Report: Steelers Facing Possible Loss Of A Draft Pick Due To Actions Of Mike Tomlin

According to Jason La Canfora and Ian Rapoport, the Pittsburgh Steelers could perhaps be forced to forfeit a draft pick due to the actions of head coach Mike Tomlin during the Thursday night game against the Baltimore Ravens.

La Canfora writes:

Tomlin, as a head coach and as someone who was recently appointed to the NFL’s powerful Competition Committee, erred in being that close to the field of play, no matter what, and while the NFL can’t legislate his intent, the league’s past handling of these issues speaks to the seriousness with which it takes the matter.

I am not going to get too deep into this, but I would be shocked if the Steelers are docked a draft pick due to Tomlin’s actions on the kickoff return by Jacoby Jones. I am, however, expecting that he will be fined heavily and hope that he is.

Sure, Tomlin understands the seriousness of his actions, but if La Canfora is right when he says the league can’t legislate his intent, then there is no way that a draft pick will be forfeited.

What say you? How shocked would you be should the Steelers lose a draft pick?

  • Lamarr56

    Having draft picks being taken would be absolutely absurd. I agree that a fine should be given, but draft picks! I honestly think Tomlin did lose his place on the field while looking up at the Jumbo-tron, and Cortez would have tackled him regardless. A draft pick deduction would be insane.


    Tomlin deserves the same fine/punishment that we would want for Harbaugh or Belicheat if they had done the same against us.

  • Eric

    I remember when they practiced in pads against the rules and young ESPN report Clayton, a PBurgh youth reported it. We lost a 3rd draft pick that year which could have gotten us Joe Montana. However, Bellicheck;s spying was clearly intentional. This toe on the line cannot be proven to be intentional.

  • Showboogie

    I can’t see us losing a draft pick over this, you can’t measure Tomlins intentions on that play. Yes he was wrong for putting himself in this sitution but to loss a draft pick over this is crazy. Slap the Steelers with 100,000$ fine an call it a day.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    Maybe it’s good to fine Tomlin so he could be taught a lesson, I believe at first it was an accident but looking back Tomlin easily looked at the screen at saw that he was in the field. Drafting players is really important for our team, if he interfered with it then yeah he deserves to be fined. I like Mike Tomlin and all that he’s done as a coach but this is unacceptable and needs to be taught that now

  • Chris Ranieri

    The funniest part about this to me is how people say that Jacoby should have run over Tomlin… This makes me just assume they didn’t even watch the game or replay, they just assume Tomlin was the 12th man trying to make a tackle on the play…

    You can argue about the ‘intent’ of Tomlin in his positioning but you obviously didn’t watch the play if you think Jacoby had the opportunity to run over Tomlin I mean come on…

  • Anthony Hodge

    Agreed. Fine him and move on.

  • pittsburghjoe

    I agree he should be heavily fined. The loss of a draft pick would be absurd. I guess we need to consider the source. Rapaport was the idiot that started the false Ben rumors a couple of weeks ago. He should not even be permitted to cover high school football. If they do loose a draft pick, I will throw up!

  • Mike Carroll

    The talk of losing draft picks is completely absurd! The maximum penalty might be a fine and one game suspension for Tomlin. That would still be an extremely stiff penalty for interfering on a single play (where intent is still unclear) and anything more would be incredibly unfair. Leave it to the talking heads to create absolutely ridiculous proposals.

  • dgh57

    Fine him, suspend him, or make him coach from upstairs for a game or two, but taking draft picks away is absurd, especially when they’ll have a hard time proving intent!

  • Bill Molinaro

    Mike does some strange things sometimes. Does anyone remember what happened to the Patriots because of Spygate? It was loss of a first round draft pick if they made the playoffs; second and third if not. With that in mind, I don’t think the loss of a draft pick is beyond the realm of reality.

  • NW86

    Good point. I agree this was a serious offense and I lost some respect for Tomlin over it. But even if they don’t think fining him is enough, then a suspension or forcing him to coach from upstairs should be the next thing to come in to play, not taking away draft picks! That’s such a rare penalty against the whole team that should be reserved for the most intentional, systemic problems like bountygate or other long-term, team-wide depravity.

  • Mike Carroll

    Exactly, draft pick penalties need to be reserved for worst offenses. Spygate was an intentional, systematic plan by the Pats over a number of years, in which the league specifically warned them to stop doing it.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Well we know his sideline two step earned has earned him a hefty fine and he deserves one. No matter whether he knew how close he was to the field or not that’s no excuse. Now taking away a draft pick for something such as this situation is utterly ridiculous. So you take away a draft pick and the team as a whole suffers from the actions on one play of their coach? Nonsense I say let the punishment fit the crime….Tomlin is the sole offender so he’s heavily fined and we move on. Also As much As I love Coach T. smiling after the play on National TV probably not the best PR move. Better idea put on an acting job like you couldn’t believe what just happened?? Maybe a two step with a dive to get out of the way but definitely not a smile.

  • Zachary Smith

    Spygate wasn’t a ten second lapse. Belichick is lucky they still let him coach in this league.

  • r4kolb

    I wish the penalty would be a permanent termination. He’s a fraud of a coach.

  • Mike Carroll

    How about the realm of fairness? Docking a draft pick for minimal interference on a single play where intent is unclear would be incredibly unfair.

    Consider this: if the referees had ruled Tomlin interfered, the penalty would have been the awarding the Ravens a TD. If that happened, most people would say justice was served and perhaps the league would add a fine on afterwards.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Absolutely preposterous! No way in hell! On the other hand, they suspended Harrison for an in-game hit.

  • clifford symonds

    The league already has precedent with this.The jets pulled sidelined bs against the Dolphins. The Jets were just fined. Not to mention Carrol from the Dolphins got injured on said play. For the Steelers to lose draft picks would be outrageous. Tomlin was clearly standing there for the entire return,not sneaking in there at the last minute. It made Tomlin and the Steelers look foolish but taking a draft pick? Of course you cannot predict what this commish will do. The Saints and Patriots both had their pre planned incidents…however they were handled by Goddell in different ways. It was an accident the Steelers should be reprimanded for but let’s not get carried away. My god the overreaction in this League,not to mention it’s weekly hypocrisy is getting out of controlled. Even talk of a draft pick for an accident like this is scary for football fans.Think about this…Two Monday nights ago RT from NE leg whips C.Johnson. He will miss two weeks in a row today. He clearly intended to leg whip. 15k fined…Tomlin while foolish, no intent no injury. Not like Cannon not Like the the Jets. Why are we talking draft pick and huge fines for Tomlin and the Steelers.

  • Jakob

    Well the good news is that this story is coming from Ian Rapoport

  • Rick M

    If the league takes the idiotic step of taking away a draft choice, then Dan Rooney has lost any influence he has as an owner. There isn’t an NFL owner in the league who would allow his team to lose a draft pick over something that may have been unintentional, and that did not affect the outcome of the game.

  • JohnnyV1

    The Jets were fined $100k b//c it was shown that they deliberately lined up players along the sideline to prevent players who were shoved out of bounds (a routine occurrence) from getting back onto the field. And they did it more than once. The Jets did not lose a draft pick, nor was that coach fined directly, although he lost his job.

    I would be shocked if anything more than a hefty fine for Tomlin resulted from this. It was a one-off, albeit moronic, incident.

  • CW

    If they really want to “send a message” suspend Tomlin for a game and give him a 100,000 fine. Draft picks for what could well be a complete mental lapse is absurd seeing as anyone watching the games has seen almost every coach in the League drift into the field of play at least once in every three or four games.

    In fact the Steelers management should suspend Tomlin for a game due to “mental error” prior to the League even ruling on the matter. That would send the best message to Goodell to back the hell off the Steelers and their organization. I don’t like it, but having the Steelers management hammer down themselves will likely make the League less likely to do anything serious.

  • T R

    he did not smile after the play.. He smiled doing the commercial when they kept showing it over and over again on the jumbotron
    . the way the highlights keep showing it. it makes it seem like he smile right after the play..

  • gene mann

    Well i will be shocked if they loos a draft pick especially on who made the report.

  • 20Stoney

    I agree with everything you said except for him losing his place on the field. He knew what he was doing.

  • Zachary Smith

    Anyone remember when Cowher made like he was gonna punch that guy? Simpler times


    Why don’t the Steelers have a place kicker who clears the end zone like 80-90% of the rest of the NFL ? If they did this would’ve never happened. Instead, each kickoff I watch wondering if it’s going out of bounds or going to be shallow, like the weak legged kick to Jones was. Of course we had the Oakland debacle, then the Keystone Kops impersonation in Baltimore with the FG attempt. Meanwhile it seems the Ravens kicking game has been, by and large, very good for years. Maybe a $100,000 fine will open Tomlins eyes to this fact.

  • ND_Steel

    What a witch hunt…first off, fine the officials for missing the call. Then fine Tomlin $50K or less as you can’t prove it was intentional and it is his first offense of any kind. Talk of losing a draft pick is ridiculous, but we from PA are used to rolling over and taking it up the a$$…

  • Elijah Stevenson

    And all Jacoby had to do was run to the right nobody in our special teams were there, he said he slowed down

  • Edward Hoover

    Wow, lose a draft pick? why don’t we take his wife out behind the house and beat the snot out of her, then stip his kids clothes off and sell them in Pakistan, then we can neuter him!

  • Nolrog

    The league cannot legislate intent (I assume that to mean his intent is irrelevant to the application of punishment), so it’s possible they consider every case as 100% intentional and deal out the fines accordingly. I totally agree that he should be fined. I guessed 50K, but it sounds like it will be more than that. Maybe even fine the team, but if they take a draft pick, that would really be unduely harsh.

  • Nolrog

    They suspended Harrison for repeated “illegal” hits over a period of time, not just for one hit.

  • mokhkw

    …and Mike Florio is his “source”

  • sean mcmartin

    Tomlin fine is a good punishment. too bad he can’t be fined for continually making poor coaching decisions.

  • Douglas Andrews

    He still knew what he what he was doing even if he didn’t smile right after the play and it really happened during a commercial IMO. That smile was him knowing he just got away with one. He’s lucky the officials didn’t just give the Ravens a TD on that play. Tomlin’s a good coach that was just bad judgement. It happened to Cowher too.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    But that’s Goodells punishment for hitting Tom Brady with a legal hit.

  • rizzo29

    what the hell you friggin talking about it never happen to Cowher he never was on the field

  • Douglas Andrews

    Cowher wanted to make a tackle against a Jacksonville player after they blocked the Steelers FG. He even said it but he resisted making a stupid decision. Mike T didn’t…thats what the Hell i’m friggin talking about ease up on the language it’s just a blog my friend!

  • rizzo29

    wanting to make a tackle and staying on the sidelines and actually being on the field like Tomlin are two different situations,so don,t say Cowher did it too

  • Douglas Andrews

    If J Jones tried to run over Tomlin he would have just ran out of bounds and looked silly doing it. Coach is wrong and deserves a fine. He even admitted he was wrong standing too close to the field of play.

  • T R

    he was on the white stripe way before the kick return.. i guess he new his Special teams was gone let jacoby run it all way back too.. so he he that good coach he would told everyone to line up down that strip.. He really thought his special team was gone tackle the returner way before he got down to him.

  • T R

    yes he was cowher pretended he was gone tackle someone..

  • T R

    cowher move was actually worst then what tomlin did. go look at it.

  • rizzo29

    what part don,t you get, yeah I watched that game against jax, Cowher never was on the field he wanted to take a swing at him but never was on the field

  • Douglas Andrews

    Whether Tomlin was on the field or not C Allen was gonna make the tackle anyway. What should have happened is Suisham kicking the ball out of the end zone or away from J Jones

  • Zachary Smith

    I have some vague memory of Baye’s Theorem. If evidence leaves any doubt, it’s likely the event that’s much more common.

    Guys lose focus all the time, but cheat very infrequently.I’d have to see where he was standing at the beginning of the play.

    Doesn’t matter anyway. The highlight looks bad and the NFL bases punishments on public opinion. This could cost a bundle.

  • rizzo29

    I agree with a lot of your post,but your wrong here,I saw that game against jax, and Cowher wanting to swing at that guy but stayed on the sidelines and Tomlin actually being on the field are totally different

  • T R

    no rizzo Cowhers whole foot was in the field of play and was very close to the player when he made the swinging move. u sure u watched it..
    go look at the pic dave posted on sulia of cowhers foot in the field of play.

  • Curtis

    Which is worse Belicheat or Tomlin. Tomlin’s could of been an accident but Belicheat had intentions and he cashed in on those intentions when he won all the superbowls and if wasn’t for Mangenie he would still be cheating. My question which is worse because it looks as if were going receive the same punishment.

  • Donald Garey

    Take Tomlin, line him up against a goal post, with a blindfold, give him a last cigarette. Ready, Aim… are you friggin” kidding me?
    C’mon, man. It was nothing.

  • Curtis

    but that hit he put on Quinn was legit as he was trying to run for first down and when he seen D-Bo coming at him he tried to pull up and throw the ball instead of sliding.

  • Gerardo Herrero Morales

    Tomlin OUT, out of our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers!

  • pittsburghjoe

    As punishment, I think the NFL should make him attend a Miley Cyrus concert.

  • Steeler Goetz

    In 2001 the Steelers were fined $150,000.00 and lost their 3rd round draft pick because Will Wolford’s contract didn’t include a $400,000.00 bonus that he and the team agreed to. Whoever typed up the contract simply forgot to include the bonus. No one was trying to hide anything and the Steelers didn’t go over the cap because of the bonus. No harm still resulted in a substantial penalty, however. The Steelers organization puts itself out there as being a model for how a franchise should be run. When you do that, you’re going to get hit harder … a lot harder … when you do something wrong. I’ll bet the Steelers and Tomlin both lose $100,000.00 and with the 3rd round pick having already been traded to Cleveland in order to grab Shamarko Thomas, look for the Steelers to be lose their 2rd round pick.

  • Dan

    His intent is debatable, but draft pick punishments should be reserved for organizational misconduct, not individual misconduct. Was there some collusion between members of the front office and Tomlin to interfere with a special teams play? BS

  • Whcr Communicators

    IF THEY TAKE A DRAFT PICK, i WONT BE WATCHING TOTALITARIAN NFL ANYUMORE LOL..SERIOUSLY i WOULD TURN IT OFF CAUSE ITS BS.IN fact lets see how they handle officials who botvhed washington vs NY game on Sunday night

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Just the last steaming cherry on top of an embarrassing loss. It’s bad enough the Steelers lost a game that the Ravens had no business winning (Baltimore couldn’t run the ball, could hardly pass, and their defense couldn’t stop the Steelers from doing either), but now Tomlin makes the loss live on in infamy due to his little stunt.

    The Steelers should be 6-6 right now, and waiting for the league to decide whether or not to fine the Ravens for the helmet hit on Le’Veon Bell. Instead, they’re a punchline, and making their bitter rivals appear to have class. Ugh.

  • Eric Crook

    a 2nd round pick is a tad high…if they do take a pick I bet it would be a 5th or 6th rounder

  • MailboxKid

    The steelers have been a model of professionalism through it’s history. It attains the most positive qualities us Americans(especially nfl fans) could ask for: loyalty, accountability(if I haven’t heard it enough), team work, winning. Besides the roethlisberger raping things, which are never fun, there is no reason for them to be even overly aggressive in their penalty. I’d put money on no draft pick.

  • Nolrog

    A lot of the hits he was fined for were legit. That’s why I put illegal in quotes. Steelers got penalized and/or fined many times for helmet to helmet hits where the helmets never came in contact.

  • joed32

    Or even a 7th. A 2 and a 3 is just crazy.

  • joed32

    I think he’d rather lose the pick.

  • Nadene Sanders


  • Bad Contract

    I’m a Dolphins fan and will be coming to Heinz Field this week. I’m looking forward to a good game. Hopefully both teams can show up!
    As far as Tomlin, his smirks alone should garner a big fine! Possible suspension, but not a draft pick. Did the Jets get docked a draft pick when that scum shimmied the player on the sideline?

  • zmdbbza

    Ok here comes the BS with the NFL and the blatant bias to certain players which seem to play down the color line. Did Tomlin mess up? Yes! Should he be fined? Yes! But No more of a heavy fine then the head coach for New England for the spy gate scandal. Yesterday an Eagle got ejected for doing the incomplete pass sign with his hand and accidentally touches a Ref . However it is OK for the poster boy of the NFL, Brady to curse out and official on National TV not once, but in consecutive weekends and nothing happens. It is utter BS. The NFL is making examples of some and not of others and it seems to be on the color line. If you want to dish out punishment do it fair and impartial, Mr. Goodell!!!

  • Steeler Wheeler

    The punishment should fit the crime. Tomlin should be tethered on a short leash near mid field.

  • Ahmad

    Considering it’s the NFL and Goodell, I wouldn’t be shocked, but extremely pissed off.

  • smedrano0206

    Maybe he wasn’t smiling like he did it on purpose afterwards, he could’ve gotten away with it….and why would he have his back turned to the play? Looked like he did it on purpose

  • Whcr Communicators

    Bill Belichick on Mike Tomlin: ‘That could easily happen to any of us’

  • Whcr Communicators

    Clifford you are a voice of reason in a sea of idiocy

  • jsa

    I’m a die hard ravens fan I live in bmore and I can not stand tomlin I don’t think he is headcoach material . But I think if the nfl takes away draft picks or fines the team its completely out of line . I don’t know whether he did it on purpose or not ,even if he did don’t prosecute the entire team fine him 1st offense and take further action on any other offences. But move on we are all human we all make mistakes and sometimes poor choices .and yes I am a ravens fan I can’t believe I’m defending anyone in Pittsburgh but I love the competition and I wish you all would get a better coach he has done nothing for your team .early on he looked ok to some people but he was just shadowing coach cowher team.maybe john or Jim have another brother or something I know they have a sister, she’ll probably due .

  • Bernice Graham

    This Tomlin thing didn’t cause anything as bad as what happened to Bell at the goal line. Am I out of line for thinking that the Raven who hit Bell helmet to helmet causing Bell to lose his helmet, should have been penalized and fined?

  • blackandgoldBullion

    That’s why I brought it up. I don;t like to complain about stuff like the last game. Holding not called on that Jacoby return. The helmet call. You know. The Steelers actually got most of the calls in the game and rightfully so, as the Ravens were doing tons of that, “After the play crap”.

    Anyway, the big picture is what concerns me. The league made the Steelers poster boys and examples back then with the suspensions and fines. I have seen tons of others get away with it. Meanwhile the
    Steelers are not allowed to play like the Steelers of old.

    Look at the Seahawks. An excellent defense, no doubt. But look at what their DB’s get away with, holding and interfering all the way down the field. Talib gets away with that also. Why? So that’s what I get pissed about. Let the Steelers lay the hits like they used to do, without being flagged. After all, this is not flag football.