Steelers Met With North Carolina TE Eric Ebron At NFL Combine

The Pittsburgh Steelers could be in the market for a tight end in the 2014 NFL Draft and they are made sure to visit with one of the best in the draft class on Friday.

North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron said Saturday in an interview on that he met with the Steelers and got along great with head coach Mike Tomlin.

“I think me and Mike Tomlin had a great conversation,” said Ebron. “We was just in there cutting it up as if we’ve known each other for a long time. As I was explaining my history, I felt like he felt me more out of anybody.”

Ebron measured in at the combine at just over 6 feet, 4 inches and weighed 250 pounds. His official 40 yard dash time is listed as 4.60 seconds and he put up 225 pounds on the bench 24 times. The Tarheel, however, wasn’t able to do much on-the-field work after running as he said he tweaked his hamstring.

Ebron, a 2013 Mackey Award Finalist, caught 62 passes for 973 yards and three touchdowns last season. He finished his college career with 112 catches for 1,805 yards and 8 touchdowns.

  • cp72

    Was expecting more of a freak athlete out of Ebron. I enjoy listening to Mayock but I don’t think he’s anywhere near the athletic freak Vernon Davis is.

  • stellarsfan

    I wouldn’t mind an ebron, fuller, moncrief 1-3.

  • dkoy85

    To be a fly on those walls.

  • dkoy85

    I think Mayock was referring to Ebrons overal game, not just 40 time and broad jump. Fast 40 as a TE will generally equate to a solid broad jump. Doesn’t mean Ebron has any less body control or gifted hands than Davis. I’m bummed we can’t watch him compete in the remainder of the combine.

  • grw1960

    Per Wexall;
    The Steelers were also to meet DT Hageman

  • Matt Manzo

    Should we worry about these injuries at the combine? Or is it normal? Seems like they should be warmed up and prepared. The muscles “should” be in better shape, right? Is it any insight to their preparation?

  • DoctorNoah

    Combine numbers for Ebron are just fine. Guy is classy, good hands, seems willing and able to block. I still like him as a 1st round pick. I think it’s a more important position than we give it credit for, and I worry about Heath’s aging and the utter lack of depth behind him, especially given today’s NFL, the way TE’s are being used and the mismatches they can create, and Haley’s offense. I am much more comfortable with our receiver depth.

  • dennisdoubleday

    4.6 means definite availability at #15

  • Iron Cadet

    Not even close

  • shawn

    He’s nowhere near the freak Vernon is and i think most of us knew that … doesnt mean he won’t be just as good and i definitely think it won’t take him as long as Vernon did for the light bulb to turn on … very few guys are anywhere near vernon’s numbers were at any position

  • shawn

    pulls are just part of the sport … wish there was a way to limit it but it will always be there

  • shawn

    doesnt hurt him … but i do think he will be there at 15

  • shawn

    Im with you on that …. hands down best pick at 15 if we dont trade down … i think what a lot of people are missing is that we are wayyyy over due on picking a quality TE and the Steelers finally realised that when they paid the price last year when Heath went down … I’m sure that didnt go unnoticed … if we dont trade down and Ebron is there i would be very surprised if they didnt pick him … i dont think they would even hesitate !

  • Dupree

    Surprised his official was 4.6, he ran 4.5 flat both times on the unofficial runs.

  • SFIC

    The players still have their Pro Days, so the results (or no results) at the Combine aren’t a big deal. The 40 times are overrated in most cases anyways. Both Ebron and Amaro play faster than they are timed. Gronkowski ran a 4.75…how many teams are kicking themselves in the butt for passing on him. The most important part of the Combine are the interviews and the physicals…unfortunately we hear little or nothing about those results.

  • SFIC

    Totally true…like I posted lower down, Gronkowski ran a 4.75. But, I think Ebron will be gone by 15. Which is fine by me, because I covet Amaro anyways.

  • SteelersDepot

    The first two times are done by hand in the stands per The official is electronic.

  • Dupree

    Oh I know, I was just surprised it was exactly a tenth behind

  • shawn

    i like Amaro … and that warrants a trade down … I’m fine with either as top TE’s are one of the easiest positions to predict at the next level … and either would provide a big upgrade and BOOST in the RZ which we so desperately need !

  • dkoy85

    I didnt follow Amaro or watch any tape but he pissed me off watching him at the combine. For a pass catching TE he sure let the pressure get to him… so much so that when he dropped his passes he stopped running. Didnt look good. Makes you wonder if he can handle the pressure the NFL will bring?

  • SFIC

    I saw that too. The problem was Amaro was first in line for all drills. The TE coach was not very good explaining each drill. Amaro looked confused. You only get 1 rep in each catching drill too. Any TE who in one season caught 106 for 1300 can play football. I watched him in a lot of games and also studied film on him. He’s the real deal. I would not trade down more than a few spots for him. The Patriots are itching to trade up for him I bet.

  • shawn

    VERY TRUE … about the interviews and physicals .. definitely the most important parts !

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I think Gronk posted a 4.68 at his pro day. Not 4.75

  • dennisdoubleday

    I agree you’d be crazy to pass on a Gronk at #15, but you have no way of knowing. Fact is, Gronk went at #42, and though teams are valuing TEs higher now, I’ll be surprised if Ebron goes before the #20-#25 range.

  • steelster

    I would prefer marquise lee over ebron. Lee can score anytime he touches the ball. We can pick up a tight end in the forth round.

  • SFIC


  • Shannon Stephenson

    A top quality pass catching TE would make our offense very interesting.

  • Jazz

    I agree, I simply do not see the Steelers taking a TE at #15; the only way I see the Steelers selcting this kid is if they decide to move down in the draft. I also don’t see them taking Penn State WR in the 1st RD. Mike Evans is their guy, if he’s there in the 1st, I think they will select him.

  • Bradys_Dad

    Love Hageman – tons of PO (tential that is)

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think i’d rather have Bryant over moncrief

  • Steve

    With you on Lee in the Draft. DeAnthony Thomas (Black Mamba) with Oregon would be a Great pickup. He plays gunner on punts, runs back punts and kickoffs, can play the slot and catch the ball and has a 5th gear to turn on the speed while running the ball out of the backfield. Thomas ran a 4.34 40 and Archer ran a 4.26 who is a speed demon running back from Kent State.

  • steelster

    steve, I’m a steeler fan who lives in Oregon and have watched a lot of DeAnthony Thomas. This guy can play but the problem with him and archer is where do they fit in the nfl. They are like dexter mccluster but I would wait and draft one of them in the fifth round.

  • steelster

    if you draft lee the steelers would have 3 receivers with good hands that run the 40 in the 4.4 range. That is a nighmare for a defense and it will also help open up the running game.

  • Steve

    It gives the Steelers another weapon and a change of pace back. He could start out as a special teams player and fill in for Bell like Dwyer does now. You should be very familiar with Thomas than. Seen the Black Mamba play in a few games and every time he touched the ball, much like Lee, he could take it to the house.