Colbert Looks Forward To What Porter Can Add To The Pass Rush Of Worilds And Jones

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert is making his media rounds this week prior to leaving for scouting combine and on Thursday he was interviewed on DVE Radio. During the interview, Colbert was asked to comment again on former linebacker Joey Porter being hired this past week as a defensive assistant and his response was interesting.

“Having known Joey when he was here as a player, you know what he can bring from a passion standpoint,” said Colbert. “But we’ve seen him grow at Colorado State as a coach and Joey is a very technically sound pass rush guy, so we’re looking forward to the techniques and the idiosyncrasies that he can add to the pass rush of some of our young guys, including [Jason] Worilds and Jarvis [Jones]. So Joey’s kind of a been there, done that, guy, but he’ll also bring some fire and some passion to the pass rush.”

The interesting part is that Colbert included Jason Worilds being as he currently isn’t a under contract for 2014. Colbert was immediately asked about the soon-to-be free agent and if both he and LaMarr Woodley can be retained next season.

“Yeah, that’s possible,” said Colbert. “Obviously Jason had a great finish and even in 2012 when he had a chance to play, I think he had five sacks in 40 percent of the snaps. So Jason’s been productive when he’s had the opportunity to play. Of course he’s been behind some pretty good guys and LaMarr was one of those guys.

“LaMarr’s health is something that we have to continue to monitor, because he hasn’t held up over the last three years and I know that’s frustrating for him. But could we have both of them? Yes, we could, but it depends on how everything will shake out in these next couple of weeks as far as us getting in [salary cap] compliance.”

It’s not hard to read between the lines here, especially being as team president Art Rooney II said a few weeks ago that the hope is to get Worilds locked up long term. Colbert makes it sound like Worilds returning is a done deal and while he says it’s possible to keep Woodley in addition, it’s becoming clearer everyday that the chances of that happening are very unlikely.

  • Iron Cadet

    Good, worilds is this year’a Keenan Lewis. We can’t make that mistake twice

  • LayDownTheHammer

    In other news, can we please sign Louis Delmas? The age of the “Steelers Way” on not signing veteran FAs needs to end because that assumed we could draft half decently.

  • cp72

    Wow that might have been a rare Colbert slip. If we can get Worlds resigned then maybe Cotchery and Hood that’s a successful free agency period. Throw in maybe a veteran safety or corner that would be icing on the cake.

  • cp72

    Delmas is just 26. That’s about the same age we signed Clark.

  • SteelersDepot

    Um, that knee of his ain’t so good. Only practiced once a week most of season and it showed. It’s degenerative.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    Is that really why Detroit released him? His play was not substandard at all. Heck, with a DJD’d knee he’s still an upgrade over Rob Golden and the other putzes we got back there behind Clark, Shark, and Troy.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    Please, no Worilds resigning. The guy is lazy and always injured except conveniently in a contract year when he still can’t play the run or coverage. Another Tomlin draft bust.

  • SteelersDepot

    it’s a minor miracle he played all 16 games. listed on injury report as questionable for 15 games. missed a ton of practice time.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The was the first thing I noticed too when I read it as well was Colbert seems to expect Worlids to be part of the Steelers but Woodley is somewhat up in the air.

  • treeher

    Come on, man, he’s played behind two thumpers and had some injury time lost. Only in his fourth year and he had a breakout season. Took Harrison until his fourth season to do anything.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Looks like Woodley might be the odd man out but those cap numbers don’t sound like they can release him. Looks like Wood will have to take a pay cut to stay on this team = shake out.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Sounding like the Steelers plan on drafting some OLB’s or bringing in some FA’s to go along with Worilds and Jones. Woodley looks like the odd man out. I’m good if we can bring all three back but if Woodley is cut we have some serious depth issues unless they plan on bringing in a plug and play FA.

  • Tom

    How much difference will Porter make?
    Do the other coaches not know how to teach pass rushing techniques?
    Are pass rushing techniques not taught in college?

  • Madi

    Yeah! What I want to know is, why do we still have coaches at all? These guys are in their 20s, for god’s sake. Haven’t they learned how to play football yet? With the salary cap situation the way it is, we should drop the staff and use the cash to sign a big receiver for Ben.


    Colbert doesn’t slip. That message was loud and clear to Woodley.

  • sean mcmartin

    So if woodley goes, Its possible Harrison and woodley could team up again.
    but AZ needs a good passrusher to compete against niners and seahawks,
    Time for another team to overpay woodley. He is not earning his money with Steelers. doubt he will take a paycut even though he has been well paid for not playing a full season..

  • Jason

    U just described Woodley, not Worilds.

  • steeltown

    Umm.. he played all 16 games in 2012 before his breakout year in 2013, he’s been our healthiest and most productive LB for the last 2-3yrs

  • steeltown

    Very interesting…

    I wonder if they may ask Woodley to take a paycut?? It seems unlikely, but if they re-sign Worilds the FO will have a lot of pull when it comes to Woodley and he HAS to know his injuries have hurt the Team

  • steeltown

    Look out for Dangerfield.. I know I know he was brought in as a camp body but he could make the roster and be the next Cromartie-Smith type backup. He was a two-year co-captain. Towson HC Rob Ambrose said Dangerfield is the “vocal and physical leader of the Tiger defense, an excellent tackler and very passionate football player, he’s great leader and a very smart player, and has good speed and excellent range”

    Who knows, if Clark and/or Will Allen are not brought back it will atleast make for interesting competition in training camp with Golden and Ventrone… we carried 5 Safeties on roster last year

  • dkoy85


  • steeltown


  • Ike Evans

    Don’t even say Keenan Lewis out loud smh he was ball in all year smh I don’t wanna think about it anymore lol

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    #LayDownThePipe should have been your username. He wasn’t lazy nor bad player. Athletically he’s almost among elite, I even perceived him as Chris Clemons 2.0 has been our most productive pass-rusher past 2 years. He got much better as season wore down in the run support and even Ravens schematically designed offensive plays to block just Worilds alone. His ceiling is much higher than JJ at this point so of course, you sign him, keep him.

  • Iron Cadet

    More picks than all of our cbs combined…

  • Ike Evans

    He who must not be named

  • Iron Cadet

    Ugh it’s just so sad…

  • LayDownTheHammer

    Lots of optimism but that still doesn’t explain why he can’t begin to play the run or coverage. That’s more Xs and Os mentally than anything else. The best LBs are cerebral and he is not.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    Woodley’s run stopping and covering makes Worilds look like if you or I tried to do that in the NFL.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    That’s not saying much. Willie Gay and Curtis Brown have also been our healthiest CBs. And I would HARDLY call his year ‘breakout’ unless you mean that you have nothing to compare it to because he was always injured and/or riding the bench.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    Clever joke on my name; very amused. Few holes in your argument:
    1) Athleticism doesn’t cut it in the NFL. Every player is “athletic”. Other athletic players: Denard Robinson, Chris Rainey, and Margus Hunt. You can decide how much of an NFL impact they have had.
    2) Our most productive pass rusher the last two years. Well that’s dandy if you’re comparing him to one LB who’s fat and unmotivated and always injured, one who tries to rush the passer at all of 240 lbs and barely made an impact last season, or the other slugs back there that includes the absolutely good-for-nothing Chris Carter.
    3) “Got better in run support” – that was because JJ was on the opposite side of him frequently and teams would always thus run towards JJ instead. Ravens schemed to block him alone was because if it’s him and JJ on the field, you always block the only threat. Everyone knows JJ was not a run-blocking threat so of course you’ll use use the energy to block him.
    4) Ceiling – I hate this term. We should play a game and see how many players with that so-called “high ceiling” flamed out. You can see my start in those 3 players I mentioned above. Ceiling is a draftnik term which means it’s dumb; it refers to “potential based on size and/or athleticism that a player can achieve if put in the right scheme, coached properly, and most of all, the player can mentally grasp the NFL with lots of hard work.” I’m sorry. If Worilds hasn’t grasped this in 4 seasons, it’s highly unlikely he will now. Everyone is spoiled by Deebo but he is an extremely rare exception. If anything, JJ has the higher “ceiling” because you don’t know how much time he will put into the playbook, training, and the weightroom in the offseason – growth occurs highest between rookie-2nd season and exponentially tapers thereafter. Worilds has shown very very poor progress since his rookie year; he almost seems suited to a 4-3 OLB, and of course, JJ played in a 3-4 in college.

  • Madi


  • ND_Steel

    Worse yet, could Jason Worilds be the next Mike Vrabel? Remember that debacle when we signed Gildon to a fat contract, along with Washington and I believe Scott? Sound familiar? Gildon=Woodley, and Taylor= Washington…can’t believe the fat contracts these guys have, no wonder they aren’t hungry any more…Woodley, Ike earning 10M+…good grief…