Steelers TE Matt Spaeth Fined $7,875 For Hit On Packers LB Jamari Lattimore

According to Scott Brown of, Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Matt Spaeth has been fined $7,875 for an unnecessary roughness penalty that he was called for in the game last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

Following the interception by Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk at the end of the third quarter, Spaeth hit Packers linebacker Jamari Lattimore from behind at the end of the play. Spaeth was flagged 15 yards for unnecessary roughness as a result and you can see an animated gif of the hit below.

So far, that is the only fine to come out of that game. There were two roughing the passes penalties in the game and one was on Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward.

  • Lewis

    That is weak

  • HopalongCassidy

    Goodell must go. He is a joke.

  • Lewis

    How about the guy that came in even later and hit Leveon Bell in the back?

  • Dan

    I believe an underling determines and issues most of the fines (NFL VP of Football Ops, Ray Anderson, I think), but it is certainly done with Goodell’s guidance and blessings. I agree this has gotten way out of hand. Although I’d glad the lockout of 2011 ended without missing games I sure wish they’d have fixed this. And we have to blame the owners as well. Goodell is in his post at the pleasure of the owners. If they wanted to make a change they could.
    If Lambert was dead, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

  • Robert Alaniz

    This is nothing but robbery by the NFL on the players salaries. I want the NFL to be 100% transparent about where that money is going.

    The NFL is under fire whether its right or wrong from ex players etc. What better way to have to settle impending losses but with current players money rather than the league itself? Under the guise of player safety of course.

    If you look at the number of fines that are being dished out now and the rules that conveniently add to the amount of the fines? Split second decisions that need to be made when running at each other full speed and what small area you need to be in when you collide?

    The Punter is now defenseless no matter what he is doing on the field to include making a tackle on your return man? Think about that absolute ridiculous rule for a second. What would be the next rational thing to do if you’re going to keep that ridiculous rule in effect? Get the Punter off the field asap after the punt wouldn’t you say? Nobody would be tempted to or hit the Punter of Kicker if he sprinted off the field after a kick now would they? That wouldn’t generate income from fines if you can’t reach the Punter or Kicker now would it?

    I think you should enjoy what is left of our game as it is now run by incompetent, dishonest people who think you’re clueless as they stockpile cash while destroying our game.

  • Berlusconi

    Yes, why not a second ridiculous penalty? Probably they could find at least 2 penalties on every play so they would offset every time

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    But it is ok for one of Green Bay’s defensive linemen to hit Lev’on Bell in the back after the play and Bell just standing there. Very end of the GIF above.

  • MexSteeler

    Maybe the returner should also be considered defenseless when deciding to fields a kick?

  • Steve

    Was watching Pitt vrs BG last night, their was punching and brawling in that game.

  • westcoasteeler

    The product the NFL has changed to in the last few years, albeit for player safety(?), will inevitably destroy what was a solid part of American culture.
    Feels like NFL FO/Anderson is fining players at a staggering rate. Has this always been the case? Anyone? Bueller? How does Spaeth get fined $7875 for THAT? And who came up with $7875? Glad they left off the .63 cents.

  • ND_Steel

    Check out Sitton’s cheap shot between Heyward’s legs on an extra point in the second half. How much was he fined? Should show a GIF of this one Dave.

  • Elijah Stevenson

    It’s just football people