Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 Free Agents Analysis – T Guy Whimper – Unrestricted

By Matthew Marczi

Player: Guy Whimper

Position: Tackle

Experience: 8 Years

Free Agent Status: Unrestricted

2013 Salary Cap Hit: $555,000

2013 Season Breakdown: The initial signing of Guy Whimper by the Pittsburgh Steelers was met with righteous indignation by many, to the point that some even suggested that a team that includes Whimper could not possibly be a good one, or some variation thereof.

Well, the 2013 season didn’t end up being a very good one, despite the fact that the Steelers finished the second half of the year with a 6-2 record, so they were technically correct, but Whimper could hardly be blamed for the team’s deficiencies during the year. In fact, he proved to be a decent asset.

Whimper saw time in seven different games throughout the year for the Steelers, and he did so at a variety of positions. Despite being a tackle by trade, in fact, he made starts at both left and right guard in place of Ramon Foster and David DeCastro, respectively, which should be taken into account when discussing his value.

His best performance of the year by far was his first, when he was forced to step in for Marcus Gilbert at right tackle mid-game in the first bout with the Baltimore Ravens. While opposing some fierce pass rushers, he did give up a sack, but otherwise played well, particularly in the running game.

Nearly the entirety of the rest of his playing time came at either left or right guard, and it’s clear that while he can play guard, he is far more comfortable at tackle.

His run blocking in particular suffered while shifting inside, and he struggled mightily in this area against the stout defensive lines of the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions in consecutive weeks in the middle of the season with Foster out.

All in all, Whimper served as an adequate reserve offensive lineman for the Steelers and stepped up when called upon numerous times throughout the season. I think it’s safe to say that he exceeded many fans’ expectations, who were likely hoping that he wouldn’t even dress on game days.

Free Agency Outlook: As is the case with the vast majority of the Steelers’ free agents this year, there isn’t likely to be an active market for Whimper—certainly not as a starter. He is a capable athlete that can provide solid depth to an offensive line that already has its starting line intact, however.

The fact that the Steelers were able to stretch him out some and work him on the interior of the line a significant amount this year has added to his value to the team, and he should be able to continue to grow and become more adept at playing inside next year. I see no reason the Steelers wouldn’t want to bring Whimper back on another veteran-minimum one-year contract.

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  • steeltown

    Indeed. His versatility alone make him an asset. I like the thought of having some young guys like Wallace and Embernate for interior depth, but we cant discount what Whimper brings to the table. I guess it depends on how many OL they keep on the 53man and also pending any injuries in training camp or preseason, but I can surely see Whimper back in the mix. He did play admirably.

  • Robert Schultz

    I agree. “ABDULLAH” was very much serviceable and not near the Liability Mike Adams is. Bring him back!

    Unfortunately, Whimper has to suffer the same negative connotations as William Gay! That is there Surname’s make them sound “un-tough” or “un-masculine” There are a lot of “homophobes” out there that can’t even say the word “gay” without cringing!

    YES ! I believe there are more ignorant people out than people realize! Look at our Politicians as of late for proof!

  • srdan

    Mike likes to dress 7:
    Beach, Foster, Pouncey, Decastro, Gilbert (guys with the inside track at starting)
    Adams, Velasco/Wallace (assuming one will be back)
    Mike has learned that he needs 8 lol
    That spot is an open competition. I like what whimper brings to teh table. He should have the inside track at the 8th spot due to his position flexibility

    Great article BTW.

  • David Edward

    I’m saw things a bit differently and thought Whimper was less impressive than what the article (and some posters) mention. His play in preseason was downright poor, and I was surprised they actually kept him on the 53man. Also, there was a point early in the season where Tomlin said Whimper was unprepared to play when asked why he didn’t go in. However, knowing what I know now about Bicknell, I’ll give Whimper a bit of a pass on both of those. I do agree that he had a pretty solid game against Balt, which did surprise me. For the most part, I saw his ’13 season as Gilbert-esque…some good, some bad, a lot of mediocre.

    I’m not opposed to them bringing back the Butcher on a vet min. contract, but here’s my concern. From what I’ve seen, he isn’t LT capable (nor do they consider him LT capable) and his best spot is RT. They already have a collection of RTs in Gilbert, Adams, Beachum, and even Foster. Whimper is LG/RG capable, but so are the other FA OLs Wallace and Velasco…and they are Cs for which Whimper is not. Plus, promising youngster Embernate is a G. What they don’t have, though, is a fallback backup at LT. Beachum looks at least to be the LT for the moment, and yes Adams still can potentially recover to be an NFL LT, but wouldn’t it make sense to have a vet LT backup on the roster as insurance? For that reason I think it would be wise to investigate what’s available out there first. They can wait on Whimper, and if he were to sign elsewhere, he’s easily replaceable.

  • Sorry, but my issues with Whimper transcend his name to his play on the field, which started out abysmal. That said, I give credit where it is due and he surprised me late in the season when we saw a definite improvement in his play. At this point, I would be OK with them keeping him in the mix next year, with the caveat that I hope we find someone good enough to beat him out in camp.