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Former Steelers LB Alan Baxter Signed To Colts Practice Squad

On Tuesday, the Indianapolis Colts announced that they have signed former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Alan Baxter to their practice squad.

Baxter was originally signed by the Steelers as an undrafted free agent out of Northern Illinois on April 27, 2013. He was then signed to their Steelers practice squad after the final roster moves were made just prior to the start of the regular season. Baxter stayed on the practice squad until he was released in early October.

During the preseason, Baxter registered two sacks and nine total tackles in late game action. As a result of his solid effort against other third-teamers, many fans instantly declared that he would be the next James Harrison just as they did last season with Adrian Robinson.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • steeltown


    I was certainly hoping he would get a futures contract with the Steelers and get another shot next year


    I never declared he would be the next James Harrison, but his ceiling certainly seemed to be higher than some of the others who were kept.

  • cencalsteeler

    Need to sign Worilds and Woods or some team will get stronger and we will get weaker. Bummed about Baxter, I think we all had expectations for a nice future for him with the Steelers. Too many good players are slipping through the cracks.

  • Chad H

    Son of a bitch

  • T R

    Adrian Robinson just signed with the Washington Redskins today..

  • DoctorNoah

    If he is on their practice squad we can sign him to our active roster, and can still, I think, sign him to a futures contract, correct? I would think that he’s got potential enough for that…

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Jarvis Jones played like a beast against inferior opponents too. The Steelers draft him in the first round, and let Baxter go for no reason, would much rather have Baxter to groom than Kion Wilson. This team cares too much about Special Teams and they lose potential talent because of it.


    And it’s not like the Special Teams are all that special.

  • John A Stewart

    This is BS! we are nothing but a farm team for the NFL. I blame Tomlin, Colbert and Butler. Just think we let this guy go for an NFL reject Kion Wilson I can’t believe it. This is sad Baxter show me more in preseason than Chris Cater did in his whole career. He had the motor of another Kendra Bell another fish that got away damn!

  • John A Stewart

    Dr just what I want for Christmas

  • John A Stewart

    And special team’s sucks!

  • Dutchess Hershberger

    I would take him over carter and syllvestor any day of the week, another baffling roster move by tomlin

  • Dutchess Hershberger

    amen, another baffling move by tomlin, carter has shown nothing, not even on special teams, nor has syllvestor, too many bad roster decisisons

  • gene mann

    what is everyone going nuts for we could have signed this guy anytime before so thinkthis is not a big deal

  • John A Stewart

    Gene you are on the prayer list

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I would not be surprised if he made the Colts roster next year. He will be another AQ Shipley or Kraig Urbik where we just let them go before we really see what they can do.

  • Betz Smiff

    Seriously? Getting all worked up over a guy that was on NO ONE”s roster for the past 2 months???? Steelers have a lot of issues…. Alan Baxter is not going to cure any of them…….. Come on Man!

  • J. Hernandez

    Much rather Baxter over Sylvester or Carter. At least he got up the field, preseason or not.

  • Betz Smiff

    Maybe but you can find guy like Baxter walking the streets everyday…..Indy just did….. I think the Steelers will survive

  • AndyR34

    Why is it so-o-o hard for you guys to figure out the coaches didn’t want him!??

  • MC

    This sucks.

  • Chad H

    Not worked up. But you have to admit he showed more ability than Carter and Sylvester. I thought for sure he would make the roster and Carter would be gone. He was someone that possibly could develop into a play maker and with our OLB depth next year might have been nice.

  • J. Hernandez

    They will Betz. I hope they find someone else in the draft.

  • Betz Smiff

    So the 31 other GM’s AND the Steelers were wrong on him? Hey I wish the guy all the luck in the world but how many times have we seen the next “phenom” while playing the other teams 3rd stringers in a pre-season game? There will be another “Baxter” in camp next year………

  • Chad H

    As an undrafted free agent every practice and preseason is a job interview. I don’t care if it’s against 2nd or 3rd stringers. IMO he interviewed well and hands down beat out Carter who is on the roster and has done nothing. Did you see Carter in the Packers game? He is worthless. I understand what you are saying but this guy deserved a shot.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Steeltown, I just read another post of yours I think where you are heralding Embernate. The man love for UDFAs has got to stop. Sure, I love the Willie Parker’s and James Harrison as much as the next fan, but then you get guys like Ramon Foster who has proven he’s healthy enough to start for a injured, terrible offensive line and hundreds of guys like Redman and dudes who really suck. Sure Embernate got hurt, but the rest of those UDFA linemen are worse than Whimper!!!! Baxter wasn’t good enough to stay on the Steelers practice squad.,,and if Baxter was worse than Cris Carter…ugh.

    anyhow, looks like you might get your wish next season as there are very few players under contract and no cap space.

  • steeltown

    My love for the underdog players does not have “to stop” every Team needs to groom players from all areas. We cant have 1st Rders at every position. Ramon Foster by the way has been the best OLineman we have this year not named DeCastro, he’s only allowed 3sacks and has only been called for one penalty all year, which mirrors Decastro’s stat line (1st Rder vs a UDFA)

    You never know what you have in a person or a player, that’s part of the excitement

  • John A Stewart

    I really think our coaches have too many favorites. The kid Hawthorn from Illinois knee problem in training camp and not in college you let him go just like that. Mundy, Carter, Gay bum’s. If Rodgers was playing Sunday Nelson would have had td on big play Willy Gay.

  • Betz Smiff

    Numerous opportunities to bring the guy back but for some reason they (nor any other team in the NFL) signed him for 16 weeks… I did see Carter in the GB game, he was bad but that must tell you something about Baxter………

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