Is Chiefs Soon-To-Be Free Agent DE Tyson Jackson A Fit For The Steelers?

In a Wednesday evening post on Yahoo by Nick Mensio, listed potential low profile free agent fits for all 32 teams and has Kansas City Chiefs soon-to-be free agent defensive end Tyson Jackson listed for the Steelers.

Mensio writes:

Jackson revived his career as a 3-4 end under coach Andy Reid and DC Bob Sutton with the Chiefs in 2013 and is hitting the market at the right time. DEs Ziggy Hood and Brett Keisel are free agents in Pittsburgh and likely aren’t going to be brought back. The Steelers need to get younger up front and shore up their 21st-ranked run defense. Jackson will turn 27 in June and can play either side of the line.

Jackson, who was selected third overall by the Chiefs in 2009 NFL Draft, did play well last season and had a career-high four sacks. However, as Adam Teicher of smartly pointed out recently, Jackson played mainly on running downs. In fact, Jackson’s 519 total snaps played last season, including the playoffs, was exactly 43% of all defensive snaps.

According to Pro Football Focus, Jackson rushed the passer 266 times in 2013 and his four sacks coupled with eight total hurries resulted in a lowly 4.1 pass rushing productivity number. If you are scoring at home, Steelers soon-to-be free agent defensive end Ziggy Hood had a 4.3 pass rushing productivity number in 2013 and he played 59.1% of all defensive snaps.

Teicher also added this tidbit on Jackson:

Jackson was the third overall pick in the 2009 draft but has never played up to that standard. Jackson was drafted to fill a need when the Chiefs required some defensive ends to play in what was their new 3-4 defense. Jackson’s first three seasons were largely a waste. He started in two of them mainly because the Chiefs were trying to justify the pick and they had no one better.

Does the above sound familiar? Instead of signing Jackson, the Steelers would likely be better off just re-signing Hood as both will likely have the same market value.

As far as Steelers moving on elsewhere, Mensio has wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders as being a fit for the Detroit Lions. I could certainly see that possibly coming to fruition, but I wonder how Sanders feet and knee would do on the field turf of Ford Field.

  • Richie

    I agree with everything and Sanders too

  • Addison

    That actually be good for the steelers. If they do I doubt they’ll draft one of the top recievers

  • steeltown

    I agree.. this wouldn’t make much sense, if it was truly a choice between Hood and Jackson the smart choice would be to just re-signing Hood, not only has he never missed a game in his career but he has experience in our Defense

  • steeltown

    Yea but they’d then just target one of the top CBs

  • Addison

    I get the impression the steelers always want to win NOW. So to win now they’ll need immediate production. I don’t see the defense winning games for us for a couple more years.

  • dgh57

    Whether we sign him or not, it will tell us how the FO and coaching staff feels about B. Arnfelt and Nick Williams. I’m thinking we would be spinning our wheels signing Jackson and expect any FA pickup to be a CB and/or S.

  • steeltown

    Yea but they can certainly lose them for us… we need DBs and we need em now

  • dgh57

    We need DBs like yesterday!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Because Jackson was a former early first round pick he also will come with a expensive tag. Hood should be had cheaper for the same production.

  • Addison

    Oh I couldn’t agree more. I was losing my freaking mind watching lewis shutting down Jackson in the playoffs. Steelers never made an offer so I don’t want to hear this hometown bull. They put they’re eggs in on Cortez and it’s biting them now. Ben has 4-5 more year get him a weapon. The recievers will most likely leave to, but who care the Big Ben era is over and we go into the Steward dark ages again. Hopefully not Sermon over. Haha

  • dkoy85

    Agreed. But I do hope they find a replacement/upgrade for Hood. Maybe a vet like Flozelle that has a couple solid years left in the tank that way we can wait for Arnfelt or Williams to come along.

  • Rob H

    In FA, free safety and a traditional NT (maybe ILB) make more sense to me, resign Woods and maybe Keisil for the vet minimum.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Don’t like Hood and agree that Jackson is probably the same player. These guys are backups. Sign Ziggy for dirt since not worth much more. Put McLendon at DE and Woods at center. Draft a center.

  • taztroy43

    I would rather sign de corey wooton from the bears who is 25 I believe…I think he can be a hayward type of player with the right coaching….I would pass on jackson….imo

  • 243546

    Tyson Jackson received a 2 year/$21M contract after the 2011 season. He just has his best season, so I doubt he’s going to be cheap.

  • Addison

    Read Dave’s post and watched his video. I’ll make an exception for this guy. Darqueze Dennard. I’m scarred and confused. Save us Colbert! Do something! Oh God (sarcasm)

  • 243546

    I don’t think it would be a reflection of Arnfelt or Williams. Whether they have a future or not, neither one is going to be an answer this year. If it took Heyward until his 3rd year to crack the starting lineup, how are an UDFA and a 7th round pick, who have combined for 4 NFL snaps, expected to be ready in just their 2nd year?

  • Luke Shabro

    Landry Jones, mediocre QB of the future lol.

  • Addison

    You got it all wrong dude! Fourth year he will be elite and thennnnnnn gone.

  • dgh57

    I see it as telling us how far along the development of our DEs are doing who are in the pipeline depending on who gets signed and resigned between Jackson(or whoever), Hood, and Keisel. Any combination of the two would mean to me that they have a ways to go. If only one then Arnfelt must of shown something in practice last year while he was on the PS. Post draft may tell a different story.

  • steelster

    so we get rid of one first round bust in hood and we pick up a bigger first round bust in Jackson, yeah that makes sense.