Eagles C Jason Kelce Sets Market Value For Centers With New Contract Extension

On Thursday, the Philadelphia Eagles signed center Jason Kelce to a six-year, $37.5 million contract extension that reportedly included $13 million guaranteed. Being as he had one year remaining on his old contract, the entire deal is being reported as having a potential max value of $40.11 million.

You can break down this deal several ways, but let’s look at the new money side of it which is the $37.5 million over six years as that is likely what other agents will want to compare their clients to. That breaks down to a potential max average of nearly $6.26 million a season.

As far as the $13 million guaranteed goes, I have yet to see how much of that was a signing bonus and whether or not any of the base salaries in the second and third years of the deal are tied to injury, so until I do, we really only have the raw figures to go by.

Being as many consider Kelce to be the top center in the league right now, his new deal figures to set the top of the market for Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack and eventually Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey.

Pouncey is about to enter into the final year of his rookie contract and being as he is coming off a knee injury that sidelined for all but eight snaps of the 2013 season, I doubt he will be signed to an extension between now and the start of the 2014 season. He does, however, now have a big incentive to not only stay healthy, but play well in addition. If he does, the Steelers will have to try to get him extended next offseason before the start of free agency or use the franchise tag on him until a new deal is worked out, if they wish to retain him.

Regardless of the season Pouncey has in 2014, I just can’t see him getting Kelce-type money, but he could possibly demand around $4 million per season if all goes well. Several have estimated the 2014 franchise tag for offensive linemen as likely coming in around $11 million. How much will it be next year? As we sit here right now, I can’t see the Steelers tagging him.

The good thing about doing a new deal next season for Pouncey as opposed to this year is that his first year cap hit should be low. When you consider that a few players will be extended later this summer and that their second-year cap hits will be higher than their 2014 charges, it shouldn’t be hard to do.

We have a long time to wait until we likely will discuss this in more detail, but at least it appears as though we have a ceiling as far as Pouncey’s market value goes. It’s up to him now to show just how close to that ceiling he can get.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    If he plays at a Pro Bowl level then it might cost $6 per year to sign him next year. coming off this injury the Steelers might get lucky, if he can play well, not great and they sign him for the type of money you’re thinking. Then hopefully he plays great later with a superior overall line.

    Let’s hope for the best.

  • I hope he balls out this yr! I want every player to play the best of their abilities each and every yr regardless of contract situations….and pouncey’s abilities are that of a pro bowler….him playing at a pro bowl level only increases our chances of getting back to the playoffs and that’s what’s on my mind first and formost. If he plays at that level and they don’t want to pay him close to what he’s worth and/or he doesn’t want to take a little bit of a home town discount than it is what it is i guess but I agree with what you said in your first sentence he will get $6 mil per yr. or somewhere in that range….unless he plays poorly which I personally would be upset about.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’d rather give Pouncey that money than Worilds.

  • NW86

    I hope you’re right that this sets Pouncey’s ceiling, but I’m not so sure. Kelce may be considered one of the best Centers, but that is not the top deal on the market. There are of course a lot of OL at other positions making a lot more, but even among Centers, Kalil of the Panthers and Mangold of the Jets are both playing under contracts from a couple years back that average over $7.5M/yr. Kelce may have given a bit of a discount for getting the early extension and financial security. I think it will be more telling to see what Alex Mack gets, since he is set to become a free agent.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    That is a tough call. Do not want to make that decision

  • Matthew Janis

    As long as Decastro can control himself this year, I see him coming out with a vengeance! I, for one, am pulling for the kid! And I am praying he doesn’t get taken down with his brother in the future court cases….

  • Matt Manzo

    Right! There are some similarities, injury, production, youth. But Pouncey has proven himself before, where I feel Worilds hasn’t quite yet.

  • Matt Manzo

    What court cases???

  • Matthew Janis

    No, no… I’m just saying I hope he doesn’t get dragged down with whole Hernandez BS that is going on. I REALLY hope neither Pouncey had any parts of that situation. At one time, both of their names were brought up as potentially being associated with the situation…

  • JT

    I understand that it’s much simpler this way, but it’s awful how much LTs throw off the OL tag.

  • Matt Manzo

    I totally read it wrong! I thought you said Decastro was having legal issues…I almost crapped my pants!

  • pittsburghjoe

    Let the guy walk!!! He is the most overrated lineman in the NFL. If he can be effectively replaced by one street guy, he is not worth the money. Oh, I stand corrected, he was effectively replaced by 2 street guys. Come on, take your blinders, and your free Hernandez hats off, and see the light. The guy must go!!!! He is nothing more than a good lineman, not a “6 million dollar man”. You guys probably think Tebow has potential as well. Give me a freaking break!

  • CrazyTerry

    Pouncey is overrated. He gets injured too often to merit anything higher than that contract in terms of guaranteed money. Maybe games played incentives is fine. I would rather see if Steelers can trade him(and maybe add a mid round pick) to a team that needs a good center and shore up one of our weaknesses at LT or Corner with a good player in return. Sign Wallace and Velasco instead. Sure, that will be a downgrade at center, but will be offset by the player we get in return.

  • OK pittsburghjoe, let’s just get raid of a 3 time all pro (I mean pro bowl would be one thing bc that’s voted on by fans like yourself, but all pro? now that has meaning). That just sounds like an uneducated football thing to say. I don’t know why some people think more of wallace and velasco than what they are…..serviceable backups. I am not trying to take anything away from those 2 players by any means but they are backups. I loved what they did last year bc they did their jobs and played like a good backup which was awesome but neither of them did anything special and neither of them won themselves a starting job–anywhere in this league…if they both left the time this yr would they start for another team in the NFL next year, no. So I can only speak for myself I guess, but I would not want them staring for my team the Steelers. I do however want Wallace back bc he showed that he can hold it down if called upon….much respect! And yes I would take an all pro at the center position (even though it’s not a sexy position) for $6 mil a yr.