Expect Even Less Hitting In The 2014 Pro Bowl As Deion Sanders Says He’s Playing

On Monday, Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders announced on Twitter that he will be suiting up for the Pro Bowl this year and in doing so, one would assume that opposing team captain and Hall of Famer Jerry Rice will do the same.

So what does this mean? It means that the Pro Bowl will likely be void of any hard hitting and tackling once again, and in my opinion, it is yet another step in the wrong direction in trying to save the annual NFL All-Star game from extinction.

I’m old enough to remember when the Pro Bowl game actually featured real football, but those days are long gone for sure. Starting this year, the players will divided up via a fantasy-style draft with Sanders and Rice both making the selections. In other words, this won’t be the AFC versus the NFC.

Last year, television ratings for the Pro Bowl dipped slightly from the previous year as the NFC won the game 62-35. Did I watch? Yes, but only because you never know what some player might say or do during the game or sideline interviews that might be deemed blog post worthy. Will I watch this year? Sadly, yes. Will the average fan watch? We’ll see what the ratings say.

I somewhat understand why the hitting, tackling and blocking has gone by the wayside over the years as players don’t want risk suffering a serious injury. However, what’s taking place now in Hawaii is beyond laughable and adding Sanders and Rice to the action doesn’t help.

So what are your thoughts on this? Will you watch? Should they just do away with the Pro Bowl for good? If so, is there an alternative?

  • HopalongCassidy

    The Pro Bowl is a joke and not even worth watching anymore.

  • pittsburghjoe

    This is a joke right? Please dont tell me they are allowing retired players to play in the pro bowl.

  • Aric Brown

    Bring back the QB challenge… and lets find skill challenges for the other positions… I wanna watch 50yd dashes between corners and receivers and .. some kind of toned down worlds strongest man contests for lineman(offensive and defensive) and a speed/strength obstacle course or triatholon style thing for the Backs and Lbers

  • SteelersDepot

    Hey, I LOVED the Superstars and would certainly tune in for THAT.

  • Steve

    Agreed with that. The Superstars were exciting to watch, especially to see who would win the obsticle course and the 100 yard dash.

  • Iron Cadet

    I remember watching Casey Hampton win the bench press in the pro bowl. Watching Ben try and see how far he could throw, and hit moving targets, the receivers trying to catch ball after ball in a small zone. Those were worth watching

  • Jeff Anoble

    I enjoy it with the NHL the way they do it. At least it adds a little variety to the Game. Who knows who will pick who. Who will be the first pick who will be the last pick. The draft may wind up being more interesting than the game itself. I wouldn’t mind seeing a battle of the Network Stars type of event between players maybe instead of an actual game. Many events then flag football and the big tug of War to end it. The real crime of the game is that its not after the Superbowl anymore where all the top players play. Now we get a watered down Pro Bowl roster. Guys that are not Pro Bowlers in the true sense playing. That’s why the Pro Bowl really stinks in its current form.

  • cp72

    I remember Peezy was leading the 225 press one year with 35 reps. Larry Allen laid down and ripped off 45 reps…..Joey had a priceless look on his face. It was impressive.

  • Bradys_Dad

    The only problem is that Ben wouldn’t hit anything unless a couple of 250 – 300lb. monsters were chasing him down or hanging off his back. The guy is scary dangerous when on the move.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    They should do away with the game. Players don’t want to play and if they do, they don’t want any contact. Just name the Pro-bowl players as an award like the college All-American teams and end it at that.

  • steeltown


  • cencalsteeler

    The NFL should follow the MLB and make the game worth something. As an example, let’s say the AFC wins the pro bowl. The following Super Bowl is then hosted by an AFC team and instead of a coin toss, the AFC team would select who gets the ball first.
    The way it’s going now, it reminds me of those celebrity half time flag football games. Who’s suiting up next year, Cory Feldman and Cindy Lauper? C’mon Goodell!

  • T R

    i watch out the corner of one of my eyes while cooking or cleaning.. i dont watch it like a real game.. flipping channels to some college bball game or to watch rerun of family guy.. Yea its a real joke of a game but hey i like to laugh so i do watch it slightly..

  • Chad Richey

    Do they still have skills challenges?

  • Chad Richey

    If so, when?

  • Brendon Glad

    At least somebody would be playing hard finally. That would be the first time in about 15 years I’ve watched that game if it really happens. Can’t stand it normally. Can’t even stand the highlights.