Steelers Barely Used The No-Huddle In The First Half Against The Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers continued their use of the no-huddle Thursday night in the 22-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, but it was predominantly used in the second half.

In total, the Steelers ran 29 no-huddle plays, but only five were run in the first half, or more specifically, the second drive of the first quarter. All told, the 27 non-penalty no-huddle plays produced 162 yards of offense and a touchdown.

After the game, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was asked why it took so long to use it being as it worked well in the second half and more importantly, produced points.

“It was really loud out there, they’re a good defense,” said Roethlisberger. “When you get into a loud environment, it’s harder to check out of plays and into new ones. It was something that we kind of talked about, the coaches, coach [Mike] Tomlin, [Todd] Haley decision and ask me what I think. So it’s kind of a brain-trust decision.”

As far it’s use in the second half, Roethlisberger was 10-of-17 passing on non-penalty plays for 85 yards. While that wasn’t too overly impressive, the running game produced 52 yards on five second half no-huddle runs that included a long run of 43 by running back Leveon Bell.

The Steelers will next host the Miami Dolphins a week from Sunday and I am willing to bet we will see more no-huddle in that game as well. In addition, I bet we see more in the first half as the team can’t expect to win that game if they are shutout through the first 30 minutes of action like they were Thursday night in Baltimore.


    Seeing the word “brain-trust” and the names of Roethlisberger, Tomlin, and Haley in the same sentence actually and truly did make me laugh out loud.

  • CrazyTerry

    Haley has clearly been too stubborn and kis a major disppoitnment. It is also clear Arians has done a pretty good job as a head coach with other teams. But it does make you wonder how mediocre he was as an OC, when the results really dont have the Arians era in terms of offensive output as any superior to the Haley era despite Arians having players like Ward helping not only on 3rd downs, but also helping out majorly with the run game with his great run game, not to mention Ward kept the D honest with his immense hitting.
    Keep in mind, Charlie Batch has had a better game against the Ravens last year than Ben has in the lsat few years. Rememer, Batch was victimized by a couple of big Sanders drops/fumble and still put up 20 plus points(Do we see a common therem with Sanders and drops). And I don’t even blame Ben for this loss. But it makes you wonder if part of the lack of success with the non no huddle is Ben not buying into it? He missed a couple of easy throws in the first half. Ben’s play also was clearly off last year when he came back from injury where he was atrocious. Some of that had to do with Ben observing Arians having success in Indy and seeing how Haley who called decent games early in the season , called a bad game in KC, and Ben gets injured, andgets to stew over the next few weeeks recuperating. Part of the problem is when Ben buys into the system, he is really a different QB.
    But do we trade Ben for that lack of buy in? No. We cant have a return to the Arians era either because the chumminess between the two wasn’t great for the offense either(ironically, Arians didnt let ben run te no huddle too much either). So we have what we have. Haley needs to be in control of the general plan going into a series when the D is on the field. And once the O takes the field, Haley has to play adviser if he notices anything the D is adjusting to. But he needs to let Ben run the no huddle and own the offense fullly. LIke it or not, that is the best option for this O to thrive. And it needs to because our D is so average. Arians had the benefit of our D shortening fields and generating pick 6s. during the better years.

  • Ahmad

    Crowd noise doesn’t seem to bother Brady and Manning so that’s just an excuse IMO. If they can run no huddle offenses in crowd noise so can Ben. Besides it worked just fine in the 2nd half and the crowd noise was just as loud.

  • Mike Carroll

    It was very disappointing to see the Steelers basically forfeit the first possession of the game, especially considering how well Ben and the passing game had been clicking lately. Three straight runs to open the game in Baltimore? It set a poor tone, which got worse when Baltimore attacked on their first possession and scored a TD.

  • Mike Carroll

    Exactly, it’s not like the Ravens fans went home after halftime.

  • HiVul

    It’s conservative and just unrealistic, it’s like they go into each game thinking that we’re going to run the ball all game long effectively. And then slowly realize that our offensive line isn’t going to make that happen, and our best bet is to open up the run with the pass.

    But ultimately it was a team loss, the defense did enough to keep us in the game, but forced no turnovers. The special teams mishaps put the nail in the coffin.

  • Gerardo Herrero Morales

    Haley / Tomlin dont belong in Pittsburgh.