PFT Irresponsibly Suggests That The Steelers Could Have To Forfeit A Draft Pick To The Ravens

To show you just how wacky this whole Mike Tomlin incident has become, Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk is now suggesting that the Pittsburgh Steelers might have to forfeit a draft pick to the Baltimore Ravens.

This is very laughable and perhaps Smith might want to look into what Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote a little while ago concerning the decision by NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson to wait until the end of the season to see whether or not the sideline incident will play a role in any playoff seeding or draft order tiebreakers.

The Ravens did not lose the game and that is very important to remember here. Sure, the loss of a potential touchdown could come into play deep into the tiebreaking process, but the chances of that happening seem very unlikely right now. We’ll see.

In addition, Smith fails to realize that giving the Ravens an extra draft pick is essentially penalizing the other 30 teams in the league as well.

To suggest that the Steelers would have to forfeit a draft pick to the Ravens is very irresponsible on the part of Smith, but I am sure it will get people talking about it. Hell, it got me to write a post about it, so score one for Mike Florio. He should now have to forfeit me one if his future post.

  • Jason

    PFT has become the TMZ of the NFL only less credible.

  • Curtis

    If that is the case, the Patriots owes us a few don’t they?

  • Rick M

    Agree totally idiotic PFT post. OK Goodell and Anderson, do you want this kind of baseless speculation for months? If not, clarify what your intentions are.

  • T R

    you can probably blame Ian Rappaport on the NFL even considering a Draft pick.. That probably wasn’t even thought of until his dumb premature tweet.. ugh..

  • NW86

    Irresponsible, stupid, and simply ridiculous.

  • AzheDraven

    I recently became a Steelers fan (last season because of my girlfriend) and since, a friend told me of PFT, and that the only site I used to check related to football news. Then, the lack of steelers relevant info made me come here, and I usually check both sites. But I have noticed that, Florio usually especulates things just to get more comments and that other guy is an ass. And yeah, as soon as I read that crap I totally knew I can’t trust that site anymore. Some of you have said it. It’s like TMZ but with zero credibility. Lol.

  • JayBirdDC

    Florid has been an epic jerk during this process but then again he thrives on being a high school girl .

  • patrick Mayfield

    easy on the high school girls buddy – no need to sully them with this Florio comparison.

  • Chad H

    My 9 year old son got mouthy with his mom yesterday. I fined him 1 week of allowance and chose not to ground for the week. I also informed him that after the holidays I may take away one of his birthdays. Im thinking his 18th because I want his one time attitude to affect him for years to come. I learned a new way of punishment from the heads of the NFL.

  • Wayne Darby

    He should have to forfeit his website. That site is such a freakin joke. They love them some TMZ material.

  • Luke Shabro

    This is the best thing I’ve read today Chad. Thank you! haha