Steelers RT Marcus Gilbert Leaves Bengals Game With Ankle Injury

Pittsburgh Steelers right tackle Marcus Gilbert has left the game against the Cincinnati Bengals with a right ankle, but is listed as probable to return.

Guy Whimper took over for Gilbert and finished out the scoring drive as the Steelers now have a 14-0 lead with 2:16 left in the first quarter,

LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown have the touchdowns for the Steelers.

  • alevin16

    Where the F was this team all season???

  • Jacob Dixon

    That is the way I’m feeling right now

  • Brandon James

    We weren’t the same team in the beginning of the season. I can’t wait for next season though.

  • alevin16

    yeah it seems that when they are out of it all starts going right

  • alevin16

    so am i, at least our o-line has gotten a ton of experience

  • Eric

    Same team, but some luck and good plays on special teams only


    I said that to myself at least a dozen times. Replace Clark and Will Allen, add a big receiving target and ta-da!

  • Josh Knepshield

    Gilbert always seems to get hurt, miss the rest of the game, then come back the next week. Then repeat the process the next week.