Larry Foote Would Rather Teammates Smoke Marijuana All Night Instead Of Drinking

This past week, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said on the ESPN show, “First Take“, that he knows of teammates that smoke marijuana. On Saturday, linebacker Larry Foote was asked by Bob Pompeani in a radio interview to give his thoughts on what Clark had to say.

“I don’t know if he knows it, he’s seen it, or specifically who does it, but I’m just assuming that everybody does,” Foote said.

Foote went on to say that he advises the young players all the time that if they’re going to smoke it, they need to do it at home and in privacy instead of riding around in a car where they might get caught and arrested for it.

While Foote said he thinks it’s better for players to smoke marijuana for pain instead of risking getting addicted to pills, he thinks the league should think twice about stopping testing for it because of the message it would send to children.

“The headlines saying the NFL might just drop testing for it, I’m against that because it sends the wrong message to the young kids,” he said.

Foote added that while he has heard some stories about players using marijuana instead of pills for pain management, he thinks for the most part they still smoke it for recreationally reasons. However, from a physical standpoint, Foote said he would rather have a teammate smoke weed all night instead of drinking alcohol all night.

“Just because you know the effects the next day,” he said.

Listen to the full interview below:


  • Steve

    Sounds like Foote has been smokin to relieve pain and for recreation purposes, rather than taking pain pills and admits his father smoked pot.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    From a medical perspective, I agree. Marijuana (not acutely but chronically) is much less deleterious for health than alcohol and (obviously) smoking.

  • Steve

    Kills brain cells, which may be a deterrant.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    Alcohol kills neurons too. Actually there’s evidence that in places of the brain, marijuana has a neuroprotective effect. And I have no bias because I have neither touched alcohol nor marijuana.

  • pittsburghjoe

    I’m glad we can rely on the Depot comment section for medical advice.

  • Matt Manzo

    When I was younger I was surprised at how many people smoke weed. What’s even more surprising is how many who do coke! I don’t know about the sports world but the hardcore drugs are still everywhere. Weed is the least of our problems.

  • sean mcmartin

    drugs are bad, mmkay Denver its legal and they made the superbowl and seattle its legal and they won the superbowl. Hmmm might have to re-think my stance..

  • Aric Brown

    And that gentleman is how a true veteran answers a risque question… didn’t throw his teammates under the bus and “protected the shield” at the sametime… well done mr.foote well done

  • Eric MacLaurin

    THC is actually neuroprotective and keeps brain cells alive through oxygen depravation that would normally kill them.

  • CrazyTerry

    I think pot should be tested for , but not a huge priority, but the punishment should be a fine instead of probation or suspension. Make it akin to a dress code violation.

  • SteelerDave

    Let’s face it, many from our 70’s teams were on drugs, most a lot more than just marijuana. Had the testing abilities of today been around in the 70’s numerous players around the league would have been suspended.

    I have no problem with any adult who wishes to smoke marijuana so long as they are not introducing it to kids who are too young. Legalize it, tax it.

  • walter mason

    Marijuana for pain management? Thats news to me lol.

  • HiVul

    I think that there’s a lot of hypocrisy on this issue. Peyton Manning talks about how the first thing he wanted after a game was a beer and that’s okay, you’ll never hear anything negative about that (because beer is legal and therefore it MUST be better for you than marijuana right??) but talking about marijuana for pain management is a bad influence on the kids according to Larry Foote. Give me a break, we celebrate way more dangerous activities in our culture and think nothing of it.

  • James Kling

    Foote is absolutely correct on this. Look at all the problems with people on Oxycontin and Vicodin and the like: easy to get hooked and overdose. Smoke too much and you might get the munchies. Like he said, just don’t behind the wheel. As long as it doesn’t hurt the team (Santonio), I don’t really care and assume a high percentage of players do smoke.

  • Bill Molinaro

    How about having a little inner strength and not doing excessive drinking or marijuana; you know kind of like the old folk used to do.

  • James Kling

    When was that?

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Weed has basically no long term health risks. It helps encourage brain cell growth not kill them. Most “facts” about weed being a danger to health were actually made up in the 1930s.

  • Bill Molinaro

    When I was growing up drugs were virtually nonexistent to middle class. Nobody ever tried to sell them to us and I lived in a semi poor integrated community. Alcohol of course was a problem for some but not to the degree it is today. It seems that since the late 60s, people need chemical crutches of one sort or another as soon as they are under some pressure . People were not generally obese then either. It seems Americans have lost that inner core of strength they had through the 1950s. All we do today is play with smart phones and video games and strive to excel in nothing. We are fat and complacent; just like the Romans at the end of the Empire.