Steelers WR Antonio Brown Run At Franchise Receiving Records Continues

Thanks to his five catch, 66 yard performance Sunday night in the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, wide receiver Antonio Brown now needs 18 catches and 92 yards receiving in the final two regular season games in order to break the all-time receiving records belonging to Hines Ward (112 catches) and Yancey Thigpen (1,398 yards).

One would think that Thigpen’s record would be the easiest of the two for Brown to break at this point. Ward’s record, while still attainable, will take the Steelers perhaps making a concerted effort to get him the ball in the final two games. Remember, the Steelers are still mathematically alive right now as far as the playoffs go.

Brown, however, now has at least five catches for 50 yards receiving in every game this season and that is quite an accomplishment.

  • Matt Manzo

    What’s ABs ypc this year? It’s well over 10 right? I’m so stoked for him in his 1st year as our #1! Good story in a crappy season!

  • mem359

    According to Dave’s post, if he needs 18 catches and 92 yards to break the records, then AB currently has 95 for 1307 yards, so over 13 yards per catch.

  • dgh57

    Antonio Brown gets my vote for Offensive Player of the Year!

  • Lizard72

    He’s already the team’s MVP!

  • 13.8

  • steeltown


  • DrakePirate

    Great season for AB .. but his run at Hines catch record basically ended last week …. hes not getting it, but should easily pass the yardage mark. Great signing as he is one the new stars of the NFL …. now lets get a Big Athletic TE or WR to pair him with and Wheaton in the slot, that would be something … TE- Ebron, Amaro or WR – Benjamin

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    This kind of story is what makes me feel good about football. Here’s a kid who was born into a terrible environment…

    He goes to play in small school far from home. Enters the draft with very little buzz due to his small frame and lack of elite competition.

    The Steelers take a late round flyer on him (6th round) and what does he do with the opportunity? He comes into training camp in the best physical condition of ANY player there. That tells you how much work he puts in off the field and how badly he wants this. (Plus he punches Ike Taylor in the eye to show he’s not going to be intimidated.)

    He’s #3 on the depth chart but performs well when called upon, gaining Ben’s trust in big situations (Ravens game, Jets game, etc), and thus gaining more opportunities.

    When contract time comes, he gambles on himself. Signing a long term contract with virtually no guaranteed money (which is a crazy thing to do in football). While Wallace bolts for bigger money Brown says “I WANT to be a Steeler.”

    Finally he gets rewarded. The stars align just right. He gets an opportunity to be the Steelers #1 WR in an offense that uses quick passes (one of his strengths) and he produces well, showing good toughness for his size.

    I’m so happy for him. He represents what the Steelers are all about. If it wasn’t for that damn “first down ball drop thing” he does I’d say he’s our next Hines Ward.

    I love his post game response about how he’s got so many receptions this year. “I catch the ball when they throw it to me.”

  • cp72

    Love the idea of Mike Evans or Benjamin opposite Brown with Wheaton in the slot. Throw in Heath Miller and Leveon Bell and our offense would be a match up nightmare.

    I am officially on the Beachum bandwagon and think we can address our line later in the draft.

  • DrakePirate

    Beachum as a starter LT is growing on me … lets see how the next couple games plays out, even if not a starter love him as a utility player … still want a OG instead of Foster and if Beachum proves serviceable for LT we can afford to draft a top guard in RD2 … that would give us a strong middle of the OL … not sure about Mike Evans .. he has put up monstrous numbers, but seems like he gets no separation and just not sure about the guy … have seen very little of Benjamin but love the size and athletic ability

  • Steve

    Benjamin would be a GREAT pickup.

  • Steve

    You did a Great job suming it up for AB!