Steelers Versus Lions Week 11 Projected Inactive List

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Detroit Lions Sunday at Heinz Field and below is a best guess as to what the inactive list will look like this week. The official list of inactives will be announced 90 minutes before kickoff.

Landry Jones – No changes at the top of the inactives as Jones has no business dressing again. This will mark his tenth straight game as being inactive.

Shamarko Thomas – Thomas might be on this list a few weeks with a high ankle sprain. With him officially out, his could result in DeMarcus Van Dyke getting a helmet so that he can help on special teams.

LaMarr Woodley – Woodley is listed as doubtful and will almost assuredly not play. Jason Worilds will start in his place and that means Chris Carter will likely get a helmet for a change.

Ramon Foster – The general consensus seems to be that Foster will not be able to play Sunday after suffering a right ankle sprain last week. He did not practice at all this past week and as a result will likely be down. This should result in Cody Wallace getting a helmet and Guy Whimper starting at left guard.

Brett Keisel – Keisel could go either way, but being as he didn’t practice all week with plantar fasciitis, I am going to guess that they give him the week off. If this happens, Hebron Fangupo would be the candidate to get Keisel’s helmet.

Kion Wilson – Wilson hasn’t dressed since being signed back to the roster several weeks ago.

Richard Gordon – Gordon has been on the roster for several weeks now but has yet to dress for a game.

  • alex

    fangupo and wallace, gotta see what we got here

  • AndyR34

    You mean YOU want to see…I think the coaches already know.

  • sean mcmartin

    10 inactive games in a row..still upsetting the Steelers chose that route. Landry Jones..

  • alex

    playin patty cake in practice might mean something, but live action is totally different…

    coaches thought they had a left tackle on the team…theyre 0-3 in that respect…

  • AndyR34

    You are assuming they thought that…I only heard hopeful comments…not certainties. First of all you have to play the hand that you are dealt as a coach…secondly, a coach is not going to run his players down in public as you seem to want to do…and apparently as you think they should do. Fortunately, Steeler fans don’t have to be subjected to your decision-making.

  • alex

    actually, i meant that the future is now for us, as we now see youngsters playing many snaps on D and learning under the NFL fire… which we have never really seen before on the steelers D…

    as far as the steelers knowing what they have in players, they used two number two picks on LT, so its safe to assume that they thought that at least one of them would work out!

    i never condoned ‘running players down’, whatever that means…also, we are all monday morning QBs, thats what we read all day long on this blog…


    there are workout studs, nfl combine studs that do dodo in real time…there are also practice duds that shine in real time… we can only assume that past positive performance can somehow equate to a good future player…but, until they take some real snaps and establish an NFLrealtime history, then we will never know…

    actually, that was what i meant…

    can i get a glass of water?

  • AndyR34

    Have two…I’ll buy! 🙂