Ourlads First Mock Draft Of 2014 Includes Steelers Selecting Alabama T Cyrus Kouandjio

The folks at Ourlads.com have now released their first mock draft of the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft and it includes the Pittsburgh Steelers selecting Alabama tackle Cyrus Kouandjio with the 15th overall selection.

Here is their analysis of the Steelers pick:

Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama’s left tackle, had an up and down year, but is oozing with talent. Locks on defender with his big hands and long arms. Aggressive in the run game and moves his feet well as a pass protector. Had a rough go in the Sugar Bowl when Oklahoma put a small speed linebacker on his outside edge and he gave up two sacks. A safety or a corner is also in the mix.

Surprisingly, their mock has Buffalo outside linebacker Khalil Mack slipping all the way down to the 17th overall selection as most of the national ones that you will currently see have him off the board by the time the Steelers pick rolls around.

Their mock does, however, have the two top cornerbacks coming off the board in the first 12 picks in addition to two wide receivers and three tackles before the Steelers select..

As for the Steelers selecting a tackle in the first round, I am on record early on in the offseason as saying that I do not think that will happen. Not only that, it would not surprise one bit if they ignored the offensive line completely this year in the draft.

We will be breaking down Kouandjio in a future post, but for now we will leave it up to you to discuss this selection in the comments below.

  • Dan

    Agree with Dave, not very likely we take Kouandjio. I mean really, when’s the last time we used a high draft pick on a guy with such a funny name?
    BTW – Kiper and McShay both had mock updates today predicting we’ll take Nix.

  • Brian K

    Another doubtful pick.

  • CW

    Doubt that the team will completely ignore the offensive line this draft after ignoring it in last year’s draft. If they get a couple of late round compensatory picks I could see them bringing in a developmental player for the new offensive line coach to work with.

    But otherwise no if the STeelers pick at 15th overall, it’s doubtful at best and absurd at worst for a mock to have them take a tackle in the first round.

  • CW

    Though I will say that I could see this pick happening at 15th overall but if it does it means that the Steelers have traded back with the Cardinals to pick up extra draft picks which I could see easily happening as the Cardinals need a new left tackle this draft. Maybe a trade back with the Dolphins potentially as well if the fish don’t feel they can rely on Martin coming back and being effective at left tackle.

  • Michael Pearce

    Hell no. I like Ourlads but disagree here on this choice.

  • Intropy

    I doubt this pick, but I’d prefer it over Lee or Nix like I’ve seen in other mocks. But if Mack were available I’d take him over Kouandjio.


    Dave…agree that OT is probably not going to be the 15th pick, but I don’t know if ignoring the OL altogether is wise…I would look at some options in the 4-7 rounds.

    I do like this player though and I think he can play LT.

  • Bill Sechrengost

    I would never say never when it comes to an OT. If they draft one in the first round, I would think that means they’ve given up on Mike Adams or Marcus Gilbert or they are not in their long-term plans. We’ll see. I still think they have too many other needs, especially in the secondary, to take an OT that high.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Can I be honest? If Mike Evans is sitting there and we overlook him, we should be ashamed of ourselves.


    You never know how teams view players, but right now before the combine I think you have Matthews and maybe Robinson that are worthy of trading up for…aside from those guys I think the OTs on the 2nd tier are all players that probably will start out on the right side, or they should.


    In lieu of an OT @ 15…I agree.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    I somewhat agree depending on who else is available. If by some grace of the almighty Khalil Mack, Anthony Barr and Mike Evans are sitting there when we pick….paper, rock, scissors?

  • SFIC

    I was drinking the Evans koolaid a few months back, then I started looking closely at the tape. He’s not a very good route runner and relies heavily on his height and hands. Basically the ball was thrown up and he won most challenges. This won’t happen in the NFL where taller CB’s are becoming the rage. I truly believe he will struggle unless he can really improve his route running skills. I would let him pass by at #15.


    Everything that you said imo applied to Julio Jones when he came to ATL…or Demarious Thomas in DEN…but they were just physical freaks.

    I’m not suggesting Evans will better, as good, etc. but the point is the raw talent is there to be a star player. It really depends on how much he wants to be a great player.

    If nothing else, the new rookie CBA allows teams 4 yrs to develop a player at a more reasonable price…for the player…it’s all about getting to that 2nd NFL contract.

  • SFIC

    Jones and Thomas are more physical and stronger than Evans and they use that strength when they play too. I did not see that in Evans. Evans reminds me (dare I say it) of Limus Sweed. Sweed was the #1 ranked WR on most boards. Everyone was amazed he fell to us in 2. But I guess the scouts realized he was man amongst boys in college and when he got to the NFL he couldn’t adjust physically (and emotionally).

  • Ryan

    Definitely agree. No way they draft an OL in the first 4-5 rounds. They have invested enough high picks in the OL. Just need those guys to play up to their talent level.

  • Ben Anderson

    Yeah, right. The Steelers aren’t going to take yet another guy who can only play Right Tackle. He’s big but has problems protecting against twists and stunts and, in deference to the report from Ourlads, everyone else writes that he has problems with elite edge rushers.

  • westernsteel

    Another sign that national “media” is clueless. They are just throwing darts.

  • dgh57

    It’s interesting(and crazy I might add)they have us passing on Khalil Mack and instead selecting Kouandjio! He’s going to get a steady diet of smaller speed rushers at the next level so why would any team(not just us)select him that high if indeed that’s his problem?

  • T R

    According to the is Mock Draft.. if Knalil Mack drops anywhere close to 15. If his right toe is there at 15.. The Steelers will get him and Woodley is outta pittsburgh… Dont agree we will omit OL this year, now that we go Mike M in town.. I think they may reward him with one goodie to play with that he get to select πŸ™‚

  • James Kling

    He’s also just 20. A lot will depend on his interviews and combine performance. If we feel he can be coached up, it’s not like he can never learn to polish his route running skills.

  • sean mcmartin

    coming from someone who doesn’t know the Steelers need some defensive players.

  • 243546

    There is a rule in the mock draft community, when it comes to the Steelers. Everyone must publish at least one mock draft that has either an OT, CB, or NT going to the Steelers.

  • dennisdoubleday

    Ha, ha, I hope not…he got OWNED by Striker…it’s not as though there’s a shortage of fast edge rushers in the NFL.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    If thats the case i believe they go dt or te hoprfully te yes they need a lt but i dont see them picking one that early if at all maybe get one undrafted/FA

  • Dewayne Braxton

    I watched the games. I agree not only Beachum but the whole line improved. However, I think calling him a top left tackle is a long stretch. I firmly believe that passing on real left tackle will cost us. Starks, Jonathan Scott, and even Tre Essex looked good at times but none were long term answers. I Beachum is no better than the latter. I recall the Steelers having so much confidence in Beachum, that they traded away a draft pick for Levi Brown to start. Minus Brown’s injury, Beachum would not have played. That my friend is a fact. Go Steelers!


    Sweed might be a reach, but I get your point. Idk what Evans will turn out to be in the NFL…but he has the potential to be a star, or a bust, but probably somewhere in the middle.

  • SFIC

    Yeah, Sweed is probably a reach, but the way he played at Texas reminded me a lot of how Evans plays. Both need to use their size and develop strength when in tight coverage to win the ball. Also, improvement in route running is something that can take longer than some think.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I can’t disagree more. IF…notice I said IF….he can get better at running routes, those physical gifts will be what makes him elite.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Julio Jones….6’2.6 220
    D. Thomas…..6’3″ 224
    M. Evans….6’5″ 225

    At the larger height he could probably add another 10 pounds without losing any quickness. I don’t fear his ability to by physical or at least win the physical battles.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Sweed’s problem wasn’t route running or getting open….Sweed’s problem was he couldn’t hold onto the ball when it got there. Why? I’m not so sure, but it got into his head and he never recovered.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I think his interviews will be big, but I also think his pro day and his ability to tell the coaches WHAT they want to see combined with being able to do it…will also be huge.

  • Rick Tilves

    This Pick Sucks ! Need a WR first to take pressure off od Ben and Brown then go ALL D.

  • Nolrog

    I find it very hard to believe they will go for a T in the first round. The OL did pretty well the 2nd half of the season and the defense needs major major help.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I have said this before but this year I really do not have a clue what we are going to pick in the 1st. I actually like Truit the DE from ND. He has the size we look for at DE in the 3/4 plus he has the athletism to get pressure which would be a added bonus but off season moves before the draft will begin to clear things up IMO.

  • Nolrog

    Wouldn’t mind so much if they picked a NT or a CB. I see OL help in the draft, but in the middle.

    I’ve seen a couple on Bleacher Report that have us picking another OLB in the first.

  • SFIC

    I still feel Evans will struggle against the the bigger CB’s in the NFL. J. Jones, D. Thomas, C. Johnson, B. Marshall are all big and they all play “strong”. They all can play well in tough press coverage. Evans will struggle here IMO because even though he is big, doesn’t play that way.

  • LayDownTheHammer

    God I hope that’s not true. People’s obsession with size and athleticism in the face of plenty of negative tape is horrendous.

  • Ike Evans


  • Bob

    If Mathews or Robinson would somehow make it to 15, you take them. Otherwise, I doubt OL will get any early pick, but if it was me, until I HAD a quality OL I would keep drafting. For all of the QBs and WRs making the stats, the trenches is still where most games are won or lost.

  • SFIC

    It’s still early. Plus now that the draft is pushed back until May (which sucks big time) we have over 2 1/2 months to squabble. From what I saw of Truitt, he does everything well, not great, but well. For me I can’t put a 1st rd grade on him because I’m not sure he can be elite. It’s JMO but there really isn’t a DLineman I like for our system in rd1. Nix & Hageman are overrated from all the tape I reviewed. If we played a 43 I’d take Donald or Jernigan in a heart beat. For me, my pick is Jace Amaro…it’s been that for a few weeks now. I’ll see what the Combine does for that. But like in previous years, the Combine doesn’t mean as much to me as others feel as it focuses almost completely on measureables not football skills.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Steeler Nation wake up! Do you all really think Kelvin Beachum is the answer? Ben has to get a dominant player to protect his blind side. Moreover, why do you think Bell, who is loaded with talent, only averaged 3.5 yrds? Beachum is decent in pass protection but a total liabilty in the run game. Adams is a right tackle and the Steelers screwed up by moving him. Gilbert has proven not to be a starting caliber lineman and the below average second round bump is a free agent next year. Ok, so what do you have on the team? Nation, before Velasco got hurt he was their best lineman and he was cut. If we wait to pick a bumb in the middle rounds we might as well resign the ones we currently go 8 and 8 with. After all, nobody else will want them. The latter drives my point.

  • john m

    I agree. It is hard to know anything before the combine. I remember when our defense was suffocating like Seattle was in SB. My guess is that they will go defense. Truitt and Nix sound good to me. But the CB and safety positions are so thin. We have no one after Ike, CA, and Gay. If any of those 3 go down to injury, we r done.

  • Steve

    Sweed had vision problems, that they tried to correct with glases and contacts but never were able to.

  • SteelersDepot

    Did you miss the last seven games of the season? If you watched them, you would know that Beachum played like a top left tackle during those games.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I still think CB isnt awful but do agree on the Safety position. A 1st rounder there would make sense for me if there is a guy who fits the spot when we pick. Maybe Clinton does.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I have not done the break downs like I have in the past but you could be on it. Not sure I go TE that early in the 1st but if he is a game changer, TE is a spot that I feel we have a need for.

  • Intropy

    Are you using comparisons to Julio Jones and Demaryius Thomas as an argument in favor of selecting Evans at #15? If you were guaranteed he’d be as good as whichever of those two is better (it’s Jones) that would still not be a good use of a #15 pick.


    If your point is we need DEF…we’re on the same page. There are some DEF players I would take @ 15.

    That said, we don’t control all the chips holding the 15th pick. The BPA is most likely to be an OFC player based on the early rankings on most big boards.

    I would not pass over a better talent at an OFC position of need to take a DEF player that I can get comparable talent in the 2nd round.

    Curious to see your pool of potential picks for 15.


    I don’t think Mack will last until 15, but he his a player I would take…

  • Kenneth Wilt

    You realize that Jones was taken at #6 overall in his draft year? You realize that he was only 5 catches short of Cotchery’s catch totals this year while playing in 11 less games? Thomas while taken much later at 22 had nearly 100 catches and was a 2nd team All-Pro. The All-Pros this year were all 1st round picks other than A. Brown and J. Gordon who was a 2nd round supplemental pick. Having another all pro WR would not be a waste of a pick assuming that is what he can turn into.

  • SFIC

    Yeah, normally you’ve evaluated many players by now Shags…and I know you have a really good reason this year. That’s ok, I know you will get on it soon. I look forward to our pre-draft banter… πŸ™‚

  • SFIC

    Our CB’s are only as good as the pass rush that profits them. Lebeau’s system is based on that.

  • SFIC

    Please remember the OLine went thru a slew of shuffling due to injuries. Also, while Bell’s YPC was low for the season, over the last half of the season he averaged over 4yds per carry.
    I think generally that the Steelers are fairly happy with the direction the OLine is going. Right now I just don’t see them taking a OT at 15 unless Matthews or Robinson fall, which I just don’t see happening. Zach Martin could be a possibility, but due to his short arms he might not equate to a LT even though he could be very versatile playing most OLine positions. Lewan’s stock has dropped for some reason and I’d like to know why…he looked fairly solid in games I watched this year.

  • T R

    oh i know he wont but hey anything possible..


    The line improved when they changed their offensive philosophy. They quit telegraphing what they were doing.
    They ditched the Rooney run first mentality. The offensive line didn’t magically get better. They we’re put in a better situation to succeed. The Steelers still lack talent at tackle. I like beachum.

  • Ellwood Davis

    It’s time the Steelers join the rest of the NFL, and draft a first round talent at left offensive tackle. Like any rookie, he will have some technique that has to be improved, and Munchak will take care of that. Let’s give our new OL coach something to work with at OT. Unless he re-invents Adams, we should take advantage of this high pick, and take Kouandjio.

  • Ellwood Davis

    I’m not a Marcus Gilbert fan, and have the loser of the Kouandjio/Adams LT competition move to RT.