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Ike Taylor Says It’s Pittsburgh Or Nowhere For Him In 2014

Pittsburgh Steelers veteran cornerback Ike Taylor will be one of several elephants in the room during the offseason thanks to the $7 million base salary that he’s scheduled to earn in 2014. On Wednesday, Taylor let it be known that it’s “here (Pittsburgh) or nowhere” for him next season during his talk with the media, according to Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider on Twitter.

We have talked quite a while now about Taylor’s status for next season and there’s absolutely no way that the Steelers let him return on a $7 million base salary. Taylor will obviously be asked to take a $3-4 million pay cut almost immediately after the season is over and if he declines, the Steelers will have no choice but to release him.

Prior to Taylor signing his most recent contract back in 2011, the team allowed him to test free agency and while Louisiana-Lafayette product went threw all of the regular motions associated with the process, it was obvious from the start that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Thanks to Taylor’s comments on Wednesday, he has now pretty much painted himself into a corner. Everyone knows that he wants to end his career in Pittsburgh and that he isn’t ready to call it quits just yet.

I firmly believe that Taylor will be back in Pittsburgh in 2014 and that it’s only a matter of time until the two sides work out the details of a paycut. Consider one elephant in the room already dealt with.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • CW

    Always good to see Ike willing to work with the team.

  • chris ward

    I expect Taylor will take the pay cut and will back in Pittsburgh in 2014. Hopefully Polamalu will also be willing to take a pay cut.

  • srdan

    Good news. But more than likely he is still the starter.

  • 20Stoney

    It would be nice to see Ben offer to take a pay cut.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Damn right! And I’ve been calling for it for years.

  • 20Stoney

    i don’t even know what his salary is, but I’d guess it’s around 15 million? Teams have to get too much tied up in their qbs and it kills them. I do know they can’t keep restructuring older guys or it’s going to kill them eventually.

  • HopalongCassidy

    If I were the Steelers, I’d offer Troy no more than 2 mil on a ‘take it or leave it basis’ for next year. Anything over that is simply out of the question at this point. If he demanded more, I’d just release him. This team needs to move on and rebuild. Troy is simply not that valuable any longer. The money is badly needed elsewhere !

  • srdan

    This delusional. He is not even a top 10 paid QB. All of his peers from that celebrated QB class make more than him.

    CAn you please back this up with some logic?

  • HopalongCassidy

    Won’t happen. He’ll be up for a raise if anything.

  • SteelersDepot

    You have already won the dunb comment of the day award. Congrats.

  • 20Stoney

    Glad you corrected your poor spelling there SteelersDepot. If you are going to insult people’s intelligence make sure you spell it right.

  • sean mcmartin

    Ike will still be a good player for the steelers next year. maybe not as the #1 CB ,
    I think Hines ward would have taken less but he lost a step as a WR.

  • 20Stoney

    But I do thank you. It’s the first time I’ve “one” something in ages.

  • 20Stoney

    You’re probably right srdan. I try not to “spout off” without facts and I just did. I’m not even going to try to justify anything.

  • John Hinton

    Just a thought to spark discussion…like Rod Woodson and Charles Woodson did to extend their careers, what if Ike moved to the safety position next to Troy next year since Clark is cleary done. While Ike’s ball skills (INT-wise) are (much) less than desirable, he would definitely be a huge upgrade in covering TEs, etc.

  • srdan

    lol, I actually didn’t reply to you, it was aimed at Bullion. I don’t disagree with you that it would be nice…but cmon. I know when I’m late to work I don’t offer for them to take 20 bucks out of my paycheck. That’s a simple analogy, but it’s kind of what it boils down to.

    These guys have 8-10 years to make their money. I think the average career is less than 3 years. Seldom do players have a steady income after playing. Why would they give money back?

  • sean mcmartin

    I Think Troy will take a paycut or retire. Troy knows The Steelers paid him for at least 16 games when he was injured on the bench. Troy is still better than most at his position. I don’t see the team loyalty anywhere , Troy and Ike may be the ones that breaks that mold.

  • mlc43

    I’ve wondered that as well. We put him up against the best the other team has to offer, and lets be honest, he isn’t disgracing himself even in his advanced age, lol.

  • sean mcmartin

    I also believe Ike can still be an asset as a safety. I mean the two guys who could coach him up are already with the Steelers,Lake and Woodson.
    ike is 6’2 , he keeps himself in great shape. his loyalty to the team is above average. And he is good at run support and already plays 10 yards off the line as a CB. And he was part of a winning SB team and knows what it takes to get there.

  • srdan

    I disagree on both. I don’t think they will break the mold. Ike has a great relationship with the ownership, and 43 just doesn’t strike me as the type. He is simple, i belive he still drives a hyudai.

  • srdan

    I sitll dont understand the hines retirement. To be an elite receiver you need speed, but to play the slot you don’t. You can’t tell me that Cotchery is a huge atheltic improvment over hines his last year.

    They either wanted to get young money crew more snaps, or something sour happened.

  • sean mcmartin

    Hey srdan,
    I meant they both seem to be loyal to the team. unlike other players who name themselves ” the big money crew”
    I think they will both be asked to take pay cuts and at least one of them will be back next season.

  • srdan

    I think there is a reason that you can name CB to S conversions on one hand. It’s a lot tougher than we may think. The one commonality I think is shared among them is that they were all excellent blitzers as CB. I can’t put Ike in that category.

  • srdan

    lol, i misread your post. I agree! I could see both back and would like to see it. The one thing that bothers me is that we lack young Cb’s inteh pipeline to take over for Ike eventually. We could live with Shark, 43, will allen and another golden.

  • sean mcmartin

    I miss Hines ward making clutch catches and blocking like a beast.
    It seemed like Arians thought he was too slow and he lost his spot. and then his job

  • Ken

    Ike is in an amazing shape, normally you would be concerned at that age but I’m not ready to part ways with him yet. Most likely we would wish we had him back after seeing his replacement. And its always fun to see him look like he is down and out for the year with an injury and only miss 2 plays.

  • CrazyTerry

    Steelers would be crazy to offer Ike a dollar above 2M.

  • CrazyTerry

    Ben was one of the highest paid when he signed his contract. No more. So no way, he takes a paycut. Flacco and Eli are making a lot more.

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    he will probably have at least a 2 million dollar dead money charge if they cut him. if not close

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    he was slow as it gets

  • srdan

    So is 83, and I would argue that 86 could block a OLB better (this season)

  • Dan

    That would be very nice if Ike agrees to a reduction, but he certainly doesn’t have to. He is still one of the better CBs in the league (I know he hasn’t been flawless lately so no need to blast back examples of poor play or weak INT stats) and there are not many solid CBs in the market. Also, if we cut him we’d still owe almost $5mil against the cap in dead money….and be even weaker in the backfield. So he has some leverage if he wants to get paid what we agreed. Hopefully everybody will play nice and we’ll get some cap friendly short term extension.

  • Jeff

    I love Ike… hate that the road is winding down for him… I’m expecting a high round draft pick on a corner this year

  • Dan

    I wouldn’t count on it. He’s been playing really well and other top guys have been paid better in recent years. It’s shouldn’t matter what mistakes are made in BAL and DAL with QB salaries, but it is part of the negotiations. We’ve already restructured $22mil in his salaries in the last couple years, but as we approach the end of his contract there’s not much more opportunity to do so. I reckon we’ll give him some kind of extention that may give us short term cap relief and put us in cap debt for future years.

  • greeny

    Nice….83 will get a huge contract after major knee reconstruction too. Makes no sense to me. They should have drafted a TE last year early

  • Elijah Stevenson

    Ike taylor is a true Steeler it doesn’t surprise me that he’s willing to take a pay cut, I think troy and Keisal are willing to because they love Pittsburgh.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    What about Keisal ?

  • DrakePirate

    I would be happy if the steelers pay both Ike & troy 5-6 Mil …. not a penny more ( we need the $$ to get a competitive team together)

  • bgsteelfan

    It was politics, not performance.

  • sean mcmartin

    kiesel is likely done. If he had stayed healthy he might have had a shot to return. But the business side is not the part fans like too much.

  • Paul Jones

    the classic “i’m not dumb because I can spell” comeback. No one cares bro, it’s a steelers internet blog, not a PhD thesis

  • Mike Carroll

    We can all debate how big Ike’s paycut will be next offseason. But, the fact there is nearly $5M in dead money on the contract of a 34 year old CB is another sign of poor salary cap management by Kevin Colbert (and the organization) in recent years.

  • JohnnyV1

    I see the probability higher for Ike getting cut, just like Harrison, to get in line with the cap by the deadline. Unlike Harrison (who was the tough-guy on the team), after the cut, Ike & KC would continue to negotiate, and Ike could take a lesser deal and still fit into the CB room, be a leader and have the biggest payday out of the CB’s, and #2 to Troy as the highest paid DB. He’ll be back in 2014.

  • 20Stoney

    All I’m saying is if you’re gonna call somebody dumb you should probably not misspell (and then edit) 2 words in one sentence. I’m not all that concerned about what you or Dave Bryan think of my intelligence. If you paid attention, I said above I was talking without thinking. I’m not going to go on and on arguing on the internet.

  • Reader783

    That’s how you know you’ve got a Steeler. I’d rather a less productive Ike that does whatever it takes to stay than Keenan Lewis who left as soon as he had one good season with a team that molded him into what he is.

  • CrazyTerry

    Dead money is money that will be accounted for at some point in this cap. It is really not a big a deal to accelerate it into one year. Makes it tough for 2014, but much easier for 2015. They would be insane to offer him anything significant. His leverage is limited to how much other teams would be willing to pay for him.

  • CrazyTerry

    Colbert should be fired on the spot if he offers both of them a combined 6M. 5M should be the max not the min.

  • CrazyTerry

    He has no choice.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Great point I’m sure Ike could make the transition. If he takes a pay cut and returns I think it’s worth a try. The only problem would be who else would we have at CB for depth. I guess they could draft a corner but they’ll need someone they can plug in with experience Brown Blake Green none of those guys strike me as more than special teamers.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Hey Dave I got a different spin on this maybe Ike is making this comment to assure himself of at least 3-4 mill for the last year of the contract. Deshea Townsend comes to mind as a guy willing to take alitte less money but worked out a contract that the team could easily fit under the cap. That way he pretty much assured himself that he could earn all the money of the contract. J Harrison was a guy that wasn’t willing to bend on his contact and we see what happened. So maybe Ike is taking the Deshea approach for his final year which to me is a smart decision. In the open market no team will give him 7 million and Ike knows that i’m sure.

  • Rick M

    It’s tough to believe that no Steelers’ fan site has dedicated an article to the atrocious mortgaging of the future by the Steelers. Peter King wrote about it on Monday in his Monfay Morning QB article and he provided a chart that demonstrates in 2014 the Steelers will be allocating over 67% of their payroll to only seven players (taylor included) – far and away the highest percentage in the league for any 7 players on any team. The constant re-structuring of contracts, and the ‘we’ll pay later mentality’ by management has essentially sold this team down the river.

  • Angel Navarro

    Ben is having a career year my friend just for u to know but Woodly now needs a pay cut. He even can’t stay healthy any more. He is the highest paid OLB in the league & make it worst he ain’t even the best OLB, so why pay him a truck load of money but give a guy that is having a franchise career year a pay cut? I am so glad u aint running the steelers front office

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Im thinking he’s means like brady did to help his teammates get resigned but look how that turned out the pats still let welker walk

  • Shea Fahr

    We may need him to move back to safety if Troy does not take a pay cut because Clark is not coming back. Draft a corner worthy in the first 3 rounds.

  • 20Stoney

    That’s exactly what I was saying.

  • Bradley Campbell

    I think the transition would be very difficult. He plays his best at man coverage-he is not a “zone corner.” He would have to show he could play in space-something he does not do.

  • Bradley Campbell

    probably need to step down as the #1 but could look real nice for 2 years as the #2 corner.

  • LucasY59

    I think you are right when you point out that teams get handcuffed to a high paid QB and then struggle to build a team with what is left of the salary cap. Ben would have to be Very Generous to give the team a discount, but if he wants a better chance a Winning again it might be what is necessary to get back to the Super Bowl.
    I think Woodley should feel like more of a goat when it comes to taking up too much salary cap space. It is very disappointing that Worilds will probably leave in FA, the Steelers cant afford him because they are paying a guy that he has outperformed and taken his starting job.


    You make a good point…my thoughts, it’s water under the bridge now and at the time those contracts were being extended, the players were still pretty good…there was always going to be a fallout when they got to end of them and that’s where the Steelers are.

    Think about teams like SEA and SF…what going to happen when their young QBs who are making pennies now start making real QB money…that’s right, all those high priced good players will be retained due to cap space.

    Which is worse?


    No one is going to come close to offering Ike or Troy the cap number they have now (est. $10 mil each)…Much like Jame Harrison, PIT will offer them between 3 and 4 mil to close out their careers in PIT. If they want it, great, if they don’t, we understand. Thank you and see you in Canton Troy…I’m pretty comfortable in saying they both will take a cut to pad their retirement much like they did for Kesiel this yr.

  • 20Stoney

    No where did I say he was having a poor year or deserved a paycut.

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