LaMarr Woodley Ought To Have Plenty Of Suitors With Titans Likely Leading The List

The deed has been done and now linebacker LaMarr Woodley will no longer be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers come the start of the new league on Tuesday. While the Steelers will not reap the benefit of more cap space until after June 1, Woodley is now free to shop his services as soon as the release becomes official.

Now that Jason Worilds and Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo both won’t free agency this year, Woodley, injury history and all, will now become the top-rated 3-4 outside linebacker on the market and there ought to be quite a few suitors for his services with the most obvious being the Tennessee Titans.

Should the Titans sign Woodley, he would be reunited with former Steelers defensive backs coach Ray Horton, who was hired by new head coach Ken Whisenhunt to be the new defensive coordinator in Tennessee. While Woodley certainly won’t earn the $8 million he was scheduled to make in 2014 with the Steelers, there’s a chance he could sign a one-year deal that would pay him half of that.

In addition to the Titans, you have to wonder if the Green Bay Packers might have interest in Woodley as well. If indeed Woodley were to land with the Packers, they would have to figure out what to do with former first-round draft pick Nick Perry. There’s been some talk that Perry could play an elephant defensive end position in 2014, however.

Other teams that might have interest in Woodley include the Arizona CardinalsNew Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles, to name a few. Regardless of his ultimate landing spot, the Steelers former second-round draft pick shouldn’t be unemployed long.

  • Jason White

    I wish him a long successful healthy career from here on out. Its unfortunate it had to come to this but hopefully he rebounds and please Woodley stay out of the AFC North so I can actually root for you. He was a beast for us and I will always appreciate his contributions especially in 2008 and ultimately the Steelers 6th Superbowl title.

  • 243546

    Tennessee makes a lot of sense. Lou Spanos was hired as the Titans LB coach. Spanos was a defensive assistant with the Steelers from 1995-2009, and worked primarily with the LB’s. Spanos was also the DC at UCLA from 2012-2013, and developed Anthony Barr.

  • dgh57

    Yes I agree hopefully he stays out of the AFC North!

  • dgh57

    Maybe with Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Ike Evans

    I JUST said this to my father like 2 seconds ago…titans should go for it…woodley is a beast when he’s actually on the field

  • westcoasteeler

    Good luck, LaMarr Woodley.

  • Jason

    I’ll surely be bashed for this comment but I’m not sure where all the love for Woodley is coming from. Yes this guy contributed to a Super Bowl winning team but he also “ate” up a huge chunk of the salary cap and immediately became complacent and thus overweight and injury prone. Personally I don’t care where he signs because despite the myth that he was a stud when healthy we would simply block him one on one with any of our tackles just like all of our opponents did despite the ” he’s always double teamed garbage”, and they’ll do just fine. Good riddance LaMarr. Let another team hand you $60 million for the occasional sack and constant injuries. And please I beg you don’t quote PFF when responding. LOL

  • Luke Shabro

    Please don’t quote statistical facts when trying to poke holes in my flimsy theory. And that’s all the bashing I’ll do today 😉

  • srdan

    He is. The problem is that “when he is on the field”. At 4 million that the article mentions, you can afford to sign other people to supplement him due to his injuries. The steelers couldn’t at 8mm without affecting other areas of the team (i expect some type of signing in teh secondary).

  • srdan

    The PFF stats are just that, they don’t measure the impact on the field. While they are directly related in most cases, I agree with you that 56 was an exception. The idea that was thrown around that he has a bigger sack per pass rush number than Mario Williams is great, but that doesn’t mean that if he rushed as much as Williams that it would still lead the league. As a matter of fact, I think it wouldn’t.

    My appreciation for wood comes from the early parts of his career. The guy was good, a pro bowler on a super bowl team. My animosity towards him comes from the constant disappointment year to year of expecting 10 sacks and not getting it. What most bothered me about him was that I felt that he lacked the passion. People that want to play football are committed in the off season. 43 showed up at his lightest weight since his rookie campaign to play this year. That shows me commitment. I just didn’t see that from wood. But then again, I only see him 1 day a week for 20 weeks, the coaches may have seen something else.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    srdan, and others … concerning what he has done, etc. Hey, he helped get that Super Bowl and played like a stud for a few years, while of course, the D was clicking on all cylinders back then. Now, all that money can’t be justified.

    I very much agree with you about conditioning as after ACL and meniscus surgery I was still faster than 99% of 20 year olds half my age. Woodley is tremendously strong, but he looks like one of those guys who can barely turn or move, thus he does not stretch properly. He does not do the right things. Crap, if I had that much money I would hire a couple of experts to help me as well as a nutritionist, massage therapist, and who knows what else. So I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Also I think the Steelers should be more proactive with these off season aspects, like nutrition, speed vs strength training, and especially stretching and flexibility.

    And Woodley should go to the Packers, as they are used to losing a few games to injury with their LB’s, but if all goes well for them, he actually could help immensely if they have a good, healthy year overall.”

  • Nolrog

    I was about to post something similar. Good luck, stay healthy, don’t go to the Ravens.

  • John A Stewart

    From the words of hall of famer Bill Parcellls you are no good to the team if your not on the field.

  • treeher

    Yes. He got the big contract and then “retired.” Long gone are the days when players sell cars in the off season. They are paid huge salaries for 12-month, full time jobs, and Wood was a slacker who ended up paying for it (or getting paid for it, I guess).