Key Spilt Stats Of The Top 10 Rated Wide Receivers In The 2014 NFL Draft

We have been busy compiling and archiving stats from the 2013 college football season and unfortunately I forgot to pass along a few of the results that we have. While stats certainly aren’t a good method for judging a player, they can give you a glimpse of the production that a certain player had in certain situations that can in turn cause you to look to see why there was or wasn’t production in one area of his game as opposed to another.

Below are the split receiving stats of what many expect to be the top 10 wide receivers in the draft this year and they are sorted by total receptions.

The key areas that will likely jump out at you are the reception percentages and red zone touchdowns for starters. For example, Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin has the lowest completion rate of the 10 players listed, so that alerts us to the possibility of it either being poor throws by the quarterback or drops. Luckily, we already know that it is most likely drop related with him after watching his tape.

On the flip side, Benjamin was targeted 12 times inside the red zone last season and all seven of his catches resulted in touchdowns. In addition, he has the third best yards per reception of the group, so that alerts us to watch on tape to see if most of those yards came after the catch or if were they mostly deep pass reception related.

Another thing to look at is the number of 20 plus yard receptions each player has. Using Benjamin as the example once again, 22 of his 54 receptions (40.7%) went for 20 yards or more.

It’s little things such as the examples above that will get you looking more on tape at different strengths and weaknesses that a player may or may not have. Stats can be used as a great tool if used correctly.

Davante AdamsFRES17513174.9%171813.17524662593324123021
Brandin CooksORST16812876.2%173013.55516713282922103323
Jordan MatthewsVAN15711271.3%147713.255755229141023419
Sammy WatkinsCLEM13110177.1%146414.596125419812722517
Allen RobinsonPSU1509764.7%143214.865665181015314327
Jarvis LandryLSU1047774.0%119315.54510612029533328
Mike EvansTA&M996969.7%139420.295124928811742012
Odell BeckhamLSU905965.6%115219.5638472549422315
Marqise LeeUSC915762.6%79113.9804331045312415
Kelvin BenjaminFSU875462.1%101118.75615412241277149


    This list just goes to show you how deep the wr class is this year. When guys like Moncreif/Coleman/Hoffman are not even there. Thats why the Steelers should be thinking wr between rds 3 (comp) & 5. Not sooner!

  • steeltown

    We seem to do well at this position in the 3rd Rd

  • David Edward

    Donte Moncrief is a guy I had my eye on as a possible fit for the Steelers (from Mike Wallace’s alma mater) 6’2 226 with good hands and deceptive speed. Unless he puts up poor numbers at the combine, though, he won’t be there for the late 3rd round comp pick (assuming they get one).

  • HopalongCassidy

    I want to see a big wide receiver in the 6’3″ to 6’5″ range with some speed and some bulk…one who can out-muscle the short d-backs with his size and strength. We don’t need some short skinny wide-out, we already have those.

  • Iron Cadet

    If we wait until then, who will our starters be? Brown Wheaton and moye? Unless we get cotchery but then he is still best suited as a 3

  • Jay Jaber

    I agree I really would like us to trade back or if Sammy or Evans fall draft one of them with 15

  • Jay Jaber

    Mike Evans fits the bill. Idk why steelers fans rather have Benjamin than Evans I see Benjamin as a bust

  • Jay Jaber

    I watched every Texas a&m game this guy is a absolute beast and he’s going to be a beast in the NFL too. People say he disappeared a lot in games. The reason for that I think was of Johnny manziels lack of arm strength. I guarantee you if he had a traditional QB throwing to him his numbers would have been a whole lot better. People say QBs make receivers look good. I say mike Evans made Johnny “football” look good

  • JohnB

    we seem to do well at drafting SHORT guys at this position in the 3rd Rd.

  • steeltown

    Presumably yes, A.Brown, Wheaton, Cotchery, early-mid draft pick and Moye/J.Brown and of course Miller and Bell are both good for 50catches a year

    If we go Offense in the 1st Rd, I certainly hope its one of the top TEs which are scarce after Rds 1-2 whereas WRs are plentiful

  • steeltown

    True but that’s not to say tall WRs arent available in the 2nd-3rd Rd. Even last year when there wasnt as many good WR prospects guys like Keenan Allen and Terrence Williams were still around in the 3rd Rd

  • dkoy85

    I have a hard time seeing what a lot of people see in Evans- especially the comparisons to Vincent Jackson. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good receiver with a height advantage but something seems off about his play. I think if you’re comparing Evans to Benjamin you have to look at body control and high pointing the ball and I think Benjamin is much better in both categories. Evans to me is a #2 receiver and that’s all, but Benjamin has to potential to be a #1 and a damn good one.

  • Jay Jaber

    I hate when people compare him to Vincent Jackson. I think he’s faster than Vincent has better hands and he has way better body control. Benjamin will be 24 by the time he gets his feet wet in the nfl he will be 25 and by the time he is fully developed he will be 26. I’m just saying he’s a very raw receiver. Evans is a sure thing with room to grow and he’s a lot younger and no way he’s a number two he’s for sure a number 1 so if we draft him we will have 2 number 1s and a number 2 in the slot(Wheaton) which I think will be another antonio brown

  • Iron Cadet

    i think we should trade back and get someone like jordan mathews unless evans or watkins is there

  • Would LOVE Adams in the 3rd. I watched him at Fresno State all year and he is the real deal.

  • Steve

    Are you saying Manziel lacks arm strength and is not that good of a QB? Am all for the Steelers drafting Benjamin. We need to pick up a couple WR this year.