Dolphins Coach Fined $10K For Sideline Incident In Game Against Steelers

NFL Insider Jay Glazer just reported on the FOX Sports pregame show that a Miami Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi was fined $10,000 for being on the field during the failed field goal attempt return by Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu at the end of the first half of last week’s game.

As you can see in the animated gif below, the side line official runs into the Rizzi during the play. The incident was of course not flagged. Had it been, Glazer reports that the Steelers would have been given one un-timed down being as time had expired in the first half.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was of course fined $100,000 for his sideline incident just a week before in the game against the Baltimore Ravens.



  • Kevin Gobleck


  • sean mcmartin

    Same reason noone investigated the Ravens trading A. Boldin to the niners to brother trades need to be stopped. and trade nullified

  • HopalongCassidy

    Will we see this replay on ESPN for a week ?

  • Rick M

    Didn’t you get the NFL’s inter-office memo. 31 teams have one set of the disciplinary rules and the 32nd, the Steelers, have another.

    And the Steelers’ ownership just takes it, and then says ‘walk all over me some more’. Teams like Dallas, Indianapolis, etc. would never have a pick taken away because they would speak up publicly about the total lack of league precedent for such a punishment in a situation like this.

  • Richard Edlin

    Weren’t there two coaches on the field? The one in dark coloured clothing + the turquoise jacketed one.

    Of course, this is still very different to Tomlin who did enough to credibly interfere with the play … a bigger fine was warranted.

  • Richard Edlin

    There were also about 10 people on the white zone that’s meant to be out of bounds too. (A bit tough to rule that though, given that the white zone was covered in, well, white snow.)

  • Dan

    Steelers fans crying about this is hilarious. As if they can’t tell the difference in this video of the Dolphins coach running off the field before he could possibly interfere with the runner and Tomlin on the other hand interfering with the runner. They broke the same rule, but 1 was done with intent (Tomlin) while the other was just stupidity (Rizzi).

  • 2winz

    Dan, I can see why the dolphins coach was not fined as much since it didn’t interfere with the play but to say that Tomlin’s interference was done with intent and the dolphins coach was not is absolutely absurd! I think Steelers fans are upset because whether it interfered or not.. the fact is he made the same mistake as Tomlin did. the fact that he wasn’t fined as much is the same as saying that if 2 people stole.. one person stole the last video game left.. the other person steals a video game but there is still the same game available. the crime is the same.. but if 1 were to be punished more.. there is a question mark.

  • Dan

    No question mark needed. You must have missed the video showing Tomlin taking a HUGE sidestep to put himself right in the way of Jacoby Jones which pretty much erased any doubt in any rational persons mind that Tomlin’s incident was done on purpose where you can see the Dolphins coach run away as fast as possible to keep himself from interfering with the runner.

  • 2winz

    I don’t know, perhaps I did miss it, I’m just going off of what I seen in the media and from thanksgiving day when I watched it. but if he did take a 2 step and get himself involved then I apologize. again, I’m just basing it off of what I’ve seen. but 1 thing I will say is.. both the coaches reactions were hilarious to watch. Tomlin’s reaction when he got out of Jones’ way and the dolphins coach running, that scene was just laugh out loud funny to me xD