Breaking: Kevin Colbert Reveals His Steelers Mount Rushmore

As I’ve joked several times in recent posts and on Twitter, it’s officially Mount Rushmore season in the NFL as fans are once again being asked to name the four most important people of their respective favorite team. On Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert was ambushed with the annual Mount Rushmore question in an interview with David Todd on 970 ESPN and his choices weren’t at all shocking.

“I’ll go beyond the players, because “The Chief”, Art Rooney Sr., founded the organization and is rightfully enshrined in the Hall of Fame,” said Colbert. “And then I think you have Mr. Dan Rooney, who succeeded him and helped put together the great teams of the 70’s. And then you go to Coach [Chuck] Noll, who really took a downtrodden franchise and helped lead them.”

So who was Colbert’s fourth and final choice? I’m pretty sure you all know.

“If there was one player for certain, that I think everybody will agree, was Joe Greene,” said Colbert. “Joe was the start and he was the foundation for the great teams, and he was the first of many great players that they were able to put together in those eras.”

Are any of you surprised?

Now, if only we can get Joe Greene to name is four choices for a Steelers Mount Rushmore and include himself in them, I’m pretty sure we can put an end to this annual offseason discussion starter. Ah, who am I kidding, the Mount Rushmore question will never go away.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Man just picking four is such a hard thing to do

  • Matt Manzo

    Too hard!!!! For me, part 70s, 90s, an 2ks: Mean Joe, Greg Lloyd, Polamlu and Big Ben.
    I could change it up a million ways but those guys are Steelers. Bettis should be there too!
    I’m only leaving out owners and coaches cuz then there’d be no room for players.
    You can hate on Ben all u want but his highlight reel is untouchable!

  • Aric Brown

    Its a shame Rod Woodson tore up Greg Lloyds knee

  • pittsburghjoe

    how about a Mount Yuckmore? Limas Sweed, Tim Worley, John Reinstra, and Troy Edwards.

  • Aric Brown

    My Steelers Rushmore since I’ve been alive (1986) – Rod Woodson, Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward – Honorable mention to Bill Cowher, Dermontti Dawson,

  • Matt Manzo

    I like yours better than mine!

  • Matt Manzo

    Neil Odonell(?) too!

  • Matt Manzo

    Is that what happened? I forgot. I remember the staff infection but you’re right, it was a knee before that.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    Haha. Honorable mention to Alonzo Jackson, Anthony Smith, Bruce Davis, and Curtis Brown.

  • steelster

    These four players had a lot of fire in them and had to overcome obstacles. Hines Ward(too slow) James Harrison(cut 4 times) Jack Lambert(too small/skinny) Aaron Smith (the most underappreciated steeler ever)

  • Gerald Brown

    My Mount Rushmore since I’ve been alive (1986) would be Rod Woodson, The Bus, Hines Ward (my favorite steeler of all time) and Troy Polamlu!

  • Rob

    Don’t forget Ricardo Colclough and Limas Sweed… Your bitterness towards our drafting amuses me. I’m with you though

  • steelster

    yes, my favorite steeler of all time is hines ward. Bring him back

  • Aric Brown

    Ya if i remember correctly they were both out for the year… Rod Woodson came back for the Superbowl… I remember him deflecting a pass intended for Deion Sanders and pointing to his knee… it was as if he was saying ” I can guard you with a bad knee”

  • Iron Cadet

    we need that again

  • shawn

    you’re doggin 3rd rounders lol … cmon u can do better than that “expert” … how bout Jamain Stephens, Will Blackwell, Huey Richardson, Aaron Jones … those are Yuck … u really are a “Novato” !!

  • James Kling

    Too hard to pick 4. Four from the 70s is hard enough. But it’s worth noting that 2 Steelers played such a physical brand of football that the league had to CHANGE THE RULES because of them (Blount, Ward). I’d consider Greene, Blount, Ward, and Woodson as off the top of my head front runners.

  • Jazz

    This is too tough just pick four, but if I had to, I would stick solely to the players as well. We all know Colbert picks were legitimate, but I think he was sucking up just a tab too. My four? Joe Greene, Rod Woodson, Mel Blount, Jack Lambert. Man, that was so hard to do, Defense Wins Championships. If you go back in time, all four of those guys contributed to winning several games and SuperBowls. Although Rod Woodson never won one there in Pittsburgh, the guy was electrifying! The Steelers haven’t drafted a DB with the skill set of a Rod Woodson since 1987. Wow! It has been 27yrs since they have had a true Playmaker in the backfield.