Report: Steelers Offensive Assistant Shaun Sarrett Will Interview For Offensive Line Coach Job

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Twitter, offensive assistant Shaun Sarrett will get to interview for the vacant offensive line coach job.

Dulac had reported after Jack Bicknell Jr. was fired last week after just one season that Sarrett had an expanded role in coaching the Steelers offensive line during the second half of the year while Bicknell’s role diminished.

Sarrett just finished his second season with the Steelers as the team’s offensive assistant after spending the previous three seasons as the offensive quality control and offensive line assistant coach for Duke University. During his college years, Sarrett played guard for Kent State University and was a three-year letterman there.

This could be a courtesy interview for Sarrett as the Steelers are still expected to talk to Carolina Panthers assistant offensive line coach Ray Brown at the conclusion of their season.

  • RJ

    I’m glad to hear the Steelers offered him a opportunity to interview. He has earned that much. If he has had a hand in the improvement in the offensive line in the 2nd half of the season (as has been reported), then I’d be glad to see him earn the promotion.

    With that said, It appears Mike Munchak will lose out on the head coach position at Penn State to James Franklin. I would like to see him brought in for an interview. I don’t see him getting another Head Coaching position this year in the NFL.

  • Jollyrob68

    I dont understand why They haven’t interviewed John Benton. We’d kill to have that running game. As usual they’ll wait and miss the boat.

  • Matt Searls

    haha just saw your post on btsc

  • Brendon Glad

    Im happy to hear that. I thought the difference in the OL play in the second half was substantially better than in the first. So if Sarrett had a lot to do with that then im all for giving him an interview and maybe even the job. I complained less about the ol in the last five games than about any 5 game stretch of this millenium.

  • chris ward

    Would like to the Steelers get Hal Hunter to be their next O-line coach, being that he is a Western, PA guy and he had some success while with the Chargers. Should be interesting to see who the Steelers select to be their next O-line coach.

  • MC

    This is the hire I want them to nail more than anything over the last few years.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Yup! Please think long and hard about this one, because it is essential. If Benton is the guy from the Texans, I want him also.

  • David Edward

    I wouldn’t have a problem with Sarett if indeed they hire him. I saw some improvement with Adams’ techique after he was benched and I’m guessing Sarett was the one working with him at that point. Whoever gets the job has to be a “stickler” about techique, because that will be a key to this OLs success…along with the OL living in the weight room this off-season.

  • MC

    It’s dissapointing to think about the inefficiencies with our O lineman, especially the ones drafted high and how we might not ever know that it is/was the coaching of these guys coming out of college that is hampering their development.
    I look forward to the day we have a bullying, physical O line again *sigh*

  • Rob Fenton

    Hire offensive assistant Shaun Sarrett. You must reward hard effort and success with this position. You don’t have to drag an unknown quantity into consideration.
    If that is what happens, Shaun get the hell out of here because they won’t do you any favors. Good luck, I hope they make right choice and choose you.

  • srdan

    I am not opposed to the Munchak idea, but again I think we are looking at inconsistency. He is HC material. He will get another shot. We just went through two Oline coaches in two years. Lets assume we get two years out of Munchak, that would make it 3 Oline coaches in 4 years.

  • treeher

    While Sarrett lacks pedigree, he was an offensive lineman himself in college and if you follow ACC football at all, you know that Duke has made incredible progress over the past few years. I think Sarrett was part of that Duke turnaround. So it is good he would interview even if it is just a courtesy interview.

  • Bob Graff

    This isn’t a dog breeding competition, The word pedigree hasn’t done the Steelers a bit of good. How about trying a better term quality!! We need quality coaches and players. Pedigree is just a term that the Steelers have used to justify there drafting deficiencies and now your trying to apply it to coaching choices. We just need high need high quality coaches and players, who cares about there stock.

  • Bob Graff

    Just curious , how did you see improvement in Adams technique as he was sitting on the bench???

  • Bob Graff

    Doesn’t everyone think we should hire Haley’s sister or Tomlin’s cousin?? Hasn’t everyone learned by now. quit hiring everyone’s buddy. Get someone in here who can do the job.