When Will Andy Dalton Being Just Good Enough Not Be Good Enough For The Bengals?

Thanks to quarterback Andy Dalton turning the ball over three times on Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals are once again one and done in the playoffs for a third year in the row as they lost 27-10 at home to the San Diego Chargers. Now, with Dalton heading into the final year of his rookie contract in 2014, the Bengals really have a dilemma on their hands as it relates to the long-term status of the quarterback position.

Dalton has compiled a 30-18 regular season record during his first three seasons in the league, but his 0-3 record in the playoffs now speaks volumes. In those three playoff games, the TCU product has thrown just one touchdown to go along with six interceptions and a very costly fumble.

Had Dalton been able to get the playoff monkey off his back this season, he more than likely would have received a lucrative contract extension during the offseason. Now that he has failed at getting out of the first round of the playoffs for a third straight year, the Bengals might be best served to let him play out the final year of his deal just like the Baltimore Ravens did with Joe Flacco in 2012.

In order to protect themselves, the Bengals should also now consider drafting another young quarterback in the first three rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft. Doing so will at least give them a developmental alternative should they have to move on from Dalton in 2015. Should Dalton finally take the Bengals deep into the playoffs next season, the organization would then be forced to place the franchise tag on him while a long-term deal can be worked out.

Right now, Dalton is just good enough, but there comes a time when that good enough isn’t good enough. That time is swiftly approaching for the Bengals.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    Dalton is the new Sanchez.

  • kakello34

    Bengals are another Hard Knocks failure. As for Dalton, I hope he does well enough to make the Bengals sign him to a cap busting franchise QB contract like the Ravens and the over-rated Flacco

  • Luke Shabro

    I hope the Bengals keep Dalton for as long as possible. Regardless of the supporting cast you’ll always be guaranteed at least one win against them. Dalton will be mediocre his entire career. He’s very much like Chad Pennington or a better version of David Garrard

  • Kevin artis

    Dalton is good enough to get to the playoffs but chokes when he gets there. He has the “Romo Effect”. I also think its time for the coach to change scenery.

  • dgh57

    The old adage that a average QB can take you only so far has proved itself again!

  • r4kolb

    I think they have to sign him. 30-18, and taken them to the playoffs 3 years running? How do you not. Plus the advantage is now to the Bengals because of his failures his pay should be fair instead of the ridiculous contracts Flacco and Cutler were given. He will only get better. Just need a coach to get into his head the importance of not turning it over. If I’m not mistaken a lot of people were down on Flacco on being able to win the big one too.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Another indication that we have much work to do as Steelers. If we were in the playoffs contending, would we really be talking about Dalton and the Bungles? No…

  • RMSteeler

    Trade Landry Jones to them for a 2nd round pick? And then hope that the Johnny Unitas curse doesn’t return?

  • CrazyTerry

    Actually the Rooney Brothers were perplexed why the idiot coach would not give Unitas a chance in training camp. So it was not like Unitas was this unknown quantity that was let go by virtue of bad timing of trying out on a team with stacked talent. But Art Rooney, as great as a personality he has been in Pittsburgh, was not the greatest football mind. I think the story is he told his sons to let the coach coach. This is one area where a meddlesome owner would have been welcome. Getting rid of Unitas ranks higher than the mistake of not drafting Marino by a huge margin in the list of Steelers blunders in history because the owner’s sons knew this guy was good and they could not prevent the team from letting him go.
    My top 3 QB blunders of known quantities being ignored by the team
    1. Letting Unitas go
    2. Not drafting Marino, though they did draft a pretty decent player at that position.
    3. Not trading for Montana at the end of his career. With the OL , running game, and the D that team had, Steelers could have used a savvy QB like Montana even if he was at the end of his career. MaybeO donnel learns about clutch from Montana’s coolness.

  • CrazyTerry

    Dalton has to be the worst QB in playoff history with more than two appearances. Anyone with any comparisons to other failures. Please don’t say Peyton as he was nowhere this bad even if he lost a lot of games. Petyon had a lot of competitive games against good Ds. He just did not rise to the “elite” level. Dalton just flat out stinks in the playoffs.

  • srdan

    To his defense, he was asked to manage games early in the season, then later asked to win them (after atkins went down). He is not going to do that for a team.

    But I hope the steelers got a good look at marvin jones. He is overshadowed by AJ Green, but our division is stacked with great athletic freak receivers and the weakest point of our D is the secondary.

  • WilliamSekinger

    You are talking about a team owned by Mike Brown. He is not interested in winning. He is interested in his team being profitable. So to answer the question when will Andy Dalton being just good enough not be good enough for the Bengals…never.
    Mike Brown is probably ecstatic that the Bengals have made the playoffs the last 3 years running, but he won’t be interested in replacing Marvin Lewis or Dalton. His bottom line is what he cares about, and he is doing quite well in that area.

  • CrazyTerry

    Actually Sanchez was not worse in the playoffs compared to regular season. Bad comparison. Sanchez did beat the Pats in the playoffs and did the Steelers a huge favor that year. Dalton has a bad dropoff in the playoffs.

  • CrazyTerry

    Don’t insult Romo. Dalton cant even play well enough to be in a position to choke in the final 2 min of a big game.

  • Gloria Burke

    It’s great reading the Cincinnati paper and seeing the comments about how Ben would play if he had Andy’s receivers and the o-line. It makes me feel vindicated for Ben. I almost feel sorry for the Bengals….almost but not quite.

  • Brendon Glad

    Hopefully never. Despite their regular season success trumping PGH’s since his arrival, i still feel very safe if we are ever matched up with them in the playoffs as long as he and marvin lewis are both still there.


    The point below William made about Mike Brown is spot on…the Bengals have probably never spent to the cap ceiling and probably never will.

    He was quietly applauding Dalton’s failure while thinking about extending his deal!!! LOL.

    I don’t see them going out can getting a Mike Vick or anything, but 2nd or 3rd round I can see them doing only because the player will be less costly than Dalton.