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Steelers 2014 Draft Needs – Defense

Last week, we had a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 draft needs as it relates to the offensive side of the football so this week, we will shift our focus to the defensive side, where I fully expect most of the picks to be used on in May.

Cornerback – Regardless of what ultimately happens with veteran Ike Taylor during the offseason, the Steelers will presumably need to select a cornerback in the first three rounds of the draft and quite possibly a second one later on in the draft. Cortez Allen will start next season and I believe that he will be opposite Taylor with William Gay again serving as the next man up. Curtis Brown, who will be coming off of an ACL injury, hasn’t showed anything when given the opportunity and for now, Isaiah Green should be considered as only a fringe roster player. The Steelers must hit with this selection.

Outside Linebacker – There’s an outside chance that the Steelers will be able to retain soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Jason Worilds during the offseason. If unable to, it will put an even further strain on the outside linebacker position. Keeping LaMarr Woodley might wind up being a must, because outside of him, Worilds and Jarvis Jones, the Steelers have nothing in the pipeline. Chris Carter is still under contract for 2014, but unfortunately his days appear to be numbered as the light just never has come on with him. Like the cornerback position, this position could certainly use two draft picks dedicated to it along with a handful of undrafted tweener-types to sort through.

Defensive EndZiggy Hood, Brett Keisel and Al Woods will all become unrestricted free agents in March. Hood may or may not be back and the same goes for Woods, who the team used mostly as a backup nose tackle in 2013. Outside of starter Cameron Heyward, the Steelers only have Nick Williams and Brian Arnfelt waiting in the wings and both should be considered projects for now. As far as prioritizing the selection of a defensive end in the draft goes, it will all depend on whether or not Hood is re-signed.

Free Safety – Odds are good that veteran Ryan Clark won’t be back in 2014 and the same goes for Will Allen, who was brought back in the middle of the season following him being let go by the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, Shamarko Thomas will be the next man up, but he is better suited to play more of a strong role than he is a free role when you are talking long term. As for Robert Golden, the jury remains out on him and it didn’t help that the team considered Will Allen an immediate need once he was back on the streets.

Inside Linebacker – Whether or not the Steelers draft an inside linebacker likely depends on if they think Sean Spence can fully recover from his knee injury and become the player that they envisioned he would be when they drafted him in 2012. While Vince Williams played a lot more than anyone thought he would as a rookie, he has yet to show that he become a three-down player. Undrafted free agent Terence Garvin can play in space, however, so between he and Williams they might have one inside linebacker that is dependent on down and distance.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Luke Shabro

    The Terry Hawthorne pick was a killer. I know he was only a 5th rounder but we could’ve had Micah Hyde, Zac Stacy or Jordan Mills. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20

  • Bradys_Dad

    Why wouldn’t we explore the option of moving Lamarr inside with Jason on the left outside? He certainly has the girth and tackling abilities. Money aside, please educate me if I’m way off the mark here.

  • steeltown

    Agree with most of what is mentioned… Defensive backs and LB are the biggest needs..unless Keisel and Hood are both gone, then DL will raise quite a bit in the ‘need’ category

  • dgh57

    The defense is a mess with all the unsigned players, some not living up to their draft status, and some with declining skills because of just getting older. So defense has to be the priority in this draft and I’m not sure it can all be solved in one draft unless we trade back to get more picks or through FA. It depends on what happens with Worild as to whether OLB or CB is the biggest need and what rd. you pick them in. I’m thinking 2 CBs/2OLB get drafted in this draft and a FA at Safety. But whatever happens we need to score big at the CB position and if no Worilds then at OLB also.

  • Jollyrob68

    Good question. He might be too heavy to play on the inside plus his hamstring issues. He can cover in the zone.

  • Bradys_Dad

    Agreed. I also think that we could have waited on a QB instead of using up the #4 pick for that position. Another QB was definitely needed on the roster but with all of the needs we had/have this seemed to be a very questionable position pick.

  • Melly

    Levon Kirkland wasn’t exactly light!? ;)

  • JT

    Ha Ha or Denard. Please and thank you.

  • JT

    If he even turned into a body like Green. But nothing at all hurts.

  • Luke Shabro

    Exactly. He’s not even a developmental guy now. He’s not on the roster. Had to be injury-related/attitude or something. I haven’t seen a corner gone that fast since Burnett and at least Lewis was drafted the same year as Burnett

  • Melly

    I know it has been posted on this site by many members…but the Baxter release still perplexes me. Here u have an UDFA who appears to have the body type and motor of a Steeler OLB?! They had so many chances to bring him back, but they chose to “sign” ,what I felt, were inferior options at other positions! I’d rather have Baxter than K.Wilson. I have yet to hear anything as to why he was cut. has anyone??

  • Luke Shabro

    It doesn’t have to be a one year fix per say. We would all love to see the defense return to #1 ranking while also being good on third down and generating turnovers but its probably not realistic at this time. The defense just has to be a middle of the road defense that doesn’t get gouged on explosive plays. I don’t know enough about the safeties in this draft but we need help over the top bad. I could be way off but I feel like more often than not we were getting burned by Ryan Clark and unfortunately Troy blowing assignments. I guess we’ll see though. I’m nervous about the Steelers drafting a corner in the first when it seems like it takes so long for corners to learn this system. We have to cut down the Tampa 2 coverages and stick to more man coverage.

  • Melly

    Tyler Bray wasn’t even drafted and Zac Dysert was a 7th rounder. If they passed on Jones, they could have drafted; Malliciah Goodman-DE, John Simon-OLB, Phillip Thomas-S, Tharold Simon-DB, etc. They sign Gradkowski to be the backup for the next 3yrs, but then waste a 4th on Jones…even after they traded a 2014 3rd for S.Thomas!!!!!!

  • AndyR34

    Levon wanted to play football!

  • AndyR34

    I’m wondering why you think you are supposed “to hear”?

  • Bradys_Dad

    Amen brotha.

  • Bradys_Dad

    Levon was a beast. I really think that Lamarr should be considered for ILB.

  • Patrick Reid

    If we do go secondary early. I’d go Dennard or Gilbert first at CB. Followed up by S Beauchanon from WSU. Or no later than the 3rd we might be able to steal Ant Harris from UVA. A ballhawk who led the nation in picks and can play either safety spot. Nevertheless, I still think the success of the D is predicated on the amount of pocket pressure you generate. I want an upgrade at NT early surrounded by Mac and Cam at the ends.

  • Nolrog

    The Landry Jones pick still puzzles me, considering where they were in terms of Ben’s career (3-5 years left) and the major holes elsewhere. I think it’s highly likely that Jones will be gone before Ben. Very strange move.

  • Nolrog

    I think they should bring Keisel back on a vet min contract. He can still play and would help the DE from becoming a major need right now.

  • Nolrog

    I like Woodley inside much more than Jarvis Jones. Maybe Woodley could slim down a tad, and get a bit quicker if they moved him there.

  • Rick M

    The Steelers’ management and coaching have made so many mistake mistakes on the defensive side of the ball over the last 5 to 6 years: poor draft choices galore and not getting players on the field quickly enough to assess their talent. It really has come back to bite them.

    They’ve simply got to start to hit on some defensive players in the draft who can make a significant impact by Years 2 & 3 – otherwise they’ll be an 8-8 football for the remainder of Ben’s career. And that will be really sad.

  • JT

    Wouldn’t hold my breath on a NT. They’ve invested way too much time and effort into Mac and Woods. They’ve both played well enough when given opportunities that one will be starting next year. If anything, DE might be addressed from 4-7. But they don’t have the luxury of taking a player where there isn’t a glaring need.

  • Brendon Glad

    Just give me a DB with some ball skills. Because if Troy P. doesnt return, that will leave us with zero. Ok. Two-halves. Gay and Allen at least can catch, i think.

  • chris ward

    Big year for the defense in the 2014 draft, a lot of needs. Need some depth with the D-line and at ILB, not sure with the Worilds/Woodley situation, and trying to replace a aging secondary.

  • Steve

    Losing Keenan Lewis to New Orleans was a BIG mistake. Ike can’t play the position anymore and we don’t have anybody ready to take his place.

  • SumnerYoung

    For all the folks that want a NT drafted high, here’s an argument against that. The 49ers have a dominant defense. They run a 3-4 scheme. Off the top of you head can you name their NT? Not likely. The 49ers do have an elite DE in Justin Smith, but their defense is built, like the Steelers has been, on elite linebackers. Willis, Bowman, and Aldon Smith are all elite linebackers. The Steelers currently have no elite linebackers. You know what the Steelers D had when the went to 3 Super Bowls last decade? Elite linebackers.

  • srdan

    THey did play all 3 of them on the field for one game until Lamar got another booboo.

    I think Casey Hampton can cover as well as Woodley at this point.

  • srdan

    Good point. I’ll never forget the one INT he had over his head. He was a freak of nature at that size and athletic ability.

  • srdan

    Apperantly a lot of other teams agreed until recently.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    People need to realize a few things:

    1) This is not an easy fix. You can’t just throw a bunch of picks at defense and expect instant results. Young players need time to develop and that is often painful. Take your lumps and let them learn on the field.

    2) We need to stop drafting role players. We need some stars. Guys who have the size, speed, and strength to impact the game. Even if we only get two or three of them this draft. Trade up and get the impact players.

    3) The first step to recovery is getting our salary cap in order. You simply cannot continue to pay aging/injured vets so much money when they produce like average players. It make take two years but we must clear the cap. We complain about having no talent at CB and OLB. But when we find young talent like Keenan Lewis and Jason Worilds we can’t afford to keep them because we have no money.

    4) In order to find the next James Harrison or Willie Parker or Brett Keisel, you must get them on the field. Give them snaps. Guys like Arnfelt, N. Williams, Woods, Wallace, Moye, W. Johnson, should not be overlooked just because they are unproven or drafted low. Also, playing them is hugely beneficial to the salary cap.

  • Mark

    I hope we pick Daniel McCullers in the 3rd or 4th. Hes raw, but a beast.

  • SumnerYoung

    Keenan Lewis was nearly impossible to resign. Steelers would’ve had to blow him away with huge $$$, a luxury they don’t have. Plus Lewis, more than anything, wanted badly to play for his hometown Nola Saints.

    The bigger cornerback mistake came in the 2011 draft. The Steelers were clearly looking for cornerbacks and so they drafted Curtis Brown in the 3rd, and Cortez Allen in the 4th. While the jury is still out on Cortez, it most certainly is not on a cornerback taken in the 5th round of 2011. He is All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman of Seattle. Dude has 20 interceptions in 3 seasons.

  • Chad H

    I’m a fan that is frustrated by Woodleys injuries and how much we pay him. At the time he was a beast and we had to pay. A decision has to be made but to say he can’t cover and does nothing is a mistake. Remember he missed games and has more sacks than JJ. Sorry I don’t see JJ as an OLB in the NFL. I am also saying we need another year for development to see what JJ can do. But just on rushing ability alone JJ is no where near the level as Woodley.

  • srdan

    He can’t cover.

    But other than that i agree. Although you’re judging a rookie, on that assessment I disagree.

    A lot of my posts about woodley are fueled by frustration, so take them with a grain of salt. But I hope you got a visual of Big snack changing direction in the open field trying to cover Givoanni Bernanrd. hehehe

  • steeltown


  • David Edward

    The Defense is in need o’ plenty for sure. I’ll map out a game plan that I think would be a good one to follow:
    1. Worilds must be signed (as odd as that may have sounded in Sept.). They simply cannot keep Woodley’s cap eating contract, lack of production, and penchant for injury. Unless Worilds can get Woodley $ from someone else, it will even be a cap savings (over 3 years) to sign him at market value and cut Woodley June 1.
    2. Ike has to take a huge paycut or be cut, plain and simple. He is also a cap eater too at this point. It might be time to do the inevitable, and move on from him in order to give the future a chance. If he stays, it would only be to ease the transition to a new CB, which brings us to…
    3. A CB must be drafted one day 1 or day 2. The ideal situation would be to get Darqueze Dennard @15, but as the top CB, he’ll likely be gone. If he comes out, I think Ifo Olomu from Oregon would be a good pick there too. Also, Justin Gilbert from Okla St is possible. @15 seems a tad high for him but he has nice play making skills (unlike the current CBs) and is a dynamic KR.
    4. Of the FA DLs, Woods is the best choice to bring back. He is both NT/DE capable and can serve as a starter in either position. He offers more upside than Hood when you factor NT into the equation. Ziggy has proven his upside is mediocrity, which I think is below the “standard” for a #1 pick. Only if they are signing him to backup $ should he return. I think he’ll go elsewhere though. Keisel would be best served to retire rather than come back and delay the move to a DE of the future. However, he could be on speed dial in there is an injury.
    5. If none of the top WRs or CBs are available to pick @15, then DE Stephon Tuitt could be a decent pick. He’s a huge, athletic, 34DE that would make for a nice bookend to Heyward in the base and as one of the 2 DL in the sub packages. Forget about the NT Louis Nix chatter, that’s for amateurs on draft websites.
    6. FS is a bigger concern than many are mentioning. Clark won’t and shouldn’t return, but I don’t know if Shamarko is considered the immediate successor there. I think “headache” is supposed to be Troy’s successor. Golden hasn’t shown enough or played on D enough to give reason to think he’s the FS. Not sure how Ike would fare back there, although at this point, it might be worth a shot while they transition to a young player there…which would mean infusing another draft pick. I like Kenny Ladler from Vandy as a second day pick. They could also go the route of FA and sign a guy like Kendrick Lewis from KC, although he was iffy this year.
    7. Forget about ILB, Vince Williams is going to be a good Buck and they can use Garvin/Spence as the hybrid in the sub packages. What they need to do is draft depth at OLB. This would be a day three (probably 5-6) pick, and hopefully they can find a better project than Chris Carter.

  • Ryan Barton

    1. CB or WR.
    2. WR or CB.
    3. MLB.
    4. DE/OLB for OLB depth.
    5. Defensive line or Safety depth.
    6. RB (Speed/Change-of-pace).
    7. Defensive line or DB depth.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers take 2 DE/OLB prospects for depth.

  • Melly

    the guy was a beast!

  • Melly

    I think most would agree that anything and everything is over reported by the media these days. I didn’t say i’m “suppose” to hear why…I just said that I never heard anything as to why.

  • Rick M

    Respectfully Sumner we’ll never know if Lewis could have been signed as the Steelers never even made him an offer. Home towns are important to athletes, but so is money given their short careers.

    This wasn’t a case like Wallace where the Miami offer was simply outlandish and no team could have matched it. With Lewis, the offer from N.O. wasn’t all that great – something like $26 Million over 5 years. The Steelers – had they been looking to the future and released an older, overpriced veteran – could have easily topped the N.O. offer. But they obviously under-evaluated Lewis’ talent and didn’t feel he would be that great a loss.

    Would he have stayed for an extra million a year on top of what New Orleans offered (20% more)? I have no idea, but to not even try to sign him was a major mistake.

  • Melly

    I know its not a perfect science when it comes to evaluating talent(look what Harrison went thru w/ being released multiple times), and who am I to say they were wrong. But preseason or not, he stood out and I thought he was worth at least a PS slot! Kion Wilson…really???

  • Melly

    until the comp picks, we don’t have a third and the NFL might take a late round pick too…just sayin

  • Melly

    I read somewhere that Paul Posluszny- jax might get released due to his $9mill+ salary. He’ll turn 30 in October. Anyone interested if we could get him for around $4mill per?!?!

  • rizzo29

    Levon use to tackle trees when he was a little kid

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    3.5 mil tops.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    $3 mil tops, and that’s 2x what we pay Foote who isn’t much younger…

  • Soliciting Steelers

    First thing I’d be doing is calling the 49ers asking if they have any interest in the 15th pick (aka Marqise Lee) and trading back to 28-30 and picking up both of their 2nd Rders….then we can debate what to do from there, we have a lot of holes and we could still get a big WR at 28-30…

  • Aric Brown

    Posluszny is not a very good linebacker either(IMO)… he puts up good fantasy numbers (which are inflated by his team mainly being down 3 touchdowns).. but thats about it


    Swap 15th for 28th (or so) AND pickup both of their 2nd round picks so we’d have 47, plus their two?

    I’m all in!

    Reality…I think we could make that swap and get an extra 3rd round pick which I would consider, but right now I like Hageman @ 15 and maybe Matthews WR Vandy, or Kyle Fuller CB, VTech @ 47

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I’m with you! Look at what Minny got last year. I was silently screaming for the Steelers to do the exact same thing. I know they think they got Jones and that he will end up being one of the 7 special players from last year’s draft. Okay, even if you are correct going forward, I still disagree and here’s why.

    When you give up a 1st rounder, you get about 3 other picks in the first 2 rounds. Thus, if you are as good as you think at drafting talent (The Steelers think they’re great), they should take the 3 quality starters that this trade would allow. Seriously, you could end up with a star in here anyway.

    1) Get rid of some old guys to get your cap way down.
    2) Load up on draft choices, always giving up your No. 1.
    3) Repeat this process until you win the division.

    I would bet that within 1 or 2 years, they would have the nucleus to compete for championships for the next 7-10 years.

  • joed32

    Another reporter said both injuries and attitude. Burnett lasted a full year before being released. He’s still playing by the way for the Edmonton Eskimos.

  • Alan Felicia

    Woodley is not athletic enough to be an Inside LB. If you compare to the past Inside LB (Farrior, Foote, Kendrel Bell, Kirkland, etc.), Woodley is not quick enough to close gap (or even get to the gap) to make stop. Plus, add to the fact that he will be a liability covering either RBs or TEs.
    Woodley is a pass rusher who the coaching staff converted into an OLB as he was Defensive End coming out of Michigan.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I would love to see Aron Donald end up on the Steelers

  • SumnerYoung

    Rick, I definitely see where you’re coming from and you make strong points. It’s true the Steelers never made an official offer, but I’d like to think that during the season, and certainly after the season, the Steelers were talking to Keenan’s agent about a new contract. I think the writing on the wall was there that Lewis no longer wanted to be a Steeler. Perhaps a million more per year could have kept him in Steeler uniform. I don’t think so, IMO. But it’s hard to say. I do think that New Orleans got a pretty good deal on what looks to be a # 1 cornerback. I still think the big mistake was taking Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen ahead of Richard Sherman in 2011.

  • Ryan Barton

    I think we easily get a 3rd round or very high 4th round compensary pick. And I think that the NFL won’t take any draft picks from the Steelers either. The Ravens and Steelers did not miss the playoffs because of that one play, and that was a huge fine for Tomlin as well. I think enough damage has been done.

  • SumnerYoung

    David, I agree with a lot of your points. On point # 6, does anyone other than me see a ton of potential in Kurtis Drummond, FS from Michigan State? It’s not only Dennard who has made that defense at MSU great. If Drummond could be grabbed with our 3rd round comp pick, I would be very happy. Don’t think he’ll last that long though. Also, the comment about Louis Nix is spot on. Good one!! However I’m not sold on Stephon Tuitt either, perhaps if he can be drafted in the 2nd round, but not as the 1st pick.

  • Brendon Glad

    Oh lordy, the Richard Sherman thing is about enough to make a grown man cry. Hes my dream CB. And we took 2 cbs who werent him.
    It’s borderline Tee Martin over Tom Brady level.

  • Josh Knepshield

    NT is Glenn Dorsey. I knew that off the top of my head BECAUSE he played at a high level for them this season. Size doesn’t always matter, Ian Williams broke his ankle week 2, and he was an OK player as well. They also drafted a DT from Alabama in the draft and he has played ok. The 49ers don’t have a lot of well known talent at DT but they don’t get the credit the deserve.

  • Josh Knepshield

    Too tall. He doesn’t play with great leverage and loses ground because of it. I like him, I just wish he would dominate more often instead of making the occasional play, same with Louis Nix.

  • Don

    Also, as others have pointed out on other threads, the league is passing more than ever, and defenses are spending more and more time in nickel.

  • David Edward

    Haven’t heard that Drummond is coming out, but maybe he is. Guys like him and Ladler would be good fits at FS. With Tuitt, he’s pretty much a first round lock unless he puts up bad combine numbers.

  • SumnerYoung

    Perhaps wishful thinking on my part, but yeah, I haven’t heard that Drummond is coming out either. Guess I just figured he will, considering all of what MSU accomplished this year, plus he is a fourth year redshirt junior. Again, wishful thinking, but I would be happy to see him playing FS for the Steelers.

  • Josh Knepshield

    Has Anyone else noticed that the steelers rotate between offense and defense in the 1st round since Tomlin came about?
    07: Timmons Defense
    08: Mendenhall Offense
    09: Ziggy Defense
    10: Pouncey Offense
    11: Heyward Defense
    12: DeCastro Offense
    13: Jarvis Jones Defense
    This tells me they go offense this year, even though I want them to go defense.
    Rd 1: Louis Nix III, big time player who breaks the trend
    Rd 2: Kyle Fuller, great, physical corner with size the steelers like in their corners
    Rd 3: Adrian Hubbard, pass rusher, good in all phases, spectacular in none.
    Rd 4: L’damian Washington, tall, fast WR big play ability
    Rd 4: Bene Benwikere, CB with good size, plays slot too
    Rd 5: DeAndre Coleman, DE/DT, 6’5 300lbs, project, but worth a looksie
    Rd 6:

  • Josh Knepshield

    Rd 6: Jacob Pedersen, TE

  • Venkar

    The narrative about the Steeler defense is that its so complicated that rookies need to learn the system before playing (Polamalu not playing much in his first year is an example). I think the problem with the process is the new collective bargaining agreement benefits teams that play “cheaper” players on their rookie contracts. The Steelers lose out when they only play their young players in the 3rd and 4th years. By the time they become valuable, they leave. Player development cannot last a few years with these rules. We need to develop and play rookies / second year players faster.

  • Venkar

    Also,, I dont understand this love-fest with Worilds over Woodley. Woodley is clearly overpaid and has been injured the past few years. How many injury free years has Worilds had? If we pay Worilds, dont you think hes likely to maintain his record of injuries as well?? He didnt play in the final game. Last year, he had a series of injuries in training camp, etc.

  • Ernest

    Kyle Fuller is the ideal Steelers CB.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Thank you! I’ve been getting blasted on other sites this deal but by the “draft book” they go by to value picks it’s pretty close

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Thank you! I’ve been getting blasted on other sites this deal but by the “draft book” they go by to value picks it’s pretty close ….then u can get a big wr, an impact OLB, and both CBs we need in the first 2 rds. in whatever order!

  • alex

    fighting to get to 8-8 the last two seasons means less youngsters get to play…

    and, if we dont sign Worilds and Woods, were 8-8 at best…


    True…I wouldn’t call it a lovefest on my part, but I think age has me thinking glass half empty with Woodley, and half full with Worilds…plus his cap hit won’t be anywhere near what PIT is paying #56.


    Yes, that was in the past…the Steelers have no choice but to get younger in a hurry now, the cap won’t allow them to continue to push money into the future with restructures now…only A.Brown and a Ben extension can help Colbert…the 2013 class got on the field, expect the same from the top of the ’14 class as well.


    Nix would be a natural but NT is now a 2 down player at best with all the nickle and dime they play. Not a terrible pick because McClendon could then play DE.

    That said, Imo the DEF is more than one player away from being a championship caliber again…Whereas the OFC just needs that big playmaker…Ebron/Amaro/Benjamin…all 3 work for me…and they will be much better in the RZ and more capable of carrying the team while DEF rebuilds…

    I do like a couple of guys on DEF @ 15, Hageman, & Tuitt.

    Like your 2nd & 4th rd picks a lot…I’m mocking Fuller to PIT @ 47 as well.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Yup. If you fall in love with a guy at your pick, sure you can take him. Most of the time, it is not worth it. The Steelers need to get younger, and if you have a clue, you have to be able to get quality guys that should be able to start within their first or second year in the first 2 rounds.

    Thus, if you can trade away your 1st round pick and end up with at least 3 picks in the first 2 rounds, you should take that trade all day long. I would be ecstatic!

    So obviously they should talk with teams that have a crap load of picks or some of the more stupid teams that are likely to over value.

    I am convinced this is the way to go.


    The best thing the Steelers could do is cut the salary cap sucking vets. They could actually sign a couple free agents with the newly acquired cap space. No need to pay the back end of back loaded salaries. I’d bring in Linval Joseph from the Giants for a look.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Levon covered guys with his own gravitational pull.

  • Josh Knepshield

    I agree with you 100 percent. Great tackler, and effective in off or man coverage.

  • Jeff Burton

    Jason Worilds was tried and failed on the right side. He’s a left side speed rusher. The only one in the league I know of. The best idea, I think would be to move LaMarr to right outside where his power and leverage game may best translate. It’d give O.C.’s a headache for sure, having to change up their standard 3-4 thinking. We should never have pushed James out, is the moral of this story.

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