Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders Says Playing With QB Peyton Manning Is Like Being In Wide Receiver Heaven

During his introductory press conference after signing a three-year contract with the Denver Broncos, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said there was no handshake with the Kansas City Chiefs, when asked to respond to Sunday night reports suggesting his new agent verbally agreed to deal with them and then shopped it around.

In addition to answering questions about how the deal ultimately went down with the Broncos, after both the Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were also reportedly involved, Sanders said now that he’ll be playing with Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, it will be like being in “wide receiver heaven.”

Even though Sanders will likely be the Broncos third receiver on the depth chart behind Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, it should translate to plenty of playing time, as Denver likes to use a lot of 11 personnel groupings on offense.

Last season, the Broncos had four different players catch 65 or more passes, so Sanders figures to have a good chance to top the 67 catches he had last season with the Steelers.

Many already have the Broncos as the favorites to win the AFC once again, so we’ll see if wide receiver heaven for Sanders will result in a second trip to a Super Bowl for him.

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Dave Bryan
I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • sean mcmartin

    Until they play the niners or seahawks and he gets shut down like the average WR he is. and let’s not forget Peyton is done in a year..He will soon be talking out of the other side of his …


    I’m happy for Sanders to have a chance to lose in the playoffs with Peyton.

  • srdan

    you gotta admit, that is a stacked team

  • sean mcmartin

    It was a record setting offense, And they scored a whole 8 points in the SB..It’s not like they Signed Boldin or Johnson..

  • srdan

    True, talent doesn’t necessarily win. I was just commenting that it is a very stacked team. Ware and Miller are going to be a nightmare.

  • dgh57

    Hopefully he will have a great year because that just means we get a better comp. pick from him doing so!

  • sean mcmartin

    I am with you..They do have a boatload of talent.
    I wish I could say that about the Steelers this year.
    A hand full of teams are top tier and adding playmakers.
    even die-hard Steelers fans can see whats going on even if they won’t admit it. average is the current standard.

  • Daniel

    “Like being a WR in heaven”…. That’s actually funny. But come on people, easy with the hate! Since you guys think he’s average, then shouldn’t you be happy he’s gone and look forward to the draft? Plus, really classy of you guys extending the hate to last year’s broncos. You all can do better than that.

  • Daniel

    Its March, and you already believe the broncos would be in the playoffs. Can you say that about the steelers??? Stop hating my friend!

  • Superdriller316

    I wished he was gone last year.

  • Daniel

    Best comment!

  • ilamarca

    While Eman is dead to me also, this is nothing to get on his case about. Mike Mitchell claimed playing for the Steelers was a dream come true as do most players who switch teams. I wouldn’t take this too personal.

  • gene mann

    lol good for him but he have him one more season

  • Ken

    he is going to drop a lot of balls, peyton has the ball there often before the receiver is out of his break, something Sanders has struggled with since day one. But Sanders gets open, that was his best skill.

  • DoctorNoah

    Barring injury, I think it’s pretty safe to say the Broncos are in the playoffs. And they have a very stacked team on which Manny will be a minor cog-in-the-wheel. What I am curious about is how their cap situation allowed such an already stacked team to become even more stacked, and why the Steelers have been unable to do the same for years. Have we mortgaged our future so much since 2005 that we’re underwater for a decade? Wasn’t this somehow the year we were going to be players in Free Agency, because we look like we are a farm team for the NFL – developing players and then watching them walk away…

  • Daniel

    I had the same thought about the cap situation as well. I’m curious to see how much these players are costing towards their cap space. But then thinking about it, their major cap guys would be Manning, Clady, Bailey (who I think is an unrestricted FA, so he played that out).

  • J&LSteeler

    As it has for the last several years, the road to the superbowl most likely goes through either Denver or New England, like it or not. And as of right now, those teams are “stacked” as compared to the Steelers.

  • Rob H

    Provided he was running a short “quick hit” route, he definitely did get open, and since that is what Peyton throws most of the time nowadays, his numbers should be good (even with all the drops). It’s actually a perfect offense for him to play in, he’ll rarely be asked to get separation past 10-15 yards.

  • DoctorNoah

    Two comments.
    1. I wish Manny luck except when he’s playing us. A great QB can make a decent receiver look like a Pro Bowler. Given Manning’s arm strength issues, I would guess that Manny will have a lot of chances to catch and run. Whether he makes anything of that will truly test his quickness. I haven’t been impressed by his hands in clutch situations or with the long ball, and, given the way Manning plays, this should be the perfect situation for him. He’s got some decent short area quickness and runs solid routes but he’s not a burner.

    I think of Wallace and Manny as two sides of the same coin. Together, they make one Antonio Brown, who’s money.

    2. I am waiting for the Steelers to impress me in Free Agency, and I have this vague feeling that it won’t happen until after the draft. The Steelers’ best FA pickups were during the season. I liked the idea of LSH but really picking up Velasco and Cody Wallace were great moves. Situational FA just like situational football, I guess. But we’ll have a lot of money to play with after June 1, I guess, or at least a little more…

  • Steve

    No matter how much talent you have, it comes down to playing as a TEAM! Some of the most talented teams don’t win it all, bunch of Prima Donnas.

  • Steve

    LSH did very little last year, bring in some new blood. Wallace and Sanders (New Money Crew) is gone from Pittsburgh – Good Riddance. Lets draft a RB and WR to teach them the Burgh way, Superbowl Bound.

  • steelster

    It scares me now when people get excited over comp picks. Times have changed and the steelers need to keep up.

  • steelster

    I think the broncos are about to find out that sanders isn’t very good in the red zone compared to what they lost in decker.

  • Steelers12328882

    The ‘anonymous’ Chiefs are a bunch of crybabies. I hope they go 6-10 or worse next year.

  • 2443scott

    maybe if he thought the same about ben he wouldnt of droped so many passes while in pittsburgh ..starting to see when these wr`s leave steelers they all down talk steelers like ben is a bad qb well he has 2 superbowls and manning has 1 so good luck in denver we see how long you stay in line up when you drop alot passes .

  • dgh57

    Comp picks lead to more draft picks which may lead to filling holes in the roster with more talented players than you would get after the draft with UDFAs. I mean would you rather have a 3td rd. comp pick filling a roster spot or a UDFA?

  • steelster

    and when did comp picks start happening ? It is a trend you don’t want and that is what scares me.

  • dave

    I didn’t really take this as a knock on Ben so much as him just saying, compared to the other teams that were looking at him – Chiefs, Jags, Tampa? (I forget who else), Manning is by far the best QB…
    Also, as others mentioned above, players always talk up their new team.


    Daniel – It’s called “humor.”


    Daniel – Two thoughts. Number one (and I hate to give you an English lesson) think about the difference implied between these two statements: 1) “I’m happy that Sanders will lose in the playoffs with Peyton” and 2) “I’m happy for Sanders TO HAVE A CHANCE to lose in the playoffs with Peyton.” How did you make the jump to thinking I stated that I believed the Broncos would be in the playoffs? Number two…… it’s called humor.

  • Aharon Moyer

    He’ll be missed as a third WR with bad hands who can’t catch even balls that are over thrown to him deep by his QB. I think he’ll suffer a hang nail but only be limited.

  • Aharon Moyer

    Sanders will no doubt change the way Manning thinks about the game.

  • John

    So did I. He wanted out. May have said he played like he didn’t, but…he wanted out. Should be something of a Golden Rule: You want out, then GO.

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    Sanders will be happy until he has to catch a lot of 5-15 yd. crossing patterns and wait for the ball to get there . Then have to drag his battered body to the side line.