Steelers Versus Patriots Week 9 Projected Inactive List

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the New England Patriots Sunday at Gillette Stadium and below is a best guess as to what the inactive list will look like this week. The official list of inactives will be announced 90 minutes before kickoff.

Landry Jones – This will mark the eighth straight game that the rookie quarterback has been inactive and that should be surprising to absolutely nobody.

Markus Wheaton – Wheaton was able to return to practice this week on a limited basis, but is still not ready to play. He was ruled out for the game on Friday and the hope is he will be able to return next week. Wheaton broke his pinky finger against the Minnesota Vikings and has not played since.

Curtis Brown – Brown will be inactive for a third straight week as he was ruled out on the Friday injury report. He is not injured and the team has only said he has personal issues that he is dealing with.

David DeCastro – DeCastro injured his right ankle last week against the Oakland Raiders and was unable to practice all week. He was ruled out on the Friday injury report and so the Steelers will only dress seven offensive linemen against the Patriots.

Hebron Fangupo – Fangupo has been inactive for all but one game this season so it is easy to guess that he will be down again on Sunday.

Kion Wilson – Wilson was promoted from the practice squad prior to the game against the Raiders but was one of the seven inactives on Sunday. It would make sense that he would be down once again.

Chris Carter – Like Wilson, Carter was inactive last week. In my opinion, it will either be him or tight end Richard Gordon that will the final inactive. Gordon was not on the injury report at all this week, so one would think that he will dress for the first time since being signed a few weeks ago.

  • dgh57

    With DeCastro out we’ll need blocking so Gordon should dress over Carter.

  • Mike.H

    So I assume Ramon Foster is good to go. That’s good news.

    I wish we had a camp body named Rice. Wheaton. Brown. Rice. I’m Felix n’ Jarvis Jonsin’ for all three actually.

  • Mike.H

    Beat the Pats this weekend, fingers crossed.

  • gene mann

    wow we get to see Gorgon maybe so excited

  • Josh Knepshield

    Beat the Pats and get back on track, beat the bills, beat the ravens again, beat the dolphins, beat the lions, beat the QB-less Browns 2x and beat the Banged up Bengals. That is not impossible!!

  • Chris Wilkes

    How can someone not practice until now because of a broken pinky finger?

  • sean mcmartin

    If they come out and execute to the standard they will obviously win

  • DoctorNoah

    Because it hurts like hell, because the swelling from both the fracture and the subsequent surgery makes the finger unable to flex significantly, and because, when you fix that fracture with 1.1mm or 1.5mm screws or similar hardware, it’s strong enough to keep the broken pieces well aligned but in no remote way strong enough to withstand catching footballs, blocking or falling on the hands. A lineman or back can play in a cast , but that’s not reasonable for a QB’s throwing hand or a receiver’s hands.

    Any other questions?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    With DeCastro out we need to get a few mac trucks in the lineup

  • Chris Wilkes

    So, he can’t catch passes. Big deal. I’ve broken a finger before and worked construction a few days later. He could be out there running routes and going through the motions. I’ve seen other receivers play with casts before. Anyways, just asking a question. No need to be a “any other questions” douchebag.

  • DoctorNoah

    Your comment was dismissive and my response was similarly so. I’ve seen receivers play with wrist splints on their nondominant hands, but not with surgically treated finger fractures until at least about 4 weeks out. He can, as you say, be on the sidelines and part of meetings, but I would t let him scrimmage or catch. Finger fractures vary in severity quite a bit. Some would be literally season-ending or keep a construction worker out for 3 months. This is literally what I do for a living. I didn’t mean to be insulting, but a lot of people seem to think every injury is the same as their own, and thus question the docs who are treating the patient, which is insulting to them.

  • Chris Wilkes

    ok, but I’m not questioning the doctors. I’m the guy that wanted a 1st rd receiver instead of Jarvis Jones, so I’m a bit dismissive of Wheaton.

  • DoctorNoah

    I like Moye. Would like to see a few more redzone passes go his way. Both he and AB have dropped one by my count. I’m with you on Wheaton – I like him but not sold yet on JJ.