Report: Kirby Wilson Didn’t Always Get Along With Todd Haley

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Kirby Wilson have now parted ways and according to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the long-time running backs coach was not forced out.

As Dulac reports in a Monday blog post, Wilson, who is expected to be officially named the new running backs coach of the Minnesota Vikings later on this week, wants to be an offensive coordinator down the road and didn’t see that happening in Pittsburgh anytime soon. In addition to that, Dulac also reports that there may have been some sort of friction between Wilson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Following it being reported that Wilson would not return next season, former Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch took to Twitter to chime in on the Steelers losing a few offensive coaches over the course of the last two years.


While Batch didn’t come right out and point any fingers, you have to wonder if he was alluding to Haley as being the reason why Wilson may have decided to move on.

According to a previous report by Ray Fittipaldo of the PPG, the Steelers had to settle for Jack Bicknell Jr. as their new offensive line coach last offseason because other candidates didn’t want the job. We can only speculate that perhaps they didn’t want to work under Haley. Do we know that for sure? No. Maybe Haley is even more bipolar than I am.

Bicknell was of course fired a few weeks ago after just one season in Pittsburgh and has since been replaced by former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak. The Steelers will now look to hire Wilson’s replacement and here is a list of obvious candidates for the job.

  • mem359

    Steelers had to settle for Bicknell Jr. because no one wanted the job?
    I guess it is a shame that they had to settle for Munchak this year. (Or a shame that Munchak had to settle for the job that no one wanted.)

  • Kevin Gobleck

    So far i think we have found even better people for the jobs, so here is to hoping that streak continues

  • Jeff

    Wait until Ian Rappaport gets ahold of this news……. This story will take on a life of its own

  • dgh57

    Anytime a coach say a change of scenery is best for both parties it’s usually because of internal friction somewhere in the coaching ranks. My odds on favorite it would be Haley but it’s hard to say without knowing more.

  • gene mann

    I agree this is a non story how many coaches do always get along. I ttotally agree we found a gem in MM and hopefully the Next RB coach will be an upgrade

  • gene mann

    Totally agree on this Mann is an Upgrade and MM is a great upgrade over any OL we had. Now Tomlin can go for 3 in a row here with the RB coach

  • Ike Evans

    Ive said this before…i dont really hate his system…its fine except for redzone plays but hes not worth all this extra stuff…where there is smoke theres fire and they keep sticking with this guy…

  • j m

    The word is alluding, not “eluding.”

  • george

    He wants a shot at being OC? So i guess Norv Turner’s job is at risk? πŸ™‚

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I don’t know what is happening in the locker room…I just don’t, but I’m not sure this is exactly fair. Kugler left to be a head coach at his alma mater. Scottie Montgomery left to go to his Alma Mater. Bicknell Jr. didn’t really seem to want to coach this year if all reports are true as the assistant line coach did most of the coaching. Kirby while a nice guy had 5 years under BA prior to Haley. Change is hard…period. We also don’t know the following questions…

    1. Who pushed for Redman to start?
    2. Who decided that Dwyer should be cut?
    3. Who wanted to trade for Jones? Did he help?
    4. Was he for or against bringing in LSH?
    5. Did he like Bell getting drafted/playing or did he prefer someone else?

    Charlie’s tweet does nothing but stir the pot. As great as his leadership was and his willingness to be a good teammate behind Ben, this is NOT how the Steelers do things…and he knows that.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Not sure what the message behind the message was from Batch. I’d think Coach Tomlin’s a smart guy and if Haley is the reason why all these coaches are leaving or refusing to accept jobs here i’m sure Haley would be outta here real fast. I l like the fact that they have replaced the coaches that left with upgrades. While i like Coach Kirb if he’s trying to get an OC job and it appears it won’t happen here then he’s gotta move on in order to get that OC job. If there was friction i’m sure it wouldn’t have taken two years for him to move on just my opinion.

  • Johnny Loose

    I think the assumption that Batch was taking a shot at Haley is off base. I’m just about over this business with Haley not fitting in with the Steelers. The offense suffered huge losses and started out terrible, but made great strides. For all we know, Charlie could be eluding to the fact that the offense is being steered in the right direction because of the coaching changes. HMMMMM

  • SteelersDepot

    I blame the nuns for that.

  • Patrick Reid

    Great point.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Last year, during the first half of the season, Ben posted some of his best numbers ever (until he got hurt). This year, again he posted some of his most effective numbers ever, and stayed healthy, playing in all 16 games.

    I personally don’t care if Haley is likable or obnoxious or temperamental or a great after hours kayoke singer. He is performing well at his JOB.

    On the other hand, Kirby Wilson was loved by everyone. And during his tenure here, the Steelers posted some of their worst rushing numbers in years.

    I’m a little down on Kirby Wilson right now. Especially after he just spent 12 hours talking with the Ravens, detailing our entire rushing attack. Did he actually believe they were ever going to hire him?

  • 20Stoney

    It is a great point in the context of this one tweet. However Batch has said other things about Haley. He definitely does not like him. Makes me wonder how much Haley had to do with the Steelers decision to move on from Batch.

  • steeltown

    Its perfectly understandable for a man to be sore about being passed over. He probably did have a little ill will toward Haley because he wanted and was probably expecting that job or atleast thinking he was next in line

  • steeltown

    I think about some of those things too..its not as if we’ve had this crushing rushing attack for yrs, we’ve been very lackluster.. as previously mentioned change might be best for both sides

  • Shannon Stephenson

    It is hard to say what goes on behind closed doors. When a new coordinator comes in direction changes and so does what the coordinator expects out of his positional coaches. To say Haley is any harder than any other OC is hard to speculate(although we have heard rumblings of it). Most teams go through coaches quite often and does not worry me and 2 of the 3 offensive coaches that have changed positions were due to lack of performance not because they hated Haley.

  • j m

    I blame them for my failed marriages. πŸ™‚

  • cf

    I think Haley demands excellence. And the offense is better and more diverse since he got here. Maybe the other guys weren’t cutting it, and Haley wants to upgrade. Nothing wrong with that. Batch probably bitter because Haley saw the need to upgrade there too. Too bad if feelings are hurt. It’s a business.

  • Crazy Bone

    The owner likes Haley so all the coaches be damned. You didn’t have these issues when Arians was here but of course Rooney didn’t want Arians to be OC anymore.

  • joed32

    I didn’t always get along with my wife either, it happens. I loved her though.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Most of the fans didn’t want Arians around either. He was a great guy, and terrific person but he just wasn’t getting it done anymore. It was time for a change.

    What fan should care if Haley is hard to get along with? What matters is the product Haley is putting on the football field. Last year’s product was good bordering on great at the latter portion of the season.

    Haley is doing his job if he is ruffling the feathers of position coaches. Kirby’s product has been poor ever since he was hired. I can almost guarantee that Haley and Munchak will get along famously.

    Time for a RB coach that isn’t just along for the ride and is a positive influence at the position other than being a great guy.

  • charles

    If Wilson wanted to be OC, who would be surprised if there was a little friction? Does the name Whisenant ring a bell? Just pure gossip from this writer who can’t recognize something that isn’t a stat. As for Batch’s comment, it looks like the Steeler’s offense is being revamped, My God, what a surprise! Munchaks addition should really help turn this into a very good offense.

  • Virginia W

    I have said it right from the start! HALEY SUCKS!!!! It’s no wonder we haven’t done well. We need someone who listens to Big Ben and actually trains our rookies instead of just standing there trying to look good. I don’t know what Rooney sees in Haley, but I wish he would wake up and see the reality instead of the dream.