Report: Steelers LB Terence Garvin Fined $25,000 For Hit On Bengals P Kevin Huber

According to WLWT in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin has been fined $25,000 by the NFL for Sunday’s hit on Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber.

The first quarter hit on Huber happened on the punt return by Antonio Brown for a touchdown but was not flagged.

On Tuesday, NFL head of officials Dean Blandino said on NFL Total Access that Garvin should have been penalized on the play for hitting a defenseless player in the head and neck area.

The NFL rulebook also states that punters are considered to be defenseless plays throughout the course of a play.

This is of course the first fine that Garvin has incurred during his career and it is not known at this time if he will appeal it with hopes of getting the amount reduced.

Garvin, a rookie undrafted free agent out of West Virginia, makes roughly $23,823.00 a week based on his base salary.

  • srdan

    way too high of a fine. The kid makes 400k/ year, he only gets half of that after paying uncle sam. They took 12% of his salary. I couldn’t afford that.

  • Derek Duncan

    awful fine. How can a punter be ruled defenseless if he is going for a tackle?!?

  • Bill Gorry

    Ridiculous! The guy would have tried to lay out AB if he wasn’t blocked! We should have Troy punt for us! kidding!

  • Dan

    It was a brutal hit, but for a first time offender making minimum salary, that is too high. That’s the better part of two net game checks for him.

  • srdan

    youre talking about the rule. Not the fine. He should be fined because he broke a rule.

  • Derek Duncan

    i don’t think he broke the rule either. if the guy’s jaw didn’t break, no one would care.

  • srdan

    It’s black and white, there is no gray for misinterpretaition or basing it on outcomes of the play. He broke a rule, and now pay.

    The fine is wwwwwwaaaaay too high.

  • SG

    What a load of BS. Thank god the Steelers aren’t on with the Sunday Night crew anymore this season. Both times have resulted in the league trying to prove some kind of point nobody cares about by hitting the Steelers with stiff fines. Keep it up NFL, at some point the fans will speak up by not showing up and tuning out.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I think there is an adjustment made to the amount of the fine since he doesn’t earn that much and because he hasn’t been collecting a check all year. That doesn’t change the fact that it is a hefty fine for a play that was a good football play, albeit illegal.

  • Lamarr56

    If basically what the rule says is that you can’t hit a punter, why not have them run off the field after they kick it. What did they expect Garvin to do when he say Huber coming, let him by, get chewed out, and possibly cut. He laid him out hard, but what is he supposed to do in that situation.

  • Jason

    100% chance it will be reduced., a lot.

  • WilliamSekinger

    I think some of you are actually doing this on purpose…The rule designating punters as defenseless merely states you can’t hit them in the head or neck. They can be blocked/tackled just like any other player, just not in the head/neck…

  • Superdriller316

    Chalk this up to the 4500 or so players who filed suit against the league. If you are deemed defenseless all the time you have NO business on the field. Yes, that goes for QB’s too.

  • george

    Don’t forget the 10% his agent gets and states taxes too!

  • Madi

    The real issue here is, when will Cody Wallace be fined for that snap infraction he committed with 11 minutes to go in the 4th?

  • srdan

    Thank you!

    Just like any other player except a ball carrier. You hit anyone in the head and Goddel will get you.

  • srdan

    This is like when computers came along. There was huge inertia toget a certain generation to use it. NFL is changing, no matter how many excuses or pleas we make. I acutally agree with you but am embracing the change.

    The punter is no different than a receiver, RB, LB or anyone. If contact is made with the head, unless its a ball carrier, The league will get that player with a fine.

  • Superdriller316

    The problem is that there isn’t any consistency with the league. Bell got hit outside of the tackle box by two Ravens in the head and not just knocked his helmet off, but also broke it. No flag or fine and no TD. The rules are very clear, once the football goes outside the tackle box, the tackle box no longer exists.

    Jon Bostic’s fine on that WR was fine too. Bostic clearly lead with his helmet. Garvin was looking right at him. To break down and hit someone in the chest square. The top of your head is going to be at the other guys chin. The thing that really sucks about this is. If that was a CB, LB or anyone other than a Punter, that would be a legal block. The way the rule is written, any contact at all in the head will be fined. Guys are just going to go low on them.

    Tomlin gets 100K fine for interfering. I’m fine with that. The next week, Fins ST coach gets ran into by a ref. no flag, we should have gotten the ball in field goal range. That coach gets a 10K fine. That’s 90K difference and a possible win instead of a loss. If everyone gets the same punishment I’m fine with that.


    The new rules are what they are…having met several older NFL players, even played some golf with a few…I get it.

    It’s a game of inches…a couple inches lower and that hit is squarely in the chest.

    I just hope a collection plate was passed around to help the young guy out and Woodley puts in a nice chunk!