Daniel Jeremiah Has Steelers Selecting Alabama ILB C.J. Mosley In His Latest Mock Draft

Now that he is done covering the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, NFL media draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah has now released his latest mock draft for the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft and this time has Alabama inside linebacker C.J. Mosley being selected 15th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jeremiah writes:

The Steelers defense needs help up the middle and Mosley is a ready-made pro.

That’s a pretty brief justification for the pick and it’s plausible that Mosley could have the Steelers eyes.

Lawrence Timmons isn’t getting any younger and we really still don’t know whether or not Sean Spence will ever play a down as he continues to fight back from the knee injury suffered during the preseason of his rookie year.

In addition to Timmons and Spence, Vince Williams has still yet to show he can stay on the field for obvious passing downs and until he does, there will always be questions. Mosley is a three-down player, however, and he should already have a good grasp of the basics of the 3-4 defense. If there was ever an inside linebacker in this draft that could probably start day one in the Steelers defense, Mosley would be the one.

Mosley is more of a mack prospect than he is a buck, but with those distinctions and roles blurring more and more each year in the Steelers defense, thanks to the demise of the fullback, playing alongside Timmons shouldn’t be an issue.

Mosley has a solid character and comes from a top-notch program and while many will make solid arguments against him being the selection, there will be an equal amount of good ones as to why he could be.

Get after this player in the comments below.

  • Brandon James

    This all really depends, but I will say that..Timmons/Mosley running the helm would make for one of the best ILB Tandems in the league. I don’t see ILB as a Round 1 pick though.

  • j m

    ILBs in a 3-4 have to blitz, cover, and stop the run. And this guy is supposed to be a sure-fire starter from Day 1. I would not be unhappy with this pick.
    But I still pray for Gilbert or Evans at 15.

  • Bill Sechrengost

    While I do like Mosely, I’m not sure he is the most athletic ILB out there. He didn’t participate in the combine, so we’ll have to wait for the Alabama pro day to see his measurables. I would like them to go after someone like Christian Jones from Florida State later in the draft. He has played both outside and inside linebacker.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    If we pick an ILB in this draft i want it to be Borland

  • steeltown

    As much as I like the potential of Vince Williams and am hoping for a return of Spence..I guess I wouldn’t be upset with this selection if he was indeed the best available.. can never have enough LBs… though I think OLB might be the bigger need once the dust settles. Also, I cant help but read too much into Colberts statements about Spence, he seemed very optimistic… im torn on this one

  • Rob

    Ugghh… Whatever, I suppose it could be worse at 15. I think it’s uninspired though. If we are going backer, then go outside

  • steeltown


  • dkoy85

    I see mocks of Borland going in the 2nd round. That’s just too early for him IMO. 4th round I’d take him for sure.

  • Aric Brown

    Agreed… i dont love it but i dont hate it… we could do a lot worse at 15

  • dkoy85

    For me this pick wouldn’t make me happy or upset- pretty much just blah. He’s a good player no doubt about it, I’d just like to see our #15 go to a different position. However, anybody that can come in and help stuff the run is a welcomed addition!

  • There are many reasons why I don’t think this should be the pick….just to name a few: He’s not typical for the Buck, I feel better about our ILB than other positions especially CB, etc. With all that being said I was hoping we could somehow get Mosley in this yrs draft ever since last yrs draft when it was apparent we would ride Foote out for one yr….I love this player and I do think he can be something special. He is very athletic, smart, and has some serious range on him….and he can cover to boot. Love him……..but I just don’t think the steelers are going to feel the same way about the Buck not needing to be the Buck and having two Macks. We might find out if he is still on the board in May.

  • JT

    Everybody wants to be the 49ers, right? I’m good with trying to have two of the most talented players at ILB. If Gilbert, Denard, Dix, and Mack are gone… Which is very possible… He’d likely be the biggest shot in the arm left for the defense. He’s not my first pick, but he’s a leader and a hell of a football player. I like it.

  • harding36

    So, I’m torn on this. On the one hand, it seems like Mosley would be a luxury pick, especially when there are glaring needs at corner and safety.
    On the other hand, I really like his game: he’s an extremely safe pick, he’d be an immediate upgrade over Vince Williams and pairing Mosley and JJ gives the Steelers a strong, young LB core for the next several seasons.

  • T R

    Dave, what do you think about picking up Ravens Jameel Mcclain after he is released from the Ravens…


    I’m not…Mosley would be a luxury pick imo. He might the best ILB prospect in this class, but as ILB prospects go, he’s a couple of notches behind Ogletree whom I felt was the best ILB in the class LY. I don’t like the pick…as much as I don’t the CBs at the top of the drat, I’d go Gilbert before I’d pick Mosley.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I would actually be quite pissed with this pick. Reasons?

    1) Williams has only played 1 year. Give him a bloody chance to improve.
    2) There are others on the roster that may still be able to help, even if it’s an outside chance at the moment.
    3) If they spend so much time in Dime and Quarter packages going forward, with the NFL’s emphasis on passing, why bother spending a high pick on ILB right now?
    4) The extreme need at other positions dictates I would rather see a CB, S, OLB, TE instead. Otherwise, next year they could be in deep trouble, especially in the secondary.

    I’m sure things will change after FA, but I doubt it would change my mind.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    And while he’s sitting on the bench with a recurring shoulder/hip/knee injury we can debate which of us fans saw his injury history as a problem and which of us ignored it.

  • JohnB

    I have this as one of my favorites for a first round pick. Foote isnt getting any younger and he probably wont be as good at first. WIlliams is serviceable but hopefully he gets stronger, and I really don’t see Spence coming back AND stealing the starting spot. ILB is a big factor in stopping the run.

  • Paddy

    They really need a player that can help right away, they will need two drafts to get back to where they want to be.

  • dgh57

    OLB may end up being the biggest need if we don’t resign Worilds!

  • cp72

    In two years we are going to be talking about Timmons getting old and we are paying him to much.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I am really torn at picking a early ILB. We have some young guys on the team that have potential and hate to make a 1st round pick if any of the guys already on the team can be a starter. The other side is if the young guys do not grow then we are in a world of hurt. Mosley isn’t exciting to me. He doesnt seem to be a playmaker. I see him as very average.

  • Brandon James

    I don’t mean he doesn’t have R1 talent, because he is a Day 1 starter. I am saying draft board wise for the steelers, I think Safety/WR will be the way to go. We don’t need shutdown corners in our defensive system, so I don’t think we should draft a R1 corner. Its the same reason people are saying why we shouldn’t draft nix, our scheme keeps him off the field a lot so for the value of that defensive spot Safety would be smarter to go I think for R1. If not go WR, or if Barr/Mosley are there take em.

  • Axe Skot

    All I can say is that if he would beat out all others to start next to LT, IF AND ONLY IF, then I wouldn’t have a problem with this pick in the first. I still have a feeling that no matter what corner or safety gets drafted in the first couple of rounds isn’t going to start.

  • harding36

    I agree. If Mosely is the highest rated player on the board at 15, you have to consider him. Folks seem to be giving Vince Williams a pass because of his experience level, but man, he was really bad at times last year.

  • Matt Manzo

    If Gilbert’s gone it’s between Evans and Mosley. If Evans and Gilbert are gone if rather trade down. If no one wants to trade I’d even be ok reaching for Fuller, maybe Pryor? Pryor and Mosley seem identical in value and skills and production. So if 15 is too high for Pryor it’s too high for Mosley. BUT, like someone said, if he can play right away I can see some sense in the pick.


    No doubt…time waits for no one and the clock ticks faster in the NFL…but 2 yrs you’re essentially saying ILB is a luxury pick this year.

  • Virdin Barzey

    If we can’t get the best corner at 15, I like the pick of Mosely. He’s an instant upgrade from anything we have and its a crucial position. I’m all for Vince to take a step forward but his covering skills leave a lot to be desired. Add to that, we don’t have a nose tackle that can take up two blockers anymore and its been a tough rebuild. Lack of pressure on the QB from our LBs have been a major concern for the last few years.

    Its no contest between Mosely and a corner. We need a corner like we need air. If Spence comes back to full form, which is what I believe the coaches are banking on, no way we pick Mosely. Fine by me but we have to fix that corner first. Plus we are real thin at OLB as well.

    Our defense has major holes to fix and with the cap, its going to be tough. We can’t afford any more bust in the draft like Ziggy, Mendy, Limas, etc. Colbert really needs to get this one right or we are heading to several more years out of the playoffs and not contending.


    Williams did look bad at times LY, and Mosley will too, that’s the nature of being a rookie in the NFL…I think a lot people are just thinking Bama pedigree he must be good…LSU ran on them, Auburn ran on them, GA ran on them until Gurly got hurt in the SEC championship game.

    IMO both he and Clinton-Dix are living off their past brethren accomplishments…not all their fault of course, but Bama’s DEF got pushed around think this year. Kouandjio is the best prospect (1st round) on that squad this year.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Could add some depth and he’s still young.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Mosely would be a good pick at 1.15. If our OLB position is already taken care that pick would make a lot of sense. Moseley/Timmons would be a pretty good force along with having our OLB’s locked up so we could focus on other draft needs such as CB WR and defensive depth.

  • steelster

    How about 3 drafts and that is if they pick the right players

  • steelster

    pass on mosley and pick van noy from byu in the second round, he can play inside and outside lb. watch this kid on youtube, wow

  • blackandgoldBullion

    How many times can i up vote this? Van Noy could end up being a stud.

  • alex

    me thinks you nailed it going forward in this pass happy league in relation to our CB/SS needs…

    but the questions for us are how do we strengthen our weak run D or create sacks?

  • RyanW

    I wouldnt mind this pick at all but would prefer a CB or S also in round 2 id like to see us get Clemson WR Martavis Bryant dude is 6’4 211lbs and did great at the combine.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I have read plenty steelers fans posting on different topics regarding thid yrs draft class and someone spoke of van noy so i watched his uighlights on youtube as i do with everyone steelers fsns bring to my attention and this dude really caught my eye drafting him would be like having another tp43 on the field really hope we get this kid

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    If the top cbs are gone at 15 i think we should take te ebron / wr lee/evans or try to trade back and get safety or dt

  • Steve

    These draft people change there minds about every week to get in the press.

  • Patrick Reid

    Big fan of Jones!!

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    Shut down corners get you off the field on 3rd down though and they take 1/2 the field away…

  • Andrew Alberico

    Your comment is great. Right on. If the Steelers don’t draft a CB or WR by pick 15, one really worthy of that pick, I would trade down. Get the best available WR or CB left on the board, a true Round 1 pick, and get an extra Round 2 or 3. An inside LB is not needed as much as a CB and decent-sized receiver with speed.

  • Matthew Suloman

    Dee Ford

  • Matthew Suloman

    So am I!

  • Matthew Suloman

    I may be wrong, but I think Jarvis was not a good pick. Should have picked up Xavier Rhoads, then land Dee Ford this year.

  • Matthew Suloman

    No doubt

  • Matthew Suloman

    Cornerback….end of story. Why they didn’t take Xavier Rhoads last year instead of beanpole

  • Matthew Suloman

    It starts with a stout NT

  • Matthew Suloman

    Or redraft dating back to – lets see..,2006!

  • Matthew Suloman

    Heck, I’d even take Dee Ford over those guys. They are terrible in the war room. I swear some of the fans could draft better.

  • Matt Manzo

    I wouldn’t be mad if we took Ford! I’m not afraid of reaching, this year we might have to. Praying that someone falls. And it seems like after the combine a lot of guys moved up: Gilbert, Evans. So someone’s gonna fall, I just hope it’s not OL.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Find another James Harrison? It just makes me want to cry. I have said all along that decades we would look back and truly see how great guys like Lambert and Harrison were to the success of the Steelers.