Dolphins Will Likely Want To Interview Omar Khan For General Manager Job

The Miami Dolphins announced on Tuesday that they have mutually parted ways with general manager Jeff Ireland and already the speculation has started that Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Football and Business Administration, Omar Khan, could be a candidate to replace him.

Khan, who first broke into the NFL as a player personnel/scouting assistant with the New Orleans Saints in 1998, has been on the short list of potential NFL general managers for some time now.

Last January, Khan interviewed for the New York Jets general manager job that ultimately was given to John Idzik. Prior to that, the Tulane graduate had been linked to other general manager positions, including the Seattle Seahawks in 2010 and the St. Louis Rams in February 2012.

It’s only a matter of time before Khan finally lands a general manager position with another team and the Steelers have already made plans for when that time comes. Last March they hired former Rams director of football operations Samir Suleiman and named him their football administrator coordinator position. Should Khan move on, Suleiman would likely take over his position.

  • RW

    Interesting. Any thoughts on how that might effect how our cap/player personnel situation is handled in the future?

  • Intropy

    Khan has done a great job with his horde of contracts but I’ve heard magnificent things about Suleiman.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Yeah, Khan restructured his own contract and kicked 3 million dollars of his own pay down the road. Sarcasm intended! Ok, the guy did a good job of holding the core superbowl calibur team together while they were still considered contenders. He is good, by no means irreplaceable.

  • RW

    Hahaha – that’s pretty damned funny. Anyway, don’t confuse my question for an emotional attachment to Khan. I’m in full agreement with you – I was just wondering if anyone knew what Suleiman’s effect will be on retaining players. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Khan, who seemed to love the restructures that are now holding us back from retaining our home-grown talent…

  • GoSteelerz

    KKHHHAAAAAANNN!!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself… LOL

  • David Edward

    Quite frankly it might be time for a fresh perspective anyway for the Steelers and certainly for the Phins. Personally, I think GM would be a dream job. Shoot, there’s probably a few of us most knowledgeable fans with the right backgrounds that could intern with an NFL front office and eventually become GM material. If I could go back some 20+ years, I think that’s a path I would have pursued.

  • JT

    Omar Khan being replaced by Samir Suleiman. Does our FO get bonus cap space for unconventional names?

  • joed32

    I think that Kahn did what he could to retain players that he was instructed to do by the GM. I don’t think he made actual personnel decisions.

  • Luke Shabro

    If you look at what Omar has done outside of the Woodley and Colon contracts I think it is pretty excellent. And we are never in quite the cap hell everyone describes as the Cowboys and Lions will be this year. Who is to say how much of that is Omar and how much is Colbert.

  • steeltown

    Yeaa.. it’s going to happen eventually

  • Callentown

    I’m curious. We recently heard that the Steelers are the only team with FIVE players who’s salaries make up over a certain percentage (sorry, don’t have that article in front of me to recall the %) of their salary.

    There were two other teams who had THREE players. All other teams had less.

    I also hear Dave make comments from time to time talking about how we are behind the curve when compared to what other teams are doing.

    Help me understand what he has done that is excellent. Seriously asking. Thanks.

  • Callentown

    Like the new perspective point you make.

  • CrazyTerry

    Let him go. I don’t see what he does as anything that can’t be replaced. He should have advised against all those restructurings Colbert was doing.

  • Mike Carroll

    This may not be the article you are referring to, but Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review wrote an article about a week ago pointing out that Steelers have 5 players with cap charges exceeding $10M next year. Two teams have 4 players, while no other team has more than 3 players at that level. The Steelers players are Ben, Woodley, Troy, Ike, Timmons.

    A real surprsing part of that same article is that Kovacevic writes that it’s become increasingly clear that Tomlin actually has the ultimate call in salary cap spending (over Colbert), and that Tomlin answers only to Rooney. I’ve always believed Tomlin has significant input on personnel decisions, but it’s news to me that he has significant input on salary cap decisions. I’d be very curious to know if that is a fairly recent development as Kovacevic seems to imply.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I don’t think Khan hits their radar. The Dolphins are looking for someone to run their entire football operations, not just a GM. I could see Khan being a candidate in Tampa, though.

  • srdan

    I would expect that he was given little to none of that responsibility in his first few seasons. He is growing into that role as we should expect with a young coach. This also worries me because Woodley is one of his guys.

  • Callentown

    Thanks Mike. That is the reference I was talking about 🙂 although pretty sure I saw it on TV.

  • Mike Carroll

    I suppose you are probably right. Personnel decisions are completely tied to salary cap spending, so it makes sense Tomlin has growing responsibility in that area as well. But if that’s all true, it’s a scary thought to think Tomlin has been a big contributor to recent spending decisions and that his power is still growing.

  • srdan

    It’s not an apples to apples comparison. The salary cap is shrinking while we are dealing with a growing salary of a franchise QB. The good news is that every team is dealing with the same issue if they have a franchise QB worth a darn. That is the new NFL.

    Nobody questioned Woodley’s initial contract, just like we are all screaming for 93 to get a deal. Troy is a perennial probowler, Timmons leads your team in tackles and doesn’t miss games, Ike is a corner.
    That rounds out the top five paid on the team. You could question the Ike salary and not keeping Keenan, but my opinion is that keenan wanted to leave and without Ike (modest salaray for a number one corner) we had a lot of uncertainty coming into this year.

    The superbowl Cowher won was with Bens rookie contract. Keep that in mind.

  • Mike Carroll

    It sounds like you and I just disagree on this topic. I’m hoping for a dramatic overhaul in defensive spending this offseason. Not sure it will happen, but there’s a nice opportunity to get the team back on track with a much more balanced salary cap roster, even with a franchise QB included.


    The Steelers make these back loaded contracts which are never intended for these players to see the final years. Yet, these players are raking in the dough. Getting their guaranteed money and still finishing out their contracts! Ben is the only player to see 70 million dollars from a 100 million contract. That is what they are doing wrong. Players are getting too much money out of their contracts beyond whats guaranteed.

    I seriously hope they don’t start the restructuring crap this year.


    So you think Bill B would keep Ike Taylor for 7 million last year? He would of cut him and sign a FA with a lower cap hit. The Steelers are too loyal.

  • srdan

    Why do you hold Billy B as the gold standard? That team yearly has no talent(outside of QB). I am tired of hte NE based media forming opinions for people.

    Since Tomlin became our coach the steelers have had a better defense at least statistically (noooooobody would argue it either) Both teams have been to the superbowl twice, the steelers winning one. Without looking it up I would say that the two regular season records are similar and the patriots probably have an edge in division titles. But then again, the second team in the AFC East can’t hold Baltimore’s jock strap.

    Since Billy B got caught cheating he hasn’t won the big one. When they were winning them it was on Bradys smaller contracts. His chainsaw approach to his players is catching up to him and i don’t like it. I prefer the scalpel to the salary cap.

    If you would have said Mike McCarthy I woudl have agreed since he has as much power as Belichek. But he recognizes talent even if it is an older player and pays them (woodson)


    The difference is the Patriots are relevant every year. The Steelers are not anymore. They have been 8-8 the last two seasons.

  • Callentown

    Thanks WIINGY. I do too, but have a feeling that’s what’s coming. I don’t see any other option.

    Then again, I’m not a financial guru, so who knows.