Banner, Lombardi Both Out In Cleveland After One Season

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns promoted Ray Farmer to General Manager and announced that Joe Banner will be stepping down in the next two months. In addition, the team announced that current General Manager Michael Lombardi is departing the organization.

In other words, just as head coach Rob Chudzinski was one in done in Cleveland, so too are Banner and Lombardi.

The Browns hired Mike Pettine to be their new head coach just a few weeks ago and for his sake, I hope he is renting and not buying.

This change now means the Browns have had three different head coaches and three different general managers in the last 407 days, according to Chris Sprow of ESPN.

The Browns went 4-12 last season after a 3-2 start through the first five games.

  • joed32

    Back to the NFL network?

  • Rob H

    Wow…I mean, just wow. What a train wreck that organization has become.
    Maybe now’s the time to try and fleece them for a couple of those early round picks they stocked up on.

  • dgh57

    LOL!! Somebody with the last name of Lombardi shouldn’t be working for the Browns organization anyways so good for him! đŸ™‚

  • steeltown

    I have no words.. I got nothing

  • Brendon Glad

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy…(Lombardi). His unwarranted extreme arrogance on NFL Network was SOOOOO annoying that I was thrilled when he went to Cleveland. Just so I wouldn’t have to listen to him anymore. I knew he’d fail. So as a Steeler fan, I’m sad they figured it out so quickly. But as a guy who felt like Lombardi needed a little slice of humble-pie, it brought a little chuckle when I read the news. Now if he gets his gig back with NFL network, maybe he will be slightly less pompous. I know that it worked for matt millen as now “far less pompously annoying.”

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Nice catch by Curly in that gif….sign’m up..!! Nyuck, nyuck

  • James Kling

    It’s not even a train wreck. A train wrecks, and it’s over in a few seconds and you look at the mess in awe. But the train wreck that is the Cleveland Browns just keeps going and going and going… you think, “wait, how long IS this train?!” And it just keeps unspooling and piling up and never stopping. It’s the INFINITE train wreck.

  • Brendon Glad

    I just hope I can find a book giving odds on who their draft pick will be. I mean, it’s GOTTA be the QB from Central Florida, no? That’s what they do. Because they quite likely will have Clowney, and manziel both on the board when they pick. And those are the key 2 whose upsides are 2 upsides I don’t want in the Steelers division. I laugh at almost everything they do…at least mike Brown understands what a good football player looks like…even if he doesn’t understand chemistry. The Browns understand neither. Ozzie Newsome understands both…but it’s always good to have 1 team in the division, and sometimes 2, who “don’t get it.”

  • tim

    Yea…..just ask Tom Brady…

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Maybe if you can deal with the idiot owner, you could steal a few picks. What a tool. Is he not the same guy who was previously part owner of the Steelers? Seriously, man! Did you not pay attention in class? How did he make all his money? Idiot!

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I honestly think any flippin’ decent manager on this planet could do better than this tool of an owner. At least give someone a chance! All that talent! All those draft picks! It’s a dream situation if you just have a little patience. Do you realize that they may only require a couple of players here and there (QB, of course although Hoyer might work!) and they could really do well. Unbelievable!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The Browns have a good core of guys if they could get their FO and coaching staff stable they could be competitive

  • Luke Shabro

    Thank God we know we’ll never be the worst team in the division. You can’t make this stuff up.