Official Ravens Site Releases Raw Sideline Reaction Video Of Jacoby Jones After Kickoff Return

Onward we go with the Mike Tomlin sideline incident that took place Thursday night in the third quarter of the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. Did you really think that this wouldn’t pick up steam?

Now, the official website of the Ravens has released sideline footage that includes the reaction of wide receiver Jacoby Jones immediately following the incident as he talks to his teammates.

It sounds like his teammates are telling Jones that he got “walked”, which I assume means they are giving him a hard time for getting tackled from behind by Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen. Torrey Smith even tells Jones, “I thought you were fast.”

In his rebuttal, It sounds like Jones calls Tomlin, Tomlinson. “I had to go around him, bro,” he said.

  • treeher

    He’s using it as an excuse for getting caught. Allen had the angle and would have caught him regardless. Tomlin did not affect the play.

  • Ken

    That’s good stuff. I can only imagine the comments had it happened in reverse. Jacoby explained it well. We will be lucky to only get a fine, very lucky. You can’t have that. Whether it was intentional or not is almost irrelevant. Ignorance might be worst.

  • Ken

    I agree I think he would have caught him, but he made it easier. He definitely affected the play!

  • Matt Manzo

    I still can’t believe how cool they were about it! I know it’d be different had they lost but I totally thought they’d take the chance to bag on us!

  • J&LSteeler

    I just got back from the ratbird site, looking at that video. I feel dirty(bird?) from being over there…by the way, there was that dirty little word again, (bleeped out)…

  • Anthony Hodge

    Hope that audio helps us out of this jam..Jones knew his arse was walked down and caught….He saw Tomlin and probably was going to taunt us.. So of course he’s going to use Tomlin as an excuse..EMBARRASSED!

  • WilliamSekinger

    I would be very interested to see footage of Tomlin earlier in this game and other games at M&T Bank stadium during kickoffs. Does he position himself like this during every kickoff return or just this one?

    I think footage like this would clear up the intent issue.

  • The Ravenators

    Tomlin clearly stepped on to the field of play. It is completely unexceptable to have any person uninvolved in the play to be on the field. The head coach should be the first to know this. For a head coach, especially a head coach on the competition committee, to use ignorance as a defense is shameful.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Tomlin never defended his actions using ignorance or anything else. He said point blank he was wrong.

  • rizzo29

    what else could he say,

  • Rick Hankey

    Umm… Did he drop the “N” word at the 41 second mark?

  • The Ravenators

    He claimed he didn’t know where he was on the field.

  • Nolrog

    Yeah, I think you’re right. I don’t think Tomlin cost him much yards either. Still a stupid thing to do, but the impact was minimal.

  • Matt Manzo

    I can check that out! Might take me a few days, I’ll let ya know!

  • ND_Steel

    Oh course, part of the official language of the NFL…

  • 4-12

    Thank God for these positive comments on this board, the comments on other boards were just plain ignorant

  • 4-12

    of course. thats the slang in the black community.

  • Bradys_Dad

    Can we just call it even with the helmet to helmet no call on Bell ?

  • Rick Hankey

    I’m really not sure why you, or anyone else, are making such a big deal out of this. Was it (by rule) unsportsmanlike conduct? Yes. Was it purposeful cheating? No. It’s not like he video taped pre-game warmups or stole hands signals illegally.

    Your reaction is a typical to today’s “whine about everything” society that we have become. Cripes, you won the game! I personally thought it was great theater during the game. You have 60,000 rats fans booing a man while he is smiling on TV and the Jumbo Tron. How does that not add to an already awesome rivalry? If this happened in a better time (like the 70’s or 80’s) this would be replayed on the NFL network as a classic moment.

    If you want to be upset an anyone, be upset at the ref who didn’t throw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. You don’t see Steelers fans whining about the incorrect interpretation of the Bell (non) TD or the fact that 2 players illegally speared him on the way, or the fact that Nagta dove at our centers ankles, thus rupturing his tendon. My point? The non call on the unsportsmanlike conduct wasn’t the only missed call in the game. There also was the no call on the face guarding of Sanders on the 2 point conversion play. Just let it go, you won the game, so move on.

    Just keeping winning if you want to make the playoffs cause the Steelers are still right on your heels with winning tiebreakers in hand. Oh and if you really want to add to the rivalry, the Ravens are lucky there weren’t about 3 more minutes in that game or the better team would have won. Good Day!

  • John S

    Cortez Allen can’t keep up with Jacoby on pass routes why is he so fast now? Tomlin not only caused Jacoby to slow down but to cut in towards the middle of the field.