Double Explosive Plays Allowed Do Steelers In Yet Again

Throughout the season, I have harped on the Pittsburgh Steelers defense for giving up double explosive plays of 40 yards or more and on Sunday, their inability to stop giving them up has likely led to them missing the playoffs for a second straight season.

In their 34-28 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the Steelers defense allowed three plays of 40 yards or more with two of them coming in the second half. That brings the total of double explosive non-penalty plays allowed on the season to 17 with five of those being runs.

To show you just how out of character that is, from 2004-2012, Steeler defenses allowed a total of 54 non-penalty plays of 40 yards or more. Oh, and only four of those were runs during that span of time and none of them were by a quarterback.

What’s even stranger is that the Steelers came into the game only allowing 38 plays of 20 plus yards, which overall is pretty good on paper. That goes to show you just how bad the 40 plus yarders hurt, as they usually resulted in points allowed during that same drive they were given up in.

Defense coordinator Dick LeBeau always preaches to his defense to stop the run, tackle the catch and not to give up the big play. Sunday against the Dolphins, they let him down in all three of those areas and now the team is left to play out the string.

  • WilliamSekinger

    I shouted several double expletives at the TV during this game…so there!

  • BurgherinMD

    It is also frustrating watching WRS Rodgers (Indy), Allen (SD), Patterson (Minn) Hunter (Tenn) heck even Brown (Balt) Dobson (NE), Rams’ smurf duo et. al others contributing and playing crucial roles. Moye and Wheaton need to get on the field so they can see what they can do with more than four snaps a game instead of letting Sanders pad his stats in “catch up” games while the Steelers play from behind so he can cash in somewhere else.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    Like like lebeau needs to more preaching

  • Chris Maxwell

    Look like Lebeau needs to retire. When you allow sub part QB look like Marino because you are scared to blitz or play 10yd cushion on 3rd and 6 it’s time to say goodbye.

  • T R

    Lebeaus play calling is correct.. He can’t call the plays and make the tackles too.. Most failed defense plays was the result of the player or players themselves not the call LeBeau made…

  • Elijah Stevenson

    I just think lebeau focused on Wallace the entire game so ike/cortez had safety help giving up the middle of the field. Still the way a warm weathered team Miami dominates us in the snow just shocks me to death.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    I love Ben because he gave us SB rings 5/6 but next year Tomlin needs to make been earn his job against Landry Jones. I’ve seen Jones a little this preseason and he can throw that ball quick for 7+ yards.

  • Reader783

    Dude…what? You’re in a pick on Big Ben kinda mood tonight aren’t you. Ya man, our 3rd string QB who doesn’t dress totally should start over the best QB in our team’s history who sets records every day. Gotcha.

  • lone pistol

    No No Landry doesn’t even dress for a reason, ben will take a sack or two and hold on to the ball here and there but he’s our best player offence or defense, I use to be very critical of him almost un fairly, but look at his numbers and stats of lately he wins us games and keeps us close in the rest of games, I respect your comment but we got our 3rd center a busted oline and brown is a elite receiver but all our receivers are my size, and D gives up big plays to much, franchise QBs are hard to come by, thank god that bell looks like a future back, lets get some momentum draft well a free agent or so and we will be back for sure next year, tomlin needs to earn his job if anyone

  • AndyR34

    Why would you even bother to read his stuff anymore?

  • SG

    This team is like explosive diarrhea.

  • Reader783

    Good point

  • sean mcmartin

    The Linebackers have to apply pressure for the 3-4 defense to work. They just don’t have the talent to execute.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Bad tackling. Bad pursuit. Bad season.

  • CrazyTerry

    When your players in the secondary keep missing assignments and get easily fooled by the other offense, that means they tuned out the coach at some level even if they keep claiming they respect and love Lebeau so much. Such dumb playing by a secondary full of veterans reflects on the ineffectiveness of lebeau this year. Lebeau also has done a poor job getting younger players ready. First K Lewis, now Wordlis and Heyward all getting ready just as they become free agents (2 more years for Heyward).


    With all due respect, Elijah, you are an idiot’s idiot.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I am not sure if I have ever can remember a Steeler defense giving up this many big plays. In years past if a team had a 50 yard play you would be lucky to see any more big plays like that in 3-4 games. We are allowing several every game. It is very sad.