Steelers C Cody Wallace Fined $17,875 For Two Incidents In Game Against Dolphins

As expected, Pittsburgh Steelers center Cody Wallace has been fined for two incidents that took place last Sunday in the loss to the Miami Dolphins.

According to Ian Rapoport of, Wallace was fined $7,875 for unnecessary roughness for grabbing Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks in the groin at the bottom of the pile following the second quarter fumble by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

In addition to that fine, Wallace was also fined $10,000 for unnecessary roughness when he speared Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi late in the fourth quarter.

Wallace’s game check Sunday was roughly $37,000 based on his $630,000 salary.

  • steeltown

    $7,875 for groin grabbing…. interesting

  • Dan

    Would’ve been $10K if he’d have twisted it

  • JT

    At least he hit somebody. Line him up on defense.

  • Chad H

    Interested in how he plays the rest of the season. We could use a little nasty on the O line.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    Targeting to many Steelers this season

  • Elijah Stevenson

    I would say it’s ridiculous but when yu out grab someone in the groin I can kinda understand.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    LOL! I like it. Maybe he could play D, along with Embernate and Arnfelt. I long for the days the Steelers used to scare people. I think the league does not want to Steelers to be mean any longer. That’s too bad that they are so selective, as I see others get away with an awful lot of dirty tricks while the play’s going on.

    Still funny.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    He would have paid a lot less for that kind of action on Liberty Ave.

  • Steve

    The Hemoroid exams are costly! I think this makes him an Honery Captin!

  • 2443scott

    i can understand the fines he was caught doing it on tape …but i wonder if you watch every game and every player as close would they fine others for those types of things i bet you can see alot that if you did …and players have said it ..its good he didnt kiss him or he get suspended like 4 year olds do in school do

  • WilliamSekinger

    Way off topic, but the Steelers passing game has been quietly climbing the charts this season. Rated #7 through 13 games and could easily be a top 5 unit by the end of the season. If the running game can improve and if Lebeau can improve the defense next year (No doubt in my mind he can, they have been awful this year) The Steelers look to be a strong team next year.

  • Doni609

    Hilarious; the ‘not for long’ league strikes again.

  • Bob Graff

    Coaches interfering with the field of play , ramming RB’s at the back of your line repeatedly then wondering why they are injured, trying a zone blocking scheme that requires good footwork and that’s your biggest weakness, playing your safeties as LB’s then wondering where the CB help is? now some classless rookie grabbing balls and hitting people from behind after the whistle. I didn’t think it when the season began but usually the team takes on the character of it’s coach and this team doesn’t look so good.

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    ….and every season.