Former Steelers Guard Alan Faneca Finished His First Marathon On Sunday

For 13 seasons, Alan Faneca provided lanes for backs to run through as a left guard, but this past Sunday, it was the former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman doing the running as he completed his first marathon.

Faneca, who as you can see in the picture below that was tweeted out on Sunday, has lost more than 100 pounds since calling it career after the 2010 season. He finished the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 3:56:17 and afterwards had himself a beer to celebrate, according to Hannah McGoldrick of

“A lot of people ask me, do I miss football? I don’t miss football but what I do miss is that first beer after a game,” he said. “I had the same feeling after the race.”

As far as all of the weight that Faneca has lost, he said that he accomplished that by watching his calorie intake and sticking to a six-days-a-week cardio plan.

For now, Faneca doesn’t have any more marathons currently on his calendar, but that he is considering running a duathlon, which incorporates cycling in with running.

Faneca isn’t the only former Steelers player to take up such a grueling hobby, however, as former wide receiver Hines Ward completed his first triathlon just last year.

Faneca played 10 seasons in Pittsburgh after being drafted by the Steelers in the first-round of the 1998 NFL Draft out of LSU. He finished his career with the Arizona Cardinals after playing two seasons with the New York Jets from 2008-09.

  • Rob H

    Holy Crap!!! You would never be able to tell he was an NFL O-lineman, he looks like he lost an entire person from his frame. I would have thought he had more muscle than that.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Wow almost did recognize him. Great job on the marathon running under 4hrs is pretty awesome

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Congratulations to Alan Faneca. That is an awesome achievement for a former lineman. He looks like he is in shape to play safety now!

  • alevin16

    If this was on any other site I would say it was photoshopped! He must be solid muscle now! Kudos to him I am even more impressed that a former offensive lineman can run a marathon with all the pounding his knees took during his playing days.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Doesn’t even look like the same guy.

  • chris ward

    Wow congrats to Alan Faneca, good to see him physically healthy in his post- career. Looks like a completely different guy, being at one time he was a 300 pound lineman leading Bettis through the hole on a Power O.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Wow! Great stuff. Look at the muscles just above the knee– that tells me he’s ready to cycle as well. And he is thinking right by first losing the weight. Then great cardio shape so he’s ready for the rest of his life. He can still put on a little more muscle if he wants.

  • Jollyrob68

    Outstanding job.

  • steeltown

    Was 6’5 315lbs.. in this picture he looks 5’11 180lbs haha craziness. Congrats to Faneca, a Steeler great and great human being.