Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell Set Up His Blocks Well Against The Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back Le’Veon Bell registered the first 100-yard rushing performance of his young career Sunday in the win over the Green Bay Packers, so it’s only fair to highlight a few of his successful runs.

Numerous times this season, Bell has shown a great ability to press the offensive line and read his blocks, and on the Steelers first offensive play of the game he did just that.

Pre snap, the Steelers motioned both Matt Spaeth and Heath Miller from the right to the left side. At the snap, Bell presses the line just enough that it freezes Packers inside linebacker Brad Jones. At the same time, it allows Spaeth, Miller and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders to all control the edge. Bell is then left to only beat cornerback Sam Shields, who takes a poor angle initially. Bell gives him a quick fake inside before beating him to the sideline for an 11 yard gain.

The next play that we will look at is an even better example of Bell pressing the offensive line and setting up his own blocks. On 2nd and 8 from the Steelers own 29 yard-line late in the first quarter, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger checks to a run play out of the no-huddle due to the lack of defenders that the Packers have inside the box. What’s not seen in the gif below is Roethlisberger checking with Bell at the last second to make sure that he knows the call. Bell nods that he does. At the snap, Packers inside linebacker A.J. Hawk engages center Cody Wallace and you can see him flash his head into the wide open A gap. Upon seeing that, Bell continues to press and fakes to his left. Hawk flashes that way into the other A gap and commits just enough to it that Wallace is then able to turn him. Bell then has a huge lane thanks to great blocks on the right side of the line by David DeCastro, Marcus Gilbert and Spaeth.

On his first carry following his first fumble of the season, Bell again shows great patience and ability to read the Packers defense. On the play, the Steelers pull left guard Ramon Foster to the right side. Bell can take this run inside behind Foster or outside depending on how he reads his blocking and whether or not Hawk fills the hole. Hawk instead scrapes over the top, so Bell slams up in behind Foster, who makes a nice adjustment by helping Spaeth being as his own man has vacated the gap. Once he’s free in the second level, Bell shows Packers safety Morgan Burnett his version of the Lambeau Leap.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    He’s gunna be a star

  • steeltown

    Nifty nifty this kid has looked faster than his 4.6 time he clocked at the combine. He obviously does not have elite speed, but he sure is quick for his size.

  • sean mcmartin

    Hope Bell avoids the injury list and becomes a pro bowler for the Steelers.
    He is the best RB on the roster..

  • johnhoien

    Really good to have Speath back.. Great edge control allows the first one to be one on one (bell vs db) bell wins the majority of these in open field… & Speath caught a nice pass for td.. Love this “team” play … Never know who it’s going to be… Keeps defenses guessing!

  • mlc43

    I hear you. Everyone wants an Adrian Peterson but RBs like him don’t come around too often. I think Bell’s speed is more than fast enough. Granted, he will not be breaking any 99 yd td runs like AP can but he has more than enough wheels for the big play.
    The thing I like most about him is his shiftiness for such a big back…oh, and his ability to catch the ball.
    The only thing I think he needs to work on is he does have a tendency to hesitate in the backfield. I would like to see him hit the hole a little more decisively. I do attribute some of that to the OL not having any consistency, though.

  • dgh57

    Besides his skill sets I like that hurdle of the defender in the last gif as he had his defender grasping air! Will occasionally get a good stiff arm from him all that can possibly lead to extra yards. Hopefully we get even more improvement in our OL over the off-season as the sky would be his limit then.

  • mem359

    I was thinking the “Harrison Hurdle” (from 2005) instead of the Lambeau Leap.

    I do like that second GIF. I did not realize how Bell’s move helped Wallace take out Hawk.

  • DrakePirate

    yup, i think the same … not slow at all !

  • DrakePirate

    and a Big One … really like the Kid … predicting many pro bowls down the road if we can get any decent consistency with the OL

  • Jason White

    He makes his linemen better. His ability to get the defender to commit to a certain gap allows his linemen to get the leverage on the defender while he does the rest.

  • Don

    Yes, more than the size or speed, I really love his instincts, and this was a great example of it. I really enjoy seeing his confidence grow. And I agree with an earlier comment about how he makes the OL better. The way he sets up his blocks. The leap is a great one that stuck out in the highlights, of course, but the setup for Wallace was a thing of beauty.

  • MC

    I can’t believe that earlier this year people were doubting him because of his speed, well chris johnson wouldn’t be able to do much behind our o line throughout the year. Bell is perfect for a mediocre line because of his yards after contact. I’d take that over a one dimensional speed guy. The way our line blocks we need a guy who can make the first guy/s miss and thats what he does all the while showing great patience.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    On a side note, Wallace #72 is looking pretty good at run blocking (for a 3rd string back up C).