LaMarr Woodley Won’t Need A Procedure; Curtis Brown To Have Surgery On Friday

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley was placed on injured reserve a few weeks ago because of a calf injury suffered early in the Week 15 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, but according to head coach Mike Tomlin during his Monday press conference, he will not require any surgical procedure

“It’s a rehabilitation thing,” said Tomlin. “There’s no procedure scheduled at this juncture.”

Woodley missed a total of five games in 2013 because of injuries to both of his calves and that resulted in him playing only 582 snaps. Now that he has had problems staying healthy since the middle of the 2011 season, the Steelers will have to decide whether or not to keep him around next season as he is scheduled to earn an $8 million base salary in 2014 with a cap charge of $13.59 million.

As far as other injured players go, Tomlin did say that cornerback Curtis Brown has yet to have surgery to repair the torn ACL that he suffered back in Week 12. That surgery will take place on Friday as the team had to wait until the MCL that he damaged to heal first.

  • steeltown

    I don’t know what they should do with pretty tired of the constant injury and lack of production, im sure the FO and coaching staff have to be as well

  • dgh57

    The FO needs to make up their minds what to do with Woilds first as losing both would leave a big hole at OLB. I’m still hoping Worilds gets resigned.

  • srdan

    It’s tough, but what makes it so tough is that we have nothing heading into next year if 93 leaves. It almost forces our hand. If 93 had a year left on his contract 56 would get cut without much thought.

  • treeher

    If they can make other cap changes, I say go ahead and eat Woodley. He doesn’t contribute on or off the field and in fact his (reported) attitude is a negative in the locker room.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Don’t know if that is true or not, but I have read an interview in which he gets extremely defensive when talking about his injuries in 2012 and his offseason conditioning. So, I would not be surprised if he indeed has a negative attitude in the locker room.

  • DrakePirate

    Dave has laid out excellent reports on the cap options .. and I’m still confused (i have a horrible understanding of the cap) but his latest report was we save 8mil cap if we cut wood … (do we pay the following year ?) if this is the case lets do it already .. I’m really tired of his problematic injuries and lack of production … its been what now 3 or 4 years since he had a productive year ? Cut him and get done with it !

  • DrakePirate

    How much godly money would we have to pay to keep Worilds ….. he’s been playing well for the 2nd half of the season … but is that really worth more than 5mil a year … heck no i say … lets get another good comp pick from him … Ya I know it would leave us dry but id rather pick up a reasonable or bargain FA until we can draft a couple guys that don’t take 4 years to produce !!

  • alevin16

    My big concern is what if Worlids is a flash in the pan and we break the bank trying to keep him. I know he played great down the stretch but what about previous years? Maybe we need to just suck it up with Woodley, and ride him out until his numbers do not destroy our cap. We really do need to get out of this cap hell we seem to be in.

  • steeltown

    $13.5MIL against the cap ($8MIL base salary) in 2014, cutting him before June 1st would incur a $14+MIL dead money hit, post June 1st would defer $8+MIL of dead money to 2015, but we’d still have to carry his full $13.5 cap chunk until June 1st… basically cutting him outright (before June 1st) would actually cost ANOTHER 500K on top of the already high amount

    The only two things I see happening would be cutting him post June 1st or keeping him on roster for another year and possibly cutting him after 2014.. but again post June 1st means we still have to get under cap with his $13.5MIL on the books until then

  • DrakePirate

    it seems complicated … so even if we cut him post June we still get hit with the cap (but postpone it til next year ) ??? if thats the deal then i don’t know what to say … complicated … its amazing that we are saying this about a player that every one LOVED a few years ago ….!!

  • DrakePirate

    yes we do ….. the cap is destroying us !

  • steeltown

    Basically, after June 1st they will save his $8MIL base salary but will still have a 2015 $8.5MIL dead money charge for proration and other money still on the books.

  • alevin16

    Boy I hope we do, it is getting to the point where we won’t have enough cap space to even field a full 22 men 😀

  • WilliamSekinger

    This is actually the Steelers FO view on players that don’t produce until their contract year. Goodbye Worilds and thanks for a decent year.

  • David Edward

    I don’t think the decision on Woodley is really that difficult. They can’t keep him around at a cap of $13.6M for ’14. That would amount to almost 11% of the cap for a player that hasn’t made a significant impact in 2 1/2 seasons. If they aren’t able to sign Worilds, then they only way keeping Woodley makes sense is if he were to accept a huge pay cut…to the tune of say cutting $6-7M off of his $8M base. I doubt he’d go for that as he’d likely rather them designate him a June 1 cut so he can negotiate a deal with a new team.
    Problem is, if they don’t resign Worilds and cut Woodley, then they are in deep doo-doo at OLB…and drafting one with a high pick again isn’t the best answer. They’d be in better shape if Chris Carter could be a potential answer. So, it comes back to Worilds again and I think they can have him for a lot less money than they gave Woodley.

  • Mark

    Woodley should get a liposuction procedure

  • Mike Sweeney

    Woodley’s act has been played out. I’m tired of his name and let’s move forward without him. I know the contract situation but he apparently isn’t hungry like most others on this team. Therefore, I see a resurging 2014, squad coming with ferocity, focus, and determination and as far as Woodley, he has none of these factors, in my humble opinion.

  • DrakePirate

    Thanks for the explanation Steel … seems logical to me then to indeed cut him and begin the healing process sooner rather than later (post June)

  • pittsburghjoe

    This article is totally incorrect. Woodley is scheduled to get a salaryectomy courtesy of Dr. Rooney.