Maryland Car Dealership Commercial Includes Fake Mike Tomlin Blocking Path Of Jacoby Jones

So you thought everyone was done making fun of the sideline punt return incident between Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones? Well, guess again.

Jones Junction Auto Group, a Maryland based car dealership, now has a new commercial out that features Jones having his path to a free manicure blocked by a man wearing a coaches’ headset while dressed in black and yellow. That coach is of course flagged and tackled by two other men dressed as referees.

Maybe in the next commercial, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco can serve Jones some fresh overrated turnovers.

Men really get manicures at car dealerships? Maybe that’s just a Maryland thing.

  • SumnerYoung

    Maybe Chris Kluwe can get married to Jacoby Jones. They seem perfect for each other.

  • costanza2k1

    Jones: Thomas, Thomas, Tomlinson, that dude…

  • JT

    Stay classy, Baltimore.

  • JohnB

    my pet rock has more personality…and its been under my house for years.

  • Curtis


  • RW

    It is a Maryland thing. These guys have a terrible sense of humor.

  • BurgherinMD

    These are people that have entire sections of sports stores dedicated to anti-Pittsburgh memorabilia. This commercial is no surprise. When it comes to Pittsburgh the people down here have a complete obsession. It was nice in 2008 and 2010 when they lost to the Steelers in the playoffs the flags, jerseys and everything else went back into hibernation.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I’ll give away a Steelers draft pick to the person who can translate what the @#$% Jacoby Jones says in this spot.

  • Anthony Hodge

    What in the world did he say???? Maybe they bring in a Cortez Allen look a like to tackle him from behind…..

  • copanut

    Easy… “Ah buddha mah ih mah coors, me ah?”.

  • r8erh8er

    I can assure you this is definitely not a Maryland thing! Just a ravens thing.

  • BurgherinMD

    And it is a wonder why the kids that go to Baltimore City Schools score so low in Language Arts with mush mouth Jacoby Jones as a mentor…

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    It is always sad to see these NFl players, college educated, talk in real life…. most of them cannot speak well at all and just come across as plain dumb.
    Oh well, who am I to judge? He will probably make more money in his next season than I will make in my entire life…..
    I think the idea for the commercial was actually funny… but cheaply done. They must have used their whole budget on Jones.

  • Matt Searls


  • Shannon Stephenson

    Wasnt funny.

  • Chiryder

    They need close-captioning. I didn’t hear a word he said.

  • Chiryder

    You’re paid to hit people or make catches not talk clearly.

    The only reason people learn to talk clearly in school is so they can get a job that involves them talking clearly. You don’t need that in the NFL to make money.

  • Chiryder

    it doesn’t matter as long as the check clears

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    I made no claim they had to talk clearly… I was just stating how disappointing it is to see these supposedly educated kids come out dumb as rocks.
    I was under no false assumption that talking clearly was part of their job description.

  • Chiryder

    “It is always sad to see these NFl players, college educated, talk in real life…. most of them cannot speak well at all”

    I guess I can’t read then. You said you’re disappointed that most of them cannot speak well.

    Most people who go to college specialize in one thing. Calling someone dumb just because they went to college and isn’t as smart as you is pretty ignorant. I could be a doctor and be the best at it. But, you’re going to criticize me because I don’t know History. I don’t need to. I need to do what I need to to be the best at my job not everyone else’s.

    “I was under no false assumption that talking clearly was part of their job description.”

    Yea, you did. You said that because they’re educated that they should be able to speak well, you’re making that requirement by saying that because they’re in the NFL. Well, being in the NFL is a job. I’m telling you it isn’t required of them to speak well.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    I do not think your problem comes from you not being able to read but from you being unable to comprehend and reason.
    You seem unable to follow the course of the discussion and stay on topic.
    Do you play in the NFL?
    My original point and statement was that it is disappointing that college educated nfl players still seem so stupid despite getting into college and getting a degree.
    You seemed to misunderstand that I was under the assumption that they would have to be smart (judging from the content in your first reply) instead of me just lamenting about it being a shame they have not made use of their time at higher education.

    To spell it out for you, my real point is that these guys did not really use their time in college to become smarter.
    I was in no way saying that it had any impact on their jobs in the NFL.
    You just made a false assumption and didn’t understand.
    You are taking points from my post that I did not raise and then making them the base of your argument.
    You are confusing my disappointment that they are still dumb after college education which seems evident by their inability to even have a decent scripted, intelligent conversation with me claiming that they have to have speaking skills to be qualified to play in the NFL.
    I never said they had to be able to speak well… I just said it was a shame.
    I hope my point is now clearer to you.

  • Chiryder

    What I’m confused about is you keep saying you’re disappointed that they don’t speak well. Then you say that they don’t have to because the NFL doesn’t require them to.

    Well if you enter college not speaking well, with the intention of going to the NFL, at what point are you expected to fix that? Most people take courses in college to fix that in college. In order for them to get a job. Well, the NFL doesn’t require that. So why would they?

    What do you think college magically fixes one’s speech patterns, without any attempt from that person, to fix it at all? Doesn’t work that way.

    I’m sorry if the guy doesn’t meet your standards. He’s not required to.

    P.S. You’re an idiot for judging a book by his cover. I know doctors who will clam up when asked to do major scripted speeches in front of people. Much less on camera.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    I can see explaining… even in a strict, mind numbing point by point fashion will not work with you. You are incapable of understanding simple things.
    You are an idiot and it is made even clearer by your “ps”:
    Judging his speech is not “judging a book by its cover”.
    If I were doing that it would be by his appearance not by how he spoke. Using your metaphor of him as the book one would reasonably have to think his words would be judging the book by its words and not its cover…
    Who knows, you may be right, I am sure Jones is just as smart as a doctor so I must be an idiot.
    Flawless logic- if we forget that the original point you were trying to make was that he didn’t have to be smart or speak well to be in the NFL.

  • Chiryder

    so you’re just going to ignore what I said.I address every point you made and you just blow right pass it.

    Btw, “judging a book by its cover” doesn’t only apply to appearance. It allies to judging a person by what is on the outside not what’s on the inside. Either way you’re not judging a person on his character only by what has been carefully edited and shown to you.

    As to your “Flawless logic”. You said “smart” I said “speak well” there’s a difference. I went into in great detail. Try reading.

  • Apexsimba

    “I kept hearing about his Jones for a lifetime, Right. After the big game and dancing with the stars I just knew you were talking about me. (Lady talks) I put the man in manicures. May I? (enter fake tomlin) Really? Take it from Jacoby. Jones for a lifetime makes everybody a winner.”