Steelers Versus Lions Winners And Losers

Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat to the Detroit Lions 37-27 to notch their fourth win of the season and below is my list of winners and losers from the game. Feel free to add your own in the comments below.


Ben Roethlisberger – 29 completions for 367 yards and four touchdowns is more than enough to land Roethlisberger on the winner list this week. He likely could have had a few more touchdowns if not for dropped passes. While he did get away with a few bad throws, none were intercepted and he completed a few key third downs  that played a big role in the Steelers comeback. Roethlisberger very well might win the AFC Offensive Player of the Week award for his performance.

Antonio Brown – While he was aided by several missed tackles, Brown continues to make plays when called upon and he finished the game with seven catches for 147 yards and two touchdowns. Brown still leads the league in receptions with 74 and he needs just 48 more yards to reach 1,000 for the season.

Will Allen – Allen registered nine total tackles in the game and recorded a forced fumble to go along with an interception. The interception was all him as his recognition of an earlier play in the game put him in perfect position. The Steelers played a lot of quarters in the game and the veteran played his role well.

Jason Worilds – Worilds had his motor running all game long and his seven total tackles went nicely with his sack and four quarterback hits. On top of that, he also registered a special teams tackle.


Ike Taylor – Taylor was abused by Calvin Johnson in the first half and he not only allowed two touchdowns in the game, but dropped two interceptions in addition. Taylor also will be charged with a few missed tackles in addition to everything else. To make matters even worse, he was flagged twice in the game.

Guy Whimper – We weren’t expecting much out of Whimper at left guard, but that doesn’t give him a pass. He was responsible for a few run fails, at least two pressures and the lone sack of Roethlisberger by Nick Fairley. In addition, Whimper was flagged twice for holding.

Heath Miller – While Miller did catch eight passes for 67 yards in the game, he dropped a sure touchdown pass and once again looked overmatched quite a bit as a run blocker.

Ryan Clark – Despite registering seven total tackles in the game Clark missed a few more tackles this week and he guessed wrong a few of the big plays that he was the deep free safety on.

  • Matt Manzo

    Oline as a whole could be on winners list. I didn’t hear Suhs name at all! I was expecting a lot worse. Great game!

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Holding Calvin Johnson to zero catches in the second half makes you a loser.

  • mlc43

    He was ABUSED in the first and given A LOT of help in the second. However, getting abused by CJ is a pretty large club among CBs. I would have put LeBeau in the Loser column for even thinking of matching up Ike with CJ one on one. I would have then created a whole new level of Loser for Dick for sticking with it for a whole half. 🙂

  • r4kolb

    Does anyone notice how on field goal attempts Clark just runs off to the right? I think he does it every attempt. I wonder if that was something the Lions noticed on tape and why they tried the fake and ran to the left of the D? Seems to me Clark needs to be aware of that. Will be interesting to see if he no longer does it from here on out.

  • 2443scott

    i think the losers were the steeler def that played in 2nd quarter who played out of position and wandered off on their own game plan and stoped pressureing the wrs on line as they did in first quarter…maybe because they had a lead i dont know …winners were the voices in locker room at half time was it nulls ghost telling the team to play with in the system while telling them a story and everyone was wondering whats he talking about but once on the field they figured it out between plays what he was talking about …or was it dick sticking a few them in a locker and telling them to play in the system and stick to game plan and he would adjust the def not them …..maybe was a little both of them voices …. or maybe it was the voices of the steel curtain ….what ever it was that team in 2nd quarter never came back on field after half time and that was the true winner …

  • Shawn S.

    Fans who bolted Heinz Field at halftime go on the losers list. Fans that stayed and cheered so loud they were still a factor in the 4th quarter go on the winners list. Sound man who chose to play Renegade for a second time also goes on the winner list.

  • Bell Cow

    I thought Heyward was a winner.

  • Lamarr56

    I think DeCastro should be a winner, he held Suh to no tackles. Great game by David.

  • RW

    That’s a coaching issue I suspect.

  • RW

    Absolutely. Looking like our best defensive player other than Timmons.

  • WilliamSekinger

    ^^ This! Great suggestion for addition to the winners list.

  • WilliamSekinger

    I wouldn’t call Hood a winner, but he played well.

  • srdan

    He was injured. But I agree with you. Probably their best effort all year protecting ben. Running the ball left some things to be desired.

  • srdan

    You’d have to think that all week Swagger was in Dicks ear about wanting the chance to play him 1/1. He let him try and Ike deserves that chance. Didn’t work out, and we adjusted in the second half. So I don’t agree with putting dick in the losers.

  • srdan

    haha awesomeness!

    I hate that people leave early. Worthless fans. Give your ticket to people that actually want to go to the game to cheer, not just to go there so you can rub it in to other peoples face on Monday that you “went to the game.” Time for a new generation of steeler fans to come along.

  • srdan


  • srdan

    So what did everyone think of our pass rush yesterday, without Woodley out there? Dave, what are the salary cap hits if they don’t bring him back? Do you see this as a option for a team that is strapped for cash?

  • Eric

    Great game team. However, Bell needs to go onto the losers list for another under 2 YP carry average and the offensive line needs to be there as well for getting Bell on this loser list. Cotchery and Wheator were winners in this game and Bell was for receiving only. Heyward and Hood were also winners,


    To the WINNERS I would add DeCastro, Heyward, and Cotchery.

  • rizzo29

    On the loser list is Brian Billick,having to listen to this ass talk during the game ruined it, why he got the Steelers game is beyond me.He acts like he so friggin smart, what idiot,I guess that,s why his name is always mention for coaching jobs

  • Chad H

    At this point you got to get Cody Wallace playing time. Adams is back up tackle. Whimper has to go he was terrible in this game.

  • Chad H

    For sure Heyward really starting to love this guy. Man crush cause he looks like a Steeler now!

  • Apexsimba

    Actually there were no real defensive changes in the second half they just played CJ more physically. The only noticeable difference was that the safeties actually played their assignments.

  • dkoy85

    Umm… He was a professional coach in the NFL- Pretty sure he’s smarter than you :-/

  • westcoasteeler

    It shouldn’t have. But dropping multiple passes that hit you you in the numbers. That’s hard on the swag, and gets you put on the losers list.

  • westcoasteeler

    I liked what our RB’s did.
    120 feet of rushing!

  • Chad H

    Cortez Allen looked like he had a decent game. I would have matched him up with Johnson in the 2nd quarter to see how that would have worked out. I like Ike but he is getting long in the tooth. He has never been great at catching a ball but those 2 dropped INTs were huge.

  • Ahmad

    I would say put the OL in the winners column because they more than held their own in pass protection which was somewhat of a surprise to me. However, they were less than terrible in run blocking which makes it all a wash IMO.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    O line were winners. Detroit plays the run well, then gives up tons of yards to the pass. They gamble like crazy, boom or bust causing turnovers, but giving up easy TD’s when they are wrong. As a whole Ben had just enough time. Ben helped by getting rid of the ball quickly most of the time. Good ideas, and a couple of dropped balls, so you get zero turnovers and win.

    Lovely. Also Cortez Allen made many big plays at opportune moments.

    Listen, listen. Did you hear that? That’s right …. silence from SUH and he’s one strong SOB. DeCastro for sure. You didn’t hear his name, but he quietly neutralized Suh.

    Clark made some tough tackles, that if missed could have been big trouble, as there was lots of green space ahead. Also, he cheated just enough to knock down what would have been another TD for CJ in the end zone.

    I will bet you a beer that Wheaton, given some time of course, will be much better than Sanders.

    Interesting. Now let’s go badmouth Ben’s game, his lack of patience, extending too many plays, just like I did last week. Then he can get pissed again and show me up. Kudos, Ben. Well done man!

  • Jeff

    I think Ben is earning more respect from some of his teammates. With NO running game, Ben put this team on his back.

  • Mike Carroll

    Alright Will Allen! Nice to see a Steelers player punch at the ball to force it out as that has become a common tactic around the rest of the league. Allen deserves to continue getting significant snaps on defense based on this game and his work last year when Troy was injured.

  • CrazyTerry

    The fans who could not even be bothered to donate or sell their tickets at a discount should be on the losers list too. At least, some fans showed up for half a game. What about the many fans who refuse to even give up their tickets and not show up for the last two games. If they are too stupid or too lazy to know how to get rid of their tickets, they should be forced to sell their PSLs. They have brought great shame among Steeler Nation because a lot of other teams fans are noticing and calling out Steelers fans for their bragging in the past about how we are better fans than other teams fans.

  • CrazyTerry

    He was on target on the need to double Calvin. I know the coaches say nothing changed in the second half but the execution. BS. It was clear the coaches made more of an emphasis to double Calvin in the second half.

  • CrazyTerry

    Credit to the OL for being sound in pass protection. But their job was made much easier because Gunther C foolishly did not try to rush more than 4 on most snaps. There was no creativity in the Det pass rush.

  • Buccos9

    The safety play was shoddy again in this game. I don’t now what goes through Ryan Clarke’s mind. All the pre-game talk was about containing Megatron, and on the long TD to Megatron, Clarke just veers off to to cover a short sideline route and leaves Taylor to fend for himself. He did much the same against Oakland, when all the pre-game talk was about how to contain the running QB, and on the first play Clarke is running hard to the middle of the line to pursue the RB. Will Allen just did what he was supposed to do against the Lions – provide deep help – and he was rewarded with an interception. If Clarke would stop guessing and just do his job first, the team would be better off.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Lots of people are knocking Ike for his missed tackle on CJ’s first TD. Actually, I fault him moments before that ever happened. If you watch the replay, Ike was just behind Megatron, and had the chance to challenge him for the reception. Instead, he looked too afraid of missing and let Johnson make the catch uncontested, before attempting a tackle. That turned out to be the wrong decision, because once Calvin sets his feet, he can shake off defenders WAY too easily. If Ike wanted that coverage assignment so badly, I wanted to see him FIGHT for that ball.

  • CrazyTerry

    losers: FOX Sports technical crew: Terrible replays. We never saw a replay of the pass play that got down at the half yard line prior to the terrrible goalline sequence where the steelers kicked a FG. There were also no good behind the line of scrimmage replays to show us how the linemen got beat in not getting that half yard.

  • rizzo29

    The D made the adjustments they needed to make in 2nd half,but really my 5yr old nephew knew they needed to double megaton,that,s common sense.

  • rizzo29

    Whatever you say sunshine,I find it funny your on a Steelers site, sticking up for Billick

  • Kareem Daniels

    Will Allen’s signing might end up being the best signing of the season. When Shamarko is healthy they can put Clark on the bench.

  • steeltown

    Wow.. ok
    Winners: Ben, A.Brown, Bell, Cotchery, DeCastro, Will Allen, Hood, Cam Heyward, Jarvis Jones and Worilds.. what can you say about Worilds he was awesome in this game.. and all the pass defenses were amazing (save the 2nd Qtr) Heyward, Jones, Taylor and C.Allen were all credited with 2PDs a piece.

    Losers: I basically agree with your losers list

  • steeltown

    Yep.. 6TOT Tackles and 2PDs

  • steeltown

    I will fault him for not catching that INT that hit him right in his “24”

  • AndyR34

    Even if Wallace is worse than the Whimp(?)…er…Abdullah the Butcher?? HaHa…what a nickname for the Whimp!

  • steeltown


  • Chris Cain

    Jason Worilds a winner.. He could’ve had another sack.. but somehow he manged to take a bad angle on Stafford.. and was left grabbing at air.. which of course lead to a big passing play to Megatron.. If he makes that sack it’s still 17-3 steelers…

  • Eric

    I have to fault Ike for the two missed interception which hit him in his hands. Had he made that first interception, Detroit doesn’t get the TD to end the second half and the Steelers are still ahead. By the way, most of the reason Detroit scored after the missed interception, was mostly Megatron picking up yards. The missed tackle is also unforgiveable.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Not so sure, that Wheaton, given some snaps, isn’t better than Sanders already.

  • JohnnyV1

    Jason Worilds is definitely a winner. That guy has been making plays on special teams, seems like all year. Glad he was able to add a sack.

    Big Ben played huge. I loved the 3rd down run he had, followed by the 4th and 2 pass to Bell. Diving for a 1st down is not indicative of a guy that wants to leave town.

    Jerricho Cotchery is a winner. Guy has been making plays all year. I don’t know about others, but I’m not missing Mike Wallace at all.

  • Bob Starr

    I would love to see animated gif’s of all Ike Taylors drops this year!

  • charles

    It was raining hard. Ike was trying to be sure footed. Did not work out either though.

  • disqus_6wLDLEg5Ai

    Thought Dwyer played well when called on too

  • charles

    After the third possession of the second half, it looked like Ben was stinking up the joint. Horrid 2nd quarter , 3 3and outs to start the second half. It looked very bad.
    That is why Jason Worilds torpedo sack of Stafford on the goal line was the game changing play. One could say that the 80yd punt helped.

  • SteelersDepot

    This is actually incorrect.

  • mlc43 got me. I am unable to refute your informative claim. The amount of proof included in your statement is insurmountable.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Yup! I said last week to let all these young guys play as it’s a win-win situation. The coaches get to see what they really have now (not 3 years from now) and if they start winning there’s a huge bonus.

    Well, because of a few injuries, it’s already happening. Great! Like I said last week, play them now!

  • colingrant

    Ike could and should be placed in both categories. Played an important role in both the good and the bad

  • Steve

    The game changing play had to be the botched fake field goal with a fumble. After that the Steelers marched down and scored, never looking back.

  • MC

    Worilds has his games here and there but he always seems to step it up on that left side. Could Worilds one day take that spot from Woodley if they need cap space?

    Heyward, what can i say, the dude is getting better every game. I was waiting for the day he would start and he hasn’t dissapointed.

  • MC

    I don’t think the Oline should be on the winners list…or the losers.

    While they did keep Ben upright the whole game, the run blocking was woeful at times and Leveon had to give a lot of effort to make it back to the LOS.
    I’d say they played decently considering being short Foster.

  • Josh Knepshield

    Pro football focus says DeCastro played poorly.