburgh steeler nation fans who could careless about what they want or nfl and say the steelers rather stand alone then bow down to what they want and steeler fans stand with them .nfl network tried as hard as they could to get sapp to do there dirty work with his loud mouth and lies . maybe the nfl network reporters should just go into politics they love people who can lie and make up stories…

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    My only concern is who is leaking this crap from the organization. Someone has an anti-Roethlisberger agenda and until he is not on the team, that is the same as an anti-Steelers agenda. That person or those people need to be found and fired.

  • westcoasteeler

    Completely agree on the nfl network commentators. It’s so hard to watch these old guys try to hold onto their youth when they peaked at 25. I’m embarrassed for them. Then they talk.

  • patrick Mayfield

    I think there’s a replacement cost argument to be made but it;s not financial. the team could really use a LT, DL, or CB with that first round pick. So even if you wanted to conjecture that you’ll find another franchise qb in the first, the opportunity cost of doing so is that you don’t address another position with that very valuable pick


    Both Tomlinson and Rapoport are a couple of nimrods. Ben already stated that he’s not going anywhere else. I could go on and on about this, but then I’d only be beating the same dead horse as Rapoport. Let’s concentrate on the game against the Lions. As bad as we’ve been playing, we don’t need any distractions. Maybe Rapoport is in cahoots with the Lions. lol Either that or he’s just a moron who doesn’t take what Ben and the entire organization says seriously for some stupid reason.

    -Steel Maniac

  • patrick Mayfield

    I do think Ben would be better served to work on the mental aspects of his game to extend his career. To that extent I agree with the end of the Michael Silver statement but it’s just basic constructive criticism -Definitely not news and is not at all germane to why BR may or may not seek a trade. It’s not like Haley has him up all night playing call of duty and he doesn’t have time to study film.

  • WilliamSekinger

    My sources tell me they “Wouldn’t be surprised if Rapoport and LT woke up on the same side of the bed yesterday morning.”

  • Eric

    BREAKING NEWS: Colbert is doing part of his job. He is scouting college players. Details at 11 PM

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Colin Kaepernik (sic) made the Super Bowl making a rookie salary. So did just above-average Jake DelHomme (and would have won it not for the defense). Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl before his big contract. Peyton Manning’s playoff record isn’t very good. I can’t stress this enough- I want Ben to stay, but not at nearly 15 percent of their CAP. So you are okay spending $17M on our quarterback when our front office has had mixed results drafting. A couple of free agents might balance those mistakes.

  • steeltown

    Man the NFL website is all up Ben’s ass right now, there’s like 2-3 different articles regarding the same thing, in addition to the Crapoport stuff there’s one from Rosenthal and one from Wesseling.. this is crazy. Idiots unite!

  • treeher

    Here Here

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Water is wet. lmao. These guys are clowns. Now if Dave or Ed Bouchette or Dejan Kovadfwerweadasdfsdfccic reported something, my ears would perk up. One thing, I find it interesting that Colbert went to Bridgewater’s game this year and he made him (sort) of visual for people to say “Hey Kevin Colbert was there.” I get the whole turn over every stone thing- it rings odd to me that mid-season he goes and watch Bridgewater play (can’t remember if it was the bye week). Could it be that was an apparent move to say the Steelers have options? I didn’t look at that as just scouting- any of their head scouts could have snuck in- sat in the box- and took over and nobody would have known any different. I believe the Steelers are trying to draw a line in the sand with Roethlisberger: Don’t ask us for a $20M per year contract for five years, which you’ll defer $10M down the road.”

  • steeltown

    Flacco is now the highest paid QB, or atleast close to it, Kaepernik didn’t win the championship and now in his 2nd season as a starter Teams have figured him out and he looks very average. Nice Delhomme reference but as mentioned he never won the championship either and really only had 2-3 good yrs in the League

    Technically Ben’s last contract paid him $12.5MIL they just owe more now on the back end from restructures, but, yes Im ok with paying a 2time Super Bowl winning QB $17MIL when considering what guys like Tony Romo, Matt Ryan and other non ring owning QBs are being paid that much or more

  • Luis Garcia

    I am just watching more Fox Sports.

  • Luis Garcia

    LT looked like a deer under the lights. He should have just said “What did Ben said to this”? He would have looked like a genius.

  • Luis Garcia


  • Luis Garcia

    Yes, but I think we -the fans- need to let them know. I believe Greg Rosenthal, who is no better, is the boss of these minions. This will go on until Rich Eisen stops thinking it’s funny and creates lots of attention.

  • Luis Garcia

    I thought it was the parking space guy, who blew this one.

  • Luis Garcia

    Yes a fan reaction is needed.

  • Luis Garcia

    You missed… “a source said”.

  • Luis Garcia

    Well this started because someone told Ian, that someone else would not be surprised if yet someone else asks for a trade in a few months.

  • Luis Garcia

    Simplest explanation its normally correct. I wonder why these “journalists” need to use confidential sources, in sports.

  • HarryBackside

    If you want to take it beyond just salary cap implications, then the opportunity cost of keeping Ben is also high. First, the Steelers aren’t letting Ben go without getting compensation. With the extra picks, the team has the ability to address some of the positions you mentioned. Second, while the trade wouldn’t result in significant cap savings this year, it does free up almost $18M in cap space for 2015. That’s money that can go to resigning players, and upgrading the roster through free agency. The defense needs a complete overhaul. They are losing starters, and have little to no depth at almost every position. It’s going take a while for that to happen if the team has to rely solely on the draft, which is likely unless something is done to clear cap room.

    While I think the reporting is a joke, I think that there is more going on than we think. I don’t think the team wants to trade Ben, but I think they may feel like they have to if the two sides can’t come to an agreement on an extension this offseason.

  • Chad H

    Water is wet, now that’s funny. We even got an F bomb! Hell yeah!
    Tomlinson can barely speak English he sounds like a shit head. As for the rest of them, well they eat shit.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Roethlisberger is making $12.1 in 2014 and $11.6 in 2015. Forget about the pro-ration that drives his cap number because that is already spent and can’t be moved off the cap or reduced next year. At 12.1 then 11.6, Roethlisberger is a bargain. They should let him play out next year then evaluate an extension.

  • Virdin Barzey

    My bad. I think it was the parking space guy. I know Rapoport has no idea who it was either.

  • greeny

    Simply epic!

  • Bell Cow

    My opinion is that the Steelers are trying to create a market for their first round pick in 2014, not Big Ben. Teams like Cleveland who are desperate for a QB and have a lot if picks will feel more pressure to trade up if they believe the Steelers are in the market for a QB. It’s certainly possible the Steelers would draft a QB if a good one fell into their lap, but as Dave pointed out it doesn’t financially make sense to trade him.

  • Paul

    Great Article Dave! I’ve lost some respect for the NFL Network and their searching for an entire week of bullshit news reporting. Ben’s a Warrior! If Manning or Brady endured the beatings Ben has they would be carried off in a stretcher.
    Go Steelers!

  • Curtis


    NFL news roundup: Steelers unhappy with Ben Roethlisberger; Raiders likely starting Matt McGloin

    By Adam Stites  @AdamBCC on Nov 15 2013, 2:04p 19 19

    Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

    Ben Roethlisberger may be reaching the end of his time with the team that selected him in the 2004 NFL Draft.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have a disappointing 3-6 record, and tensions are rising regarding the team’s 25th-ranked offense. At the helm is a growing feud between the Steelers and veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who has reportedly mulled requesting a trade from the team that drafted him in 2004.

    Keepers Week 11

    Matt Ufford offers you fantasy advice on Riley Cooper, Colin Kaepernick, Bills running backs and more.

    On Friday, Michael Silver reported on NFL Total Access that there are grumblings within the Steelers front office that Roethlisberger doesn’t do the preparation necessary of a franchise quarterback.

    The 10th-year quarterback has already been sacked 35 times in 2013 and has a passer rating below 90 for the first time since 2008.

  • Jeff Painter

    Only thing I can say about that would be hell yeah get those NFL network stooges!!!!

  • LK McCray

    Good job Dave I lost a lot of respect for the NFL net work with this story. After a week of denials from Ben and the Steelers FO I think they felt they had to double down on their story and it is making them even less credible. My thing is when these sports journalists are totally wrong no one ever calls them on it. After the season if none or only a couple of these things happen we need to call Rapport out on it.

  • Curtis

    As much I hate to admit this same guy called it when it came to Hines Ward so maybe he does know something that we don’t.