Did New Steelers WR Lance Moore Only Play Well With The Saints At Home?

Since the Pittsburgh Steelers signed former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Lance Moore on Friday, I received an email from a reader informing me that he is not very good outside of the Superdome, so I thought I would have a look to see whether or not that is true.

As you can see in the table below, dating back to 2006, Moore has a career 69.4% completion ratio at home and a 64.3% completion ratio on the road when targeted. When you compare those percentages to the road stats of Steelers wide receivers dating back to 2006, you can see that’s not too shabby at all. In fact, only former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward had a higher road completion percentage than Moore’s road percentage during that time span.

Now, where Moore does seem to drop off outside of the Superdome is in his yards per catch, as over his career it’s 1.5 yards lower on the road than at home. I’m not going to speculate as to why that is as there could be so many factors involved. At least his completion didn’t drop off dramatically.

Moore’s career yards per catch average of 11.6 on the road, however, is equal to that of Ward’s dating back to 2006. In case your curious, Ward’s career yards per catch on the road was 11.8. That’s pretty good company that Moore is in.

One final nugget for you. Dating back to 2006, there has been 61 wide receivers in the NFL that have been targeted on the road 200 or more times and Moore’s 64.3% completion percentage ranks him 7th on that list just behind Ward.

So in conclusion, I don’t think that the argument that Moore is only good when playing at the Superdome holds much water. Not only is he a fine wide receiver on third downs, he can play well n the road as well. And, yes, he had a pretty good quarterback throwing him the ball for his entire career, but he now has another pretty good one that he’ll be playing with in Pittsburgh.

Lance Moore Home26818669.4%24312513.1
Hines Ward Away33721764.4%25191911.6
Lance Moore Away24916064.3%18521311.6
Antonio Brown Away22414062.5%1722412.3
Jerricho Cotchery Away643960.9%569614.6
Emmanuel Sanders Away1408560.7%1084812.8
Mike Wallace Away20511656.6%20171417.4
Cedrick Wilson Away472655.3%293111.3
Santonio Holmes Away22712555.1%20231416.2
Nate Washington Away1035654.4%931516.6

  • Joe Gulaskey

    Lance Moore wasn’t brought in to be a prolific WR, he will be a safety valve. Steelers will still look to draft a WR in the first or second round. Very curious to see what his contract is though and I wonder if he will only be around for one year.

  • Bill Molinaro

    It certainly appears that he’s certainly good enough to replace Cotchery; maybe a little better. This along with the signing of the safety are reasonable signings especially in light of the cap situation.

  • dgh57

    Thanks Dave as now I feel like I know L. Moore better than before the 2 articles written about him. I think we may of upgraded(in some ways)the position and slightly gotten younger at the same time. If he can return to his production of 2012 that would certainly be a plus.

  • Robert Loveless Reid

    I think the quick twitch passing game will be even better with lance in the line-up. Lance helped blow up some stats for brees lets hope he can do the same for ben….outside and sometimes in the cold

  • Jason White

    Drew Brees is the one who isn’t as good outside of the Superdome.

  • Richie

    Moore’s ability will help the passing game greatly. Like Ward he knows how to get open.

  • NW86

    I was about to say something similar – the Saints as a team just haven’t been as good on the road, I’ll bet all their players stats have dropped at least a little on the road.

  • NW86

    I’m really interested to see what Moore’s contract numbers look like. I’m hoping it’s around 2 yrs/$3M total. At those numbers I would like this signing. I just wouldn’t want to see them spend much more than that on him.

  • mem359

    It’s good that Dave was digging into the details. If most teams tend to have a home-field advantage, then it makes sense that most player’s stats would look better at home than away. (It wouldn’t just be Moore with a drop off.)

  • Douglas Andrews

    Shocking stats Dave. Lance Moore’s production is much better any of the WR’s on last years roster. All signs point to this being a pretty good signing as long as he stays healthy this year.

  • Most of these posts about Moore just serve to remind me how much I miss Hines Ward…

  • Carlos

    Best post, you think Hines would be interested in attending Latrobe as an assistant coach? kindda what Chris Hoke and Willie Parker did on last camp?. We are going to have at least three unexperienced WR´s expected to see the field often (Wheaton, Moye and Draft pick) and HW would really set a tone for practice

  • I think he likes being on TV too much to do the coaching intern thing.