2015 NFL Salary Cap Number Already Projected To Break $140 Million

While everyone is expecting a 2014 NFL salary cap number of $133 million to be official announced at any time now, we are already starting to get some projections as to what the number could be in future years.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN on Twitter Friday, a source has told him the salary cap is projected to break $140 million in 2015 and $150 million by 2016.

Those numbers aren’t really that surprising being as starting in 2015 is when the new television deal revenue money was to kick in. In addition, it seems that whatever is projected initially winds up being way too conservative. For example, last year there were a lot of people saying the cap would likely remain flat in 2014, but here we are awaiting the final word of a $10 million increase.

So how would a $140 million number in 2015 look to the Pittsburgh Steelers? As of this last day of February, the Steelers currently have 24 players under contract for 2015 with cap charges totaling just over $82.7 million. I should probably note that tackle Levi Brown is on that list at $5 million and that number will likely go away soon as he is expected to be released. So in essence, the Steelers have roughly $78 million allocated for 2015 or roughly just under 56% of a $140 million cap number.

The Steelers of course have a whole draft class yet to sign and will likely extend several contracts before the start of the 2014 season, but overall, the team looks to be in good shape cap wise for 2015.

  • cencalsteeler

    Might be a good time to get into the flask business.

  • steeltown

    Wow.. that would open up a lot of options moving forward.. with those projections they could in theory retain Worilds with a low ’14 base salary initially and be more able to extend guys like Ben and Heath or lockup others like Heyward, C.Allen and Pouncey next offseason, in addition to bringing in some FA’s

  • dkoy85

    Yes sir! Quick question for you a little off topic here. I’m watching NFL network and they had a little segment on Woodson and how he wants to play. Hes old as dirt, can he still play? Would it be a good idea to bring him in? I haven’t followed his game but if they release Taylor it might be a good vet minimum signing. He could play/backup FS and a little nickle and bring a veteran presence which will be lackingish.

  • steeltown

    I don’t know, he’ll be 38yrs old this October, not to say he didn’t play well last season, he did but im not sure I’d bring him in. I guess on a 1yr vet minimum deal (955K) it wouldn’t hurt but Im pretty sure he WONT play for that.

  • dkoy85

    Thanks. I guess there is 2 sides to a contract Ha. Looking forward to the new league year

  • JT

    Maybe at first, but guys like Snyder and Jones will just screw up this cap too. The money won’t be spent responsibly and average salaries will skyrocket.

  • Luke Shabro

    No we’re in salary cap hell Dave just deal with it! We’re old, slow and never going to win anything. Fire Tomlin, bring back Cowher. Rantrantrant

  • Matthew Janis

    And thus, the prices of tickets will surely rise….

  • Matthew Janis

    And thus, the price of tickets will surely rise… *sigh

  • dkoy85

    Eh, its worth it.


    Taylor and Troy are in their last year. So they are not counting against 2015. But agree with your post. The Steelers really need to extend some players and bring in Free Agents this year. They may have problems fielding a team in 2015 🙂 24 under contract and you can probably subtract Woodley and Levi Brown.