Mike Adams Still A Work In Progress At Left Tackle

By Matthew Marczi

Steelers second-year tackle Mike Adams is set to make his first start (at tackle anyway) since his demotion in Week Four when the team faces the Miami Dolphins this week. The man who replaced him, Kelvin Beachum, will be out at least this week with a knee injury. So how did Adams do filling in for Beachum at the end of the last game?

Well, he got beat before he even got back to tackle, but at least it was against a pedigreed pass rusher such as Elvis Dumervil. As has been the norm, the Steelers were using Adams at tight end prior to them needing him to fill in at tackle.

On this play, he lined up to Beachum’s left and Dumervil lined up on his outside shoulder. When Adams went in for the punch, Dumervil beat him to the inside and pressured Ben Roethlisberger, forcing a bad throw.

Beachum only played the first snap of the final drive. On the first five snaps with Adams in the game, the Steelers either didn’t ask him to do much by throwing quick passes or giving him chip blocks to help out, or the Ravens didn’t rush anybody in his direction.

On this, the sixth snap at left tackle, on the other hand, Terrell Suggs got the better of him, even after Heath Miller chipped him. Sensing that he was on the losing side of the battle, Adams grabbed his facemask to slow him down, which resulted in a 15-yard penalty.

After a fortunate running back screen that somehow went for 29 yards, Suggs got the better of Adams again at the 20-yard line. Adams really lacked proper technique here, bending at the waist and lunging, his feet placed improperly. Suggs took advantage with a bull rush, driving Adams back into the pocket and eventually getting a hit.

On his final snap—one play later—Adams did a better job technically before he got his foot caught up underneath him and turned his ankle. From that point on, Suggs was able to get to Roethlisberger again and bring him down, but not until he completed a 19-yard pass down to the one.

In his brief stint back at left tackle in the last game, Adams showed that he still has the same technical flaws coming off the bench that ultimately led to him losing his job. The Steelers must hope to play with a lead to quell the pass rush. They must also hope that a week of practice and a quicker release on passes will combine to help Adams keep Roethlisberger’s jersey clean for a shirt straight week.

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  • BurgherinMD

    Great work, Matt. There is too much talent there with Adams for them to throw away yet. If Gilbert leaves after next year they can slide Adams back over to RT where he was mauling run blocker before he was injured last year.

  • Mike Carroll

    Well, this was disappointing to see.

  • 20Stoney

    His technique appears to be 1.stand completely upright and lose all leverage, or 2. bend at the waist and reach. He doesn’t bend his knees and he doesn’t move his feet.

  • Chad H

    Agree and he looks lazy. He won’t be on the roster in 2015. One more year and that will be it.


    In the first GIF, isolate on Adams’ feet for a few watches and then isolate on Beachum’s feet. I’m on the floor laughing! He may just lack the “quick twitch” gene.


    Could it be that Adams is just a big, slow, fat guy?


    I think I would tell him to run block on every play even when it is a pass. Maybe he would finally show some leverage.


    Poor, poor Ben. He sees more of Adams’ face than he does of Adams’ ass.

  • dgh57

    After watching the above and knowing that Adams will most likely be facing Olivier Vernon who is coming off a AFC Defensive Player of the Week Award with 3 sacks against Jets QB doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in me of Adam’s ability to get the job done. So GOOD LUCK Big Ben you’re going to need it as it’s going to have to be part of the equation for you to have a successful day!!

  • Rick M

    Thanks for the excellent video and analysis as always. I guess my reaction is why weren’t these technique flaws noticed before they drafted him. Was he just playing against weaker players in college and he got away with the poor technique, or it didn’t show up as much? His technique flaws just seem so obvious, that I’m not sure why the Steelers made him a 2nd round selection.

    Perhaps some people who know far more about his play in college can enlighten me.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Haha, I like that one.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Adams might be a “work” but I don’t see much “progress”. He gets beat on pass protection like a rented mule. I wouldn’t waste a roster spot on him next year.


    I agree, Rick. When they have these guys in for a workout, what do they do?

  • Thomas Rancy

    I just feel like he has no balance, he’s a fat guy on a uni-cycle. He has this huge strong body but he’s punched in the mouth by guys half his size, just doesn’t know how to back up and maintain balance/power it seems.

    Beachum despite being probably a lesser athlete overall could atleast hold his ground and force them to go around.


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  • alex

    where do long and slow LTs go for an offseason reality check training or do they just do double duty as a clothes line?

  • Luke Shabro

    He may lack the give a damn gene. He looks so apathetic out there. I’m not sure what he said to Colbert to get back on the draft board but he must be a million times better at interviewing than he is at playing tackle. He just seems to give up so easily. Thanks God Marcus has settled in to be at least average at RT. Hoping Taylor Lewan makes his way down to the Steelers. I like Beachum a lot but I think he’s Trai Essex 3.0 and we’d be better off using him as first off the bench across the line. Although the longer he’s been in there the better the left side of the line has been.

  • Michael Briscoe

    Seems to me he is just a lazy football player, or we have a very poor o-line coach, either way something has to change! all the O-line are horrible and lack a nasty streak to run block thus why we throw screens and quick passes to keep $100 million dollar QB some what upright….sometimes

  • BurgherinMD

    now Trai Essex was the fattest (except maybe for Chris K)..

  • BurgherinMD

    I meant talent as a run blocker I should have clarified. My Buckeye fan, friends all said he was a matador in college. He looks like he is swimming in jello when he pass blocks.

  • CrazyTerry

    He looks much better run blocking on the move,. He doesn’t look that great pass blocking or even run blocking in short yardage.

    He probably is one of those guys best suitable for monster blocks once he gets moving, but he is the worst when he is to react while standing still.