Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Says Ian Rapoport Report Is BS

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-10 win Sunday over the Buffalo Bills, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was asked about the report earlier in the day by Ian Rapoport of in which he stated the quarterback was going to ask to be traded after the season.

“When it comes to wanting to go somewhere else or anything like that, that’s completely unacceptable,” said Roethlisberger. “I don’t know where that came from. It’s one of the most BS stories I’ve ever heard of. I always said I wanted to be a Steeler for life, I love it here, I’m happy here and I don’t want to go anywhere. No one in my family, in our camp, agents, no one has ever said anything about that, so wherever this was made up from, it’s totally false.”

Roethlisberger’s response is not surprising and now that he, his agent Ryan Tollner and team president Art Rooney II have all released statements on the matter, Rapoport is now wearing a lot of egg on his face.

  • Brian Tollini

    He has egg on his face but he has gotten his name mentioned on every sports related website/TV channel. Kind of like Miley Cyrus getting dry humped on stage….anything for attention

  • Brandon James

    When you just look at all the numbers…there was no way this could be true.

  • Fritz Baughman

    I’m pretty sure that any sports journalist would NOT want to be on every website, etc for something like this. Not only was he bashed by Ben, Rooney, and even his colleagues, he now has to face the aftermath of this BS. His credibility is destroyed. In other words, the last thing he wants right now is attention.

  • kakello34

    Typical media BS, say anything to get attention and the big payday.

  • chris ward

    Ben is a franchise QB and still has years left in the tank. Finding a franchise QB is not easy to come buy. Rapoport’s report was a complete joke.

  • 2443scott

    another sloppy story by a reporter who prob saw a text or some tweet some where and ran with the story ….they dont do there own stories they copy other peoples storys who actualy leave the work place and dig for them

  • dollardoughtnut

    just some fan hoping the steelers would trade BB to their team

  • Mike.H

    Internet advertising gets paid per CLICK. Follow the money trail.

  • Luke Shabro

    I tweeted Rapoport and told him he either got burned by a source or just reported it completely wrong. I was shocked when he tweeted me back. All he wrote was “I reported accurately”. If there was any truth to this one of the parties involved would have said no comment or sat on it a while. When coaching, ownership, the player and the player’s agent all come out within the same day of the report and call it mularkey, it’s mularkey. Rapoport claims that because the Steelers got a call about trading Ben that was the same as them fielding offers for Ben. I suppose they shouldn’t have answered the phone at all just in case someone was trying to make an offer on Ben.

  • Roger

    This makes me so sad. I am so ready for him to get out of town. The constant whining about the plays. Yet, he just holds the ball and take sacks and fumbles or throws a horrible pick. Then, when they are down 14-0 he decides he is ready to play b/c they can go no-huddle. Their red zone offense is a joke. He is the alleged leader and superstar qb. Maybe if he worked harder on learning how to read defenses he could call better protections and throw to better hot reads but he refuses to evolve and everyone kisses his a$$ b/c he helped win 2 rings. B4 someone fires back the no rings from 79-05 comment just stop. No rings since 08. No playoff wins since 2010. Tim Tebow beat him in a playoff game. 3-6 and he is an alleged franchise qb. Ok. Sure.

  • Luke Shabro

    You’re a genius. We should totally trade him and then we can let Gradkowski play while we draft a QB next year that may or may not work out. Man you should replace Colbert now!

  • Aric Brown

    Nevermind the historically bad offensive line hes had to deal with for the past 7 years… maybe that would help with the protections he calls

  • mike spence

    Someone got a big payday out of this?

  • excellent post.
    I imagine it went this way:
    GM: Hey Kevin, this is Michael from X team. We need help at the quarterback position.
    Kevin: Who you looking at?
    GM: Ben?
    Kevin: Your serious?
    GM: Absolutely, seems you could be in the beginning of a rebuild and we were wondering if we could strike a deal.
    Kevin: Is this Ashton Kutcher, I must be being punked. Click
    *Smells like AZ Steelers west*

  • And we could totally go on a 7 game win streak with Gradkowski. And learn how to read defenses he has thrown for over 30,000.yards yeah he totally sucks.
    Tim Tebow beat the Steelers him and Ben were not playing horse dude.

  • How many Superbowl’s has Brady won since 08-0

  • Bob Graff

    Funny thing if you look at league wide standings[yes there is such a thing] AZ is about 12 spots up on the Steelers. Maybe we have become AZ east.

  • how many former cardinals are on the Steelers? Zero!

  • Bob Graff

    and the answer is [2]

  • 1 LSH. But that does not make the Steelers AZ West. And no one cares at least in Pittsburgh where the Cardinals rank in the NFL. They got a bum quarterback our trash at running back and they are not going anywhere.

  • Bob Graff

    missed him that makes [3] my point was that AZ is on the rise. Are we going down? Doc you might speak for Latveria but everyone in PGH is still allowed an opinion.

  • 2 LSH & L. Brown not 3. I don’t mind opinions, as long as they are not rooted in nonsense.

  • Bob Graff

    W. Gay makes 3

  • Didn’t count him since he was here first.