Steelers Offensive And Defensive Snap Counts From Week 11 – Lions

Below are the snaps counts from the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday 37-27 win over the Detroit Lions along with some observations.

On offense, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders played just 19 snaps before leaving the game with an injured foot.

Despite being passed on the depth chart last week, tight end David Paulson played five more snaps than Michael Palmer did.

On defense, being as Will Allen played 66 snaps, you can see just how much they used their quarters package that included the dime personnel. In fact, Vince Williams played all of seven snaps.

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    wow. Looking at the snap counts of the DBs and also of Vince Williams and Steve McLendon, the Quarter and other sub-packages were almost used exclusively. Will this be the new trend with Defenses in a pass-happy league?

  • steeltown


  • steeltown

    Great effort by all involved…. Love that Wheaton got some much needed game reps..and Worilds, Worilds, Worilds my my, this guy looked like he was on a mission. With Woodley’s injury history we need a guy that can be impactful and that can play both sides. I certainly hope he can be retained in the offseason.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Worilds is a completely different player on the left side of the D than he is on the right….that is clear. That leaves us with 2 guys on the left side and only 1 can really play.

    My overall question is this…13 million dollar cap hit for Woodley….currently 1 million dollar cap hit for Worilds. Worilds is 4 years younger and while Woodley has 1 more sack, he has less tackles. If you could keep only 1, which would you keep?

  • steeltown

    He is far better on the Left side, but he can play both sides and I hope some how some way we can keep him

    That’s a two sided question with a two sided answer.. based on money, Worilds would clearly be the choice (even after he gets a new deal) but based on the player, Woodley is the choice

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Correct. Which is why CB/S is a higher priority in this upcoming draft than NT/LB.

  • steeltown

    No doubt

    Ike and Troy will be in their final season next year, Clark will be gone and Golden is still an enigma. Even if the retain Will Allen we still need to start grooming another CB and another Safety

  • srdan

    Especially with Spence being drafted for this defense.

  • srdan

    I’m liking the emergence of Worlds. And felt that our pass rush yesterday was as good as any all season. And lets not forget that hte lions let up something like 5 sacks ALL YEAR! And we got two yesterday. Yes, game scenarios have a lot to do wih it, but stats are hard to argue. You can’t tell me that other teams haven’t had the lions in “pass only” situations, and still couldnt get to the QB.

  • DoctorNoah

    Keep both and move Jarvis Jones inside. Continue transitioning to a multiple look, fewer down lineman defense with a few good edge rushers (Worilds and Woodley) and smart and versatile ball hawks inside who can match up against multiple types of threat: Timmons, Spence, Jarvis jones and Vince Williams.

  • Eric

    Welcome to the Worlids love fest. I used to be the only one that came to those parties. I like Woodley a lot, but he has not been playing up to his paycheck. As a possible solution to the Woodley/cap issue which I have not yet seen, how about trading him for a high pick and eating 2 – 3 million of his salary next year. It will still leave us in a better spot cap wise and start to chip away at our contract mess. Since he is 29 years old, I could see getting a #2 for him with that deal.
    I am stretching right now, but how about Woodley and our #1 pick for a high draft pick that will get us Anthony Barr? That guy will have an immediate impact next year.

  • Eric

    Does anyone want to speculate how much Keisel’s absence contributed to the dimes and quarters vs the composition of the opposition?

  • SumnerYoung

    I can see the Steelers taking their top rated cornerback with their first pick in 2014, and their top rated safety with their second pick. Or vice versa. I don’t think safety is as deep as last year so they might want to go there first. They might even be able to trade back and still get their man, but it’s hard to tell now where their draft position will be. They’re starting to play like a team.

  • steeltown

    Yea, I’ve always been in Worilds corner, his production with limited snaps cant be denied even before yesterdays performance

  • Eric

    What do you think of the trade and pay idea?

  • steeltown

    I don’t know..we’re already thin at OLB with Woodley, without him we would be greatly lacking in talent and depth. We’d have to draft two OLBs, one early and one mid-late. Being that I think we need to draft 2CBs and a Safety as well as OT, TE, DL and WR im not sure it would be smartest course of action


    I recall that when he was drafted, there was speculation that he might play Safety. Perhaps LeBeau could see the future in his crystal ball and thought one of these LB/S hybrids would be best.


    Well, at least we still have Keenan Lewi…………. oops… never mind.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Paulson is awful. If he sees not 1 more snap it wouldnt effect me what so ever.

  • HiVul

    Why would you draft an OLB early? I would let Jones and Worilds start and then draft for depth/developmental purposes in the mid-late rounds. Use the early picks on the secondary.

    I’m not a Woodley basher, but I’d say you can add Woodley’s name to the list of veteran players who are viable cap casualties. If the Steelers think they can get similar production out of Worilds then they really can’t afford to keep Woodley around.

  • steeltown

    I guess my reasoning is I don’t want two more C.Carter’s, Thad Gibson’s and Sylvestors on this Team..


    Interesting take. I hadn’t thought of that. I would tend more towards the composition of the opposition, though, as they weren’t trying to keep Ziggy off the field. This is the preferred defense against NE and LeBeau started tinkering with it in the win against NE in 2011. He seemed to abandon it against them this year for some unknown reason. Looks like he decided to make up for it against the Lions.