Steelers Keep Faint Playoff Hopes Alive Thanks To Win Over Bengals

Thanks to their Sunday night win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Pittsburgh Steelers managed to keep their faint playoff hopes alive for at least another week. With that being said, they need several things to go their way over the course of the final two weeks of the season and that includes them winning their final two games.

For starters, the Baltimore Ravens must lose two of their three final games. They play Monday night against the Detroit Lions and then close out the season against the New England Patriots and the Bengals. Any combination of two or more loses should do the trick as far as they’re concerned.

The San Diego Chargers must also lose at least one of their final two games against either the Oakland Raiders or the Kansas City Chiefs.

As far as the Miami Dolphins go, the Steelers need for them to not only lose both of their remaining games against the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets, they also need the Jets to finish with an 8-8 record in order to eliminate Miami via the tie breaking system. That means the Jets have to also beat the Cleveland Browns next week.

Should the Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, Chargers and Ravens all finish tied at 8-8, the Steelers would get the final Wild Card spot in the AFC.

Basically, it will take a minor miracle, but at least you now know the scenerios.

  • frednash

    Let’s start praying!

  • Elijah Stevenson

    Man they say that ain m Aaron Rodgers may be activated next week to play us, all these weeks and they decide to play to face us of all people.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    Yeah let’s pray that DET beats BAL tonight. remember that Baltimore needed us and the patriots to loose sui that puts right back in the hunt and out of the wild card.

  • CrazyTerry

    For me the biggest shocker was the way Miami leapfrogged Steelers in the WC race. Just a half month ago, Dolphins were down and out and their OL was a mess because of injuries, retreads, and controversies. 3 games later, 2 of their wins, have come against Steelers and NE in games I thought they would lose. Steelers lose a gutwrencher in Balt, but that was not a big surprise since Steelers were trailing all game, but then they blow the Miami game which may be the biggest reason they miss the playoffs.

  • CrazyTerry

    So are thre any other scenarios involving subsets of the teams at the end that must be tied at 8-8. What if SD, Jets, Miami and Steelres finish at 8-8 and Ravens lose all 3 games?

  • srdan

    playoffs or not, i loved watching that team teh first half. If we play like that i don’t mind losing. But if we played with that much emotion we wouldn’t lose much. The second half was the usual defense we play when we get ahead.

    This team lacked emotion last year, and some parts of thi syear. I really think that they have brought some of that in with this draft class. I love 98, he gets fired up. I know I am looking through my black and gold glasses, but Bell has all the tools to be one of, if not the best RB in the league.

    The only thing I wanted to see last night that I didnt get to was harrison get a sack vs BB. I really would have liked to see that.

  • Ahmad

    As old Han Solo said never tell me the odds. We either make it or we don’t.

  • T R

    if this scenario happens, the steelers make playoffs, Jets eliminate Miami in this scenario only… Steelers eliminate jets in head to head and eliminate SD in best AFC conference record… Ravens eliminate themselves if they lose all 3.. but if Ravens only lose 2 and finish 8-8 we most likely would lose a draft pick for sure. LOL

  • T R

    They way win been losing to bum QBs i am more afraid of Matt Flynn then Rodgers.. I rather play rodgers then Flynn…


    Seems we played far more base defense last night than we have been. Troy got to play true Safety and we saw the emergence of Al Woods, with pretty solid play by Garvin/Williams. Could it be that even though John Mitchell highly touted McLendon at NT that LeBeau thought otherwise? Instead of Larry Foote’s injury being the reason for so much use of the sub-packages, maybe it was LeBeau not trusting McLendon at NT? Can’t wait to see Heyward and McLendon at DE with Woods or Nix at NT, although Ziggy had a pretty decent game last night. (For a 3rd round pick)

  • CrazyTerry

    only if the point differential comes into play on those 4 less pints.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    And a partridge in a pear tree…

  • Soliciting Steelers

    In all seriousness, I think this scenario depends on the Bills; I see everyone else having a decent shot at losing based upon schedule and circumstance; But Bills beating Dolphins is a stretch, however, it is at BUF…

  • Chad H

    For me it doesn’t matter at this point. We started 0-4 which took us out of the playoffs. This team has really turned it around on the offense. The D still needs some help but there is some upside with certain players. I really think we have a lot to build on for next season. Get a few key players in the draft, reduce Woodleys disability check and some how keep Worilds.

  • Chad H

    Also we should all give an apology to Todd Haley he has this offense going in less than 2 seasons. We all called to remove his head. So Mr. Haley I’m sorry please stay.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Baltimore losing two of their final three to: @ Detroit, vs New England, @ Cinncinnati. (I give that a 70% chance. They will lose in Cinci. I think they lose one of those other two.)

    San Diego losing one of their final two: vs Oakland, vs Kansas City. (I give that a 70% also. They lost bad to the Raiders earlier this year and should’ve lost to the Chiefs.)

    Jets winning final two games. vs Cleveland, @ Miami. (I give that a 40%. I think they beat Cleveland at home. Miami on the road will be tough.)

    Miami losing final two games: @ Buffalo, vs New York Jets. (I give that a 20% chance. This is the most difficult scenario I’m my eyes. The Dolphins are playing well. They control their own playoff destiny for the first time in years. And they are playing two very beatable teams. I just don’t think they lose both.)

  • srdan

    and the steelers chances to win the last two? I say 50%.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Too many things have to align for the Steelers to make the playoffs. It would have to be the miracle of miracles for it to happen. At this point, I am just hoping they can win the last two games, go 8-8 and get a little respect back around the NFL.

  • Dan

    Based on the above and assuming any team has a 50% chance of winning each game (which isn’t far off in the final two weeks of the season), the Steelers have a 1 in 128 chance of making the playoffs. That’s pert near a 1% chance. But if the Raisins lose tonight it goes up to 1 in 64….half way there! 🙂

  • Dan

    Would love to keep Worilds but still concerned if he can stay healthy longterm…but of course that’s not exactly a strong point of the senior citizen crew on much of our defense either.
    As for Haley, I don’t think he’s a bad coordinator, but from the outside it seems that he’s an ass. So wouldn’t mind to see him go. Kinda neutral on him at the moment.

  • Dan

    Agreed MIA losing the last two seems to be the biggest stretch in the array of possibilities. We’ll likely end up with one of the lower draft picks of the non-playoff teams. Might be nice for Tomlin to claim 7 years as HC and no losing seasons. There are many teams and coaches that would love to see an 8-8 record.

  • Don

    So your saying there’s a chance….

  • Don

    Murphy’s law will probably keep the steelers in it till the last week..Only to see the Dolphins beat the jets..leaving everyone with the realization that if only AB could of stayed in bounds on the lateral play they would be in.

  • Genjin

    Which, if we throw in a %50 chance of Steelers winning out, leaves us with about a 1-2% chance of making it. Pretty slim odds…

  • robadcox

    As long as it isn’t too difficult…

  • Eric Crook

    Hey, it may be a slim chance, but almost this same scenario happened in 09 and we didnt get in due to 1 game in the final week, so who knows, it may go the opposite way this time! Lets hope so, thats the kinda Christmas miracle that I’d be looking for

  • Eric Crook

    if so, he better hope he is healed, one big hit from one of our guys could set him back a long time, but they do have a chance at the North now, so I would expect him to play…hopefully he is a bit rusty

  • Edward Hassick

    Ya beginning of the season they looked lost. That Titans game was just an offensive mess. Offense was terrible against Raiders as well. Plus these blunder on defense. I really looked to me like the Bengals tried the same play as Pryor ran for a touchdown during the first possession, should have thrown deep instead.

  • Edward Hassick

    I find it hard to believe they would get through the AFC in any case.

  • Steve

    Check this out Football fans especially the ones rooting for the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers or Oakland Raiders — are an unstable group HA! The Cryboys fans are the most stable because they could care less.

  • DrakePirate

    agree with the probabilities … it is really amazing we are still in it as bad as this season has gone … couple things differently and we could easily be 8-6 rather than 6-8 … what i dont want to see is to go 8-8 move back in the draft to like 18th-19th and still not make playoffs … that would be the worst outcome and thus the likely scenario LOL

  • bpeoples

    sounds like a fun parlay bet…